IBM Kubernetes is awesome!
March 22, 2019

IBM Kubernetes is awesome!

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Overall Satisfaction with IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

Using Kubernetes in our company allows us to manage multiple environments easily. In our company, we have two major products with three environments (dev, staging, and production). Kubernetes provides a concept of namespaces that allows us to isolates resources by environments. The best aspect with Kubernetes is the ability to use Docker in a secure and reliable way.


  • Isolate environments at low cost.
  • Fault-tolerant.
  • Full control on our resources.


  • Steep learning curve
  • Can be tricky to setup sometime
  • Monitoring is not completely set up at start
  • We can manage as many environments as we want without the cost of spinning up new compute instances to isolate them.
  • Kubernetes' native applications such as Monitoring and Logging are included in the cluster. Then no need to install them in each application since it is the cluster that manages these parts.
  • The negative aspect would be learning Kubernetes, since it is a recent technology. We had to take the time to learn some things in order to be able to set up everything correctly.
We already used other products of IBM Cloud, so we did some research to compare Kubernetes providers. We came to the conclusion that the IBM Kubernetes service is the best after the Google Kubernetes Engine.
IBM Cloud Databases (formerly Compose)
IBM Cloud Kubernetes is well suited for companies with a microservices architecture. Kubernetes provides service mesh tool that is perfect for microservices. However, if you only have a monolithic application, I don't think Kubernetes is a better choice than a simple CloudFoundry setup. The main advantage of Kubernetes is the ease to split resources in multiple environments, and the ability to have granular control over anything.


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