Why M-Files
Updated March 01, 2023

Why M-Files

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Overall Satisfaction with M‑Files

As I have been consultant for M-Files, I implemented M-Files in almost 10 organizations. These organization were Manufacturing, Education, health, Social Sector, Public Sector, Oil and Gas Sector, etc.

There were different problems in different organizations, but the main one was with Oil and Gas Sector, who were using Documentum and they wanted to replace with M-Files. The organization is now using M-Files in Operations Department, Engineering Dept. and 8 other Departments. Due to COVID situation they are not fully dependent on M-Files and also now SAP integration has been done which is also favoring in Organizational Operations from remote. The main difference in Documentum and M-Files was that Documentum they used to implement on 4-5 Server Machines and when they require an other implementation they were to replica these exercise and again need 4-5 serve Machines where in M-Files there is Vault concept which reduce Hardware and Maintenance Cost with Minimum Administrative Support can manage different organization of one company in Single Installation by creating Separate Vaults.
  • The import tool is the best tool for data migration from other repositories. It helps a lot in migration from Documentum to M-Files.
  • The API enables to add additional customized features which made M-Files different from other solutions where they won't be able to provide solution.
  • User License Model with combined vaults makes organization very affordable like if one company has different organization and they are using concurrent licenses, they can they share those licenses within vaults if there is no load on other organization.
  • There is need of text editor to be built in as currently MS Word is being used for adding more text and drawing features.
  • Some views base reports would be with graphical presentation as to add reporting module, every organization can't always afford that.
  • Regional Languages Support.

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  • As I said in a company it saved 400% hardware cost and 20% human resource reduction after M-Files implementation.
  • For archiving only is not beneficial.
  • Helped Originations in COVID to run their operations remotely.
  • MS Teams.
  • Now operations are controlled remotely.
As there is SAP module available so it was not so difficult.
M-Files is with totally unique features from these solutions, one of major is all these solutions have folder structure where M-Files has content based structure. Secondly one of major features is that it enables integration with filters to search within Drawing Documents, most solutions do not offer this feature.
M-Files is best for companies who have multiple sub companies they can manage whole the operations from one single machine. Companies who only want to get DMS for archiving M-Files is not considered suitable as the it has many features and cost is becoming high.

M‑Files Feature Ratings

Using M‑Files

30 - Its Educational University, where All student Record are maintained on M-files including Supporting Departments like HR, FInance Procurement so on, Futher we are planning to use for Library Management and Research Material Management.
3 - As i my self is the only certified person in country for M-files, infact i brought m-files in Pakistan. with me there are 2 other guys whom i have trained on it.
  • Maintaining Core Business of University means Student Record
  • Maintaining Supporting Depts Documents and Workflows
  • Geeting Paperless Enviroments by using M-files in all areas
  • Direct Scanning of Documents in M-files
  • Controlling All Stages Scanning, contenting & QC through M-files
  • Concurrent Users Licensing is benefiting organization when using in shifts same licenses are used for other shift it saves the cost.
  • By integration other Solutions Like SharePoint, GoogleDirve, Local folders etc
  • Integration Online Forms
M-files meets our almost all needs, we dont have other option to replace m-files. it saves lots, like Hardware because of Vault Feature means we can create many vaults (mini-servers) in m-files in other solutions we need more hardware for more installations.

Evaluating M‑Files and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
A Single product with Multi-features
The only factor that will affect it will be COST. as in Pakistan there should more Service Providers who can be competitors to lower the product cost, and that will provide more coverage.

M‑Files Implementation

Local Support team's limitation in coverage in other major cities laking.
  • Implemented in-house
  • Third-party professional services
we implemented with Ourselves and support company as well. Starting form requirements gathering, Requirements document Development, Configuratio and Implmentaiton and further Integration with Other Solution using API
Yes - first was to implement basic version with required needs and then integration in 2nd phase
Change management was a minor issue with the implementation - As usual user resistance was there but that was handled by involving top management.
  • Support as current implementation is in Lahore where implementation team was coming from Karachi man 1000 km away and in COVID it was delayed because of limited implementation sources in country. There should more Serive Providers in Pakistan

M‑Files Support

Overall support is good but some times due to busy scheduled of support team reponse is delayed and client also need quick response
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Kept well informed
Support cares about my success
Escalation required
Not because of Cost and usuually all problem are solved.
Yes, when i was with implementation team, there was many projects where extra support was required and M-files team supported fully by providing out of way support by developing some additional integration features. that helped us to WIN the big project in our country.

Using M‑Files

Easy, convivence, Less problematic, Less Error Chances
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Lots to learn
  • Document Importing like from Drag & Drop, Ms-Office, folders etc
  • Integrated Workflow Module
  • Multi-vault Feature
  • Not difficult but need training using Kit.
Yes - With all possible feature which are required in mobile module

Relationship with M‑Files

As there is only 1 vendor in Pakistan thats why Costing factors are too high and restricting M-files to spread.
As due to being in other city the support is costly.
No any because we dont have other option.
There should be more vendors to make competition