Litmos - The most Robust LMS on the Market
May 21, 2018

Litmos - The most Robust LMS on the Market

Brett Citrowske | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Litmos

We use Litmos to administer and track technical training to our field technicians. Through Litmos, we are able to base employee compensation as well as customer cost depending on the credentials of the technician we send to complete the job.

We needed a solution that would work on nearly any platform and preferably had a native app for mobile devices, Litmos has fit the build. We are also able to leverage Litmos in ways that it was not originally designed to be used due to their flexible API.
  • Flexible capabilities on all devices: Many Learning Management Systems only have browser-based software, which can be limiting or too open when referring to an LMS. Litmos has iOS and Android applications that allow us to keep the system within a controlled environment.
  • Easily to integrate API: Without an API, Litmos would be pretty limited for our companies scope of work. The API allows us to build our own report with the data that is important to us instead of simply relying on the LMS's build in features to meet our needs.
  • Unlimited Storage: Many programs limit users on the amount of storage they can use which can be a real hiccup when trying to utilize captivating video or high-resolution photos. Litmos offers unlimited storage so uploading large files isn't even a second thought.
  • Support: Through the multiple support tickets that have been issued to Litmos by our company, they are always quick to respond and relatively helpful. Their development team might take a while to implement a change, but atleast your voice is being heard.
  • Uservoice: Litmos utilizes a system that allows users and administrators to actively participate in deciding what features get added next. Users can submit ideas and others will be able to vote on them.
  • Build in Assessments lacking options: The build in assessment editor leaves much to be desired (although it is on the list of items to improve upon). The options for question types are basic and lackluster.
  • Development team solution time: Support tickets that deal with real issues affecting large groups of people are oftentimes addressed many months down the road. As with many large companies with software, it takes Litmos quite a while to get around fixing issues.
  • Our Technicians are better trained and in the case of a work mishap, we are able to justify and prove that we provided the correct training to the technician.
  • We are able to cost jobs according to the Technicians knowledge base and experience which allows us to more accurately give the customers what they're paying for.
  • Our overall customer satisfaction is on the climb since we have set a baseline standard for all technicians to complete. This also ensures that some techs don't "slip through the cracks" and become a weak link on our teams.
Each one of the other products reviewed had one or more required features missing. A big feature that most other LMS's didn't have was a native iOS or Android application; or if there was a mobile application, it was quite frankly difficult to use and unintuitive. The Litmos Applications worked relatively well, were simple to use and enabled us to complete all of our necessary requirements.
Other features that the competition struggled with was training material compatibility; Litmos allowed for SCORM or Tin Can, videos, PowerPoint, PDFs, etc. where other programs didn't allow us to add many of these formats.
Litmos has been great for the perspective of being able to derive data on our technicians, the built-in reporting features work relatively well, but our ability to build reports and interact with the software from the outside has really been the key in learning more about our technician's ambition and knowledge base.
Litmos has been very well suited for our company with the ability to easily set up user profiles and assign as few or as many courses and learning paths as needed. We are able to have pre-employment assessments to check where the user's knowledge level is in response to their perceived knowledge.