Lesson.ly helps us help our team!
May 26, 2017

Lesson.ly helps us help our team!

Taylor Hansen | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Lesson.ly

Lesson.ly is being used by our company to onboard new employees at our company. Lesson.ly allows for me as a manager to have an interactive way to set up training lessons for our customer success team. The ability to have lessons that include text and embedded video is great! We typically link out to our internal resources instead of updating in lesson.ly, that way we only need to update the materials in one place. We had just purchased Lesson.ly when I started and we've only built out more cool resources since!
  • A central hub to train and equip new reps at our company. Lesson.ly lets us standardize our training and gives our team a way to share training information in a reproducible way.
  • I've appreciated the quiz and certification abilities of Lesson.ly. It's flexible enough that you can have super in-depth quizzes, light quizzes or a simple signing of your name that you completed the certification. The versatility is nice and allows for me to keep my team accountable.
  • While Lesson.ly is great for new employee onboarding, it's also great for getting out new knowledge updates out to the team and making sure they are continuing in product education. If there's a product or process update, Lesson.ly is great for rolling that new information to the team!
  • Lesson.ly is pretty barebones in the realm of UI/UX. It's very much on the user to customize everything. The product isn't super pretty and sometimes feels like an early 2000s interface. It works though, so who cares right? Naw, I guess I care. A sexy product always feels better when using it. That's why people keep buying Apple products. Make it sleek!
  • I wish organization of assignments was a little cleaner. It kind of feels messy as square blocks. Would be cool to have them in folders or something to minimize scrolling.
  • I've found that a some of my employees find Lesson.lys boring. While some of that is the nature of the material that we put in, I believe a more interactive interface would serve the attention of my employees.
  • Lesson.ly allows for us to have just one training rep who preloads the material into the product. I imagine that we would have all the training resources as passed on verbal knowledge and Google Docs if we didn't have a product like Lesson.ly. We save money by not having to hire a bunch of reps to train people each time someone starts.
  • It's pretty efficient in terms of getting information out to people. You can assign a lesson.ly with a certification and you're pretty much set to go. No more sending follow-ups to people to complete lessons or assuming they read your training email!
  • Lesson.ly holds our team accountable for the knowledge that they have been asked to learn. This reduces the time that it takes to not only get information out to out team, but the quality of service our customers get when interacting with our educated reps!
Lesson.ly is great for a guided onboarding experience for new employees and for sending out and standardizing the sharing of new required knowledge that the team needs to know. Lesson.ly also helps us plan out our onboarding and gives us a way to create a timeline for onboarding representatives.

It isn't suited for kinesthetic learners as it's not entirely engaging in its interface and functionality. You should be able to assign the learner a task in lesson.ly to go do something that is hands-on though!