LastPass truly is the the greatest password repository available
July 22, 2018

LastPass truly is the the greatest password repository available

Dan Sherman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with LastPass

LastPass is an awesome way to manage passwords for both work and home. I only use it personally, we haven't implemented it company wide but I would absolutely recommend it for business. After having my checking account hacked, I realized that using randomized passwords was going to be necessary. LastPass works great on my phone, home computer, work computer and travel laptop. I use it for hundreds of different websites as well as keeping copies of all my important documents.
  • Identifies logins and passwords - Just about anytime there is a login, LastPass will integrate into the login. Occasionally, certain websites will block all ability to insert a password. LastPass still identifies the website and shows that they have an available password.
  • Integration into the password bar is excellent - I love seeing the little LastPass icon within the password login. It's typically very easy to click on it and select the correct username and password.
  • Secure - I feel that the LastPass product is safe from viruses and other harmful malware. The options in making a password are also very easy.
  • Occasionally, LastPass has updated a password that shouldn't have been updated. When this occurs, you have to reset the password again.
  • Sometimes the website changes names for mobile or certain other logins and LastPass doesn't recognize the URL.
  • Passwords within Windows and Chrome extensions don't get recognized. So if you are logging into a Windows computer, you'll still need one additional password. Also, the programs within Windows will need a password. It doesn't happen often but it is a pain. My banking app needs a password for the Chrome extension for instance.
  • I would say ROI is slightly positive to neutral. The highest benefit is productivity and not getting hacked. How do you put a price on that?
  • If you have any enemies or competitors in a highly competitive environment this is essential.
  • If you need to manage your important documents like a drivers license, Social Security and birth certificate this is great.
  • Sharing passwords with family and friends is very easy and can really save some time and money.
I've used Google Passwords Manager and Google Tasks but it's cumbersome, difficult to edit and search. This is far better. I've also tried using the same password for everything. That was a bad idea. I've also tried writing passwords on paper but that wasn't great either. LastPass is accessible from any computer and is quick to access yet very secure. Paper gets lost and Google Tasks or other task finders aren't as organized or easy to search.
I hate changing my password every 6 months. With LastPass, you will find that the passwords are so difficult and random that you never need to change your password again. I've also changed jobs and kept all my passwords from other systems thanks to LastPass. I've given LastPass to my mother and girlfriend and taught them how to use it. When LastPass started, it was a bit challenging but it has come a long way and I would recommend LastPass to anyone. This will help those older sales reps that cannot remember passwords to ERP systems, CRM systems and more.