Archiving Documents Just Got Easier!
Updated April 09, 2015

Archiving Documents Just Got Easier!

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Overall Satisfaction with Laserfiche

Laserfiche is being used across the organization because we have offices and facilities at several locations. There are limited users at the Administration Center who have scanning authorization, but due to our decentralized environment, several staff can view information and print documents (paper or to a file) as necessary. Each department (Executive Office/HR/Finance/Parks & Rec) has designated a control person who has been trained on Laserfiche and has set up the 'filing system' so other staff can find documents that have been scanned. Large CAD files of construction projects have been imported from Adobe format and can be viewed or printed to a file and sent to an outside source via email. This is great for immediate sharing of information!
  • Scans documents in color, pictures, maps- whatever. I can import a large construction drawing and later export it to email and send it across the world! Or, staff in another building can consult the drawings simply by accessing the database. The drawings are clear, legible and you can use the ZOOM feature to make it easier to read! Some of my drawings were done using CAD then saved to a pdf. I have not encountered file size problems and I have a lot of drawings!
  • You can SEARCH for a document by typing in key words. You can limit that SEARCH too by focusing in on a specific directory that you think a document may be archived in. For example, if I was looking to see when a project was approved for a grant, I could look in the GRANT folder and then search key words to find the document. Instead of SEARCHING the entire database. Makes finding a needle in the haystack a lot easier! And when you find your document, you can see which department archived it so if you have questions or need to consult the original file, you know who in your organization to ask.
  • Printing from Laserfiche is very easy and your document looks great! It doesn't have that 2nd/3rd generation look.
  • When importing a color pdf I have to change a setting so the pictures import in color. Otherwise, the pictures import in black and white. It would be nice if it automatically recognized color and adjusted as necessary.
  • The casual user of Laserfiche gets confused when Searching and often ends up with a lot of documents that match a key word. If the left rail of the Search engine was more user friendly I think the casual/infrequent users would feel better about using this database.
  • Better customer service- if it's in laserfiche you can reproduce a document immediately.
  • Better use of office space as my old fashioned file cabinets that used to take up wall space have decreased in size as I use my Laserfiche filing system instead. Only when necessary is a 'hard copy' kept in a file cabinet such as legal documents, original certificates, permits, etc.
  • Employee empowerment- staff can research a particular subject by reviewing the files in laserfiche. Reading/skimming several pages is easier and you don't clutter your desk with old, dusty manila folders!
Laserfiche is well suited for a decentralized environment. Having multiple offices means information must be easily accessible, available 24/7 and legible. In some cases, Laserfiche has taken the place of faxes and you can actually conduct business paperless if need be. Importing pdfs, word documents etc. and being able to export documents is time saving and environmentally friendly!

Using Laserfiche

Finance, Parks and Grounds, Landscape Planning, Recreation.
It is working well for our needs.

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