Use your Brainsight, get Gainsight
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Updated August 16, 2019

Use your Brainsight, get Gainsight

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Overall Satisfaction with Gainsight

Gainsight is used by the Client Success Department and management/executive team for the client services organization. The goal was to address a number of business goals:
  • Accurate health scoring across our client base to manage escalations, track advocates, and give management better visibility
  • Manage the tasks and workload of the CSMs day-to-day through the use of a mix of automated and manual triggers for Calls to Action
  • Provide a central hub for client information, usage stats and CSM contact history (Timeline)
  • Reduce the number of tools the CSMs were having to log-in to and use each day
That mandate has also expanded much further to include various reports and insights as well as automating tasks and emails using Journey Orchestrator.
  • Gainsight is massively flexible and can be configured to do almost anything with the Rules Engine and being built on the Salesforce platform.
  • The team at Gainsight is amazing, super helpful and will always make time to help improve and achieve the goals of the implementation.
  • The community, documentation and support are all quite mature and provide a lot of resources to understand a complex system with many features.
  • Along with the flexibility, the complexity of implementing and thus the learning curve is quite high.
  • Some Admin functions could be made more user-friendly with some simple UI tweaks, for example changing 'Subtract N+7 days' to 'In the last week'.
  • Could also use more consistency across the UI, for example sometimes you hit 'Save', other times you just close the window etc.
There have been times my CSMs have not been as responsive or missed meetings / follow-ups; but, generally they are super helpful and the general technical support is excellent. Everyone is busy and I understand that, but they can work on being more organized or having smaller portfolios if they need to keep follow-ups from slipping through the cracks.
Executives currently leverage Gainsight primarily for insight into Churn Risks and managing escalations. Ultimately we would like to become more proactive and prescriptive as time goes on, but the first step has been integrating Gainsight as a Risk Management tool and sharing information cross-functionally in relation to that initiative. Health Scoring is still in Beta at this time.
  • It is still early but we are definitely seeing an increase in our proactive outreaches
  • Our automation goals will definitely help reduce repetitive tasks for the CSMs
  • The health score has given us greater cross-departmental visibility and the power to manage escalations as well as identify advocates
We've leveraged all those tools and found them all very valuable. An active user community and robust set of training resources is indispensable with such a complex product. We also attended the Pulse conference recently and it was a great mix of fun and learning, with a number of great speakers and of course VANILLA ICE!
We started with Totango as it was seemingly a much more simple implementation, and it was definitely user-friendly, however ultimately the lack of flexibility was not going to work for us. I also attended demos of the other major players such as Amity and generally found they all had interesting perspectives and differentiation; however the Salesforce integration and thought leadership of Gainsight took the edge.
Gainsight integrates with various tools at our organization including Salesforce, Outlook / email, Zendesk, as well as pulling custom usage data from our SaaS platform. We have started integrating the new Gainsight Px tool as well although that is still early in the process. Our next initiative is integrating Account management more tightly with Gainsight including creating Opportunities.
Due to the flexibility Gainsight could likely be adapted to a multitude of scenarios and functions within a customer success organization. The key to getting the most out of it is ensuring your organization has their data in order (this is not a small task), and the business goals are clearly defined and supported.

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