Nvidia GRID offers much more than only On-Demand gaming technology.. Have you considered it yet?
March 21, 2017

Nvidia GRID offers much more than only On-Demand gaming technology.. Have you considered it yet?

Craig Nash | TrustRadius Reviewer
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I deploy Nvidia Grid based solutions, and have a small VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) in place for our internal graphics & heavy computing requirements, and am working on increasing our capabilities to deploy GRID based solutions to more customers The Grid capable line of products, such as the K2, K8, and Tesla line of cloud enabled graphics adapters are currently being used to power the fledgling, yet rapidly growing game streaming industry, and as the go-to solution for providing 3D graphics capabilities to VDI (remote desktop) power users (Photoshop, CAD, 3D graphics) who are traditionally left out of cloud desktop deployments, but GRID is also capable of much, much more. While a CPU generally has several (2-8) cores that are designed for processing large data-sets, a graphics processor has hundreds or thousands of cores, designed to rapidly process small datasets, which is why they are mostly used for 3-D calculations, but can be used to process anything, and I have successfully used it to process high-frequency trading algorithms, and astronomy based data. GPU processing was limited to hardware-only environments in the past, but the cloud computing method of providing actual hardware-based resources has finally brought GPUs to virtual systems, and I am eager to see what new innovations arise from this.
  • Streaming Game Services.
  • Dedicated graphics processing form virtual desktop infrastructures, allowing the use of Photoshop, CAD, Video Editing, and more.
  • Enhanced computing & processing of data thay consists of large amounts of smaller data sets.
  • Financial based calculations.
  • The cost for Nvidia GRID capable hardware is still very high, but is & has been dropping fairly rapidly.
  • Latency is a large problem for "interaction" based systems (Gaming, remote desktop use) and requires high-speed data, and hosting close to the client.
  • No real solutions for smaller businesses, but cloud hosting providers like SoftLayer are beginning to offer affordable hosted grid-capable environments.
  • Allows us to simplify all of our VDI designs, as power users can be managed like all other cloud users, instead of requiring individual systems.
  • Provides a way of offering a substantial processing increase for computing/calculations over and above what additional CPUs could offers.
  • Offers the only "ready-made" solution for on-demand gaming services, after Sony purchased OnLive, and provides an affordable method for startups to enter the Industry.
  • onlive and AMD live
Nvidia invented the graphics processor, and continues to provide high quality products, even in a new industry
Nvidia GRID is the only real ready-made hardware solution available for streaming game services, 3D graphics acceleration in Virtual Desktop Infrastructures, and 3D enhanced streaming apps. Grid is also great for processing large quantities of small data-sets, such as financial, trading, science, astronomy, and much more. Grid is also well known for digital currency mining, such as Bitcoin.