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JumpTrack, Onro, Tookan, Wise Systems, LogiNext Mile, HERE Technologies, Deliforce Delivery Management Software, Locus Dispatch Management Platform, DispatchTrack and Dispatch Science.

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JumpTrack® Proof-of-Delivery (POD) system speeds up the delivery process by helping dealers plan, capture, and track deliveries. The mobile friendly solution is used to reduce fuel costs, minimize driver errors, and save time with route optimization.


Onfleet in San Francisco offers a fleet management platform containing route optimization and planning, GPS, in-app driver communication (e.g. messaging), task sequencing and linking, and other features.


ClickPost is a logistics management software built to improve the post-purchase delivery experience, which can be used to integrate & manage 350+ delivery partners under one roof. ClickPost also helps provide a better customer experience by providing a delivery tracking page,…

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Scalefusion is a Mobile Device & Endpoint Management software helping businesses globally to secure and manage their device fleet. Scalefusion simplifies management of diverse fleet of Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 devices. The platform extends support to various deployment…


Onro offers cloud delivery management software, a solution for Last-Mile Delivery businesses. The software helps dispatchers to control orders, drivers, and maintain a smooth running business. A driver's app (Android/iOS) is used to track orders, manage them, upload POD, and other…

Deliforce Delivery Management Software

Deliforce's is a delivery management software designed to offer local delivery businesses the tools they need to run a successful delivery business with features like driver tracking, restaurant food deliveries management, transportation/logistics tracking, courier and dispatching…


Detrack is a global delivery management solution that serves users from more than 45 countries (including United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Vietnam, UAE (Dubai), India, South Africa, Canada, and New Zealand). The app is currently translated into 21 languages, with…

HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies' location platform offers spatial intelligence, offering automated and Connected Driving, Fleet Management and Supply Chain, working with global brands, partners, developers, and customers so that together we can move the world forward.

Mojro Executewyse

Mojro’s ExecuteWyse helps digitize delivery processes, bring real-time visibility, and measure SLA compliance to improve customer satisfaction.Executewyse supports data-driven decisions, real-time changes management, digitizing delivery process automation, driver-manager collaboration,…

Locus Dispatch Management Platform

Locus’s scalable solutions include route optimization, real-time tracking and analytics, sales beat optimization, territory planning, vehicle allocation, and network design. The future-ready platform has resulted in $1.2 billion+ savings in logistics costs, 800 million+ miles reductions…


OptimoRoute promises to help delivery and field service businesses plan optimal routes and schedules. The vendor aims to drive dramatic efficiency improvements: increasing productivity and customer satisfaction, cutting operating costs and overtime, increasing earnings by getting…

LogiNext Mile

LogiNext Mile is a last mile distribution and delivery channel optimization software which promises to enable companies to save costs by optimizing and automating delivery resource and medium management, delivery route planning and scheduling dispatch while dynamically tracking all…

AllRide Apps

AllRide Apps provides solutions for Transport and Delivery businesses to streamline operations with automation, predictive analysis and forecasting. AllRide products come with features like managing and dispatching shipments, real-time tracking, route optimization, freight bid management,…


A Last-Mile Delivery Software in the Cloud and a Delivery Management Platforms, that helps users manage their businesses, and allows users to significantly increase revenues and profits, harmonizing the sales team with the logistics team.

RoadWarrior Route Planner

RoadWarrior Route Planner allows drivers, couriers, and traveling professionals to create customized routes that are optimized for real-time road traffic, client availability, and busy schedules. The tool is presented as ideal for last mile drivers and dispatchers who need to optimize…

0 reviews is a customer engagement platform for furniture and appliance retailers, operating with the goal of bringing together sales, marketing and fulfillment into one customer-centric experience. Powered by conversational AI, workflow automation and last-mile intelligence, it…

0 reviews

FIDELITONE, a supply chain management firm, helps businesses increase customers’ loyalty through specialized services in inbound logistics, order fulfillment, last mile delivery and service parts management. The solution is used to manage resources, create right-fit solutions, and…

Circuit Route Planner

An app that attempts to find routes that work, so delivery drivers avoid sitting in traffic, and find addresses faster, providing a route optimization solution for delivery drivers.

bMobile DSD Route Accounting

bMobile's DSD Route Sales Software is a dynamic route planning tool that optimizes routes, paving the way for chaos-free routing. This software empowers delivery teams to find time for more deliveries on each route. An exclusive space is dedicated to drivers where they can see the…

VPL TrajectRx
0 reviews

VPL TrajectRx gives patient pharmacies a cloud-based shipping, tracking, and compliance solution they can use to build a last-mile operations. The clinically-minded solution gets prescriptions out the door, tracks and traces them to their destinations, communicates shipping updates…

0 reviews

ParcelShield provides predictive analytics and support services that reduce risk for shippers and improve patient or end user satisfaction. Currently focused in Healthcare, ParcelShield has artificial intelligence and machine learning predictive models that provide real-time, carrier…

0 reviews

VersaFleet is browser-based, cloud software, presented as a central operations portal that enables operators to track incoming job orders, assign trips and dispatch their drivers instantly via a mobile companion app, VersaDrive. With real-time notifications, operators gain 24/7 visibility…

0 reviews

Routific is a logistics platform with a route optimization API, that optimizes routes for last-mile delivery fleets, to save businesses on time and fuel. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Vancouver, their investors include Techstars Chicago, Pallasite Ventures, Firestarter Fund…

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uRoute is an Artificial Intelligence Delivery Management solution catered to all types of users, ranging from self-employed delivery services to corporate businesses. uRoute provides a smart system to assign single or bulk deliveries to drivers from the web platform and the App will…

Beans Route
0 reviews

Beans Route is an AI-powered location intelligence platform that simplifies dispatch, improves last-mile logistic operations and manages driver schedules. Beans Route comes with an embedded proprietary algorithm and pre-existing integrations for safety, fleet telematics, and insurance…

Learn More About Last Mile Delivery Software

What is Last Mile Delivery Software

Last Mile Delivery Software, also referred to as final mile delivery software, helps businesses monitor and complete shipments from a warehouse, store, or distribution center to their final destination. Products in this category can manage, schedule, and track deliveries in real time. Common features include automating route optimization, communicating delivery status to clients or customers, scheduling drivers, collecting and analyzing feedback, and assigning fleet vehicles. Last Mile Delivery Software also allows users to capture data on KPIs, such as distance traveled, delivery turn-around time, and on-time or late arrival ratios.

Last Mile Delivery Software increases delivery efficiency in many ways without the need to invest in more fleet vehicles or drivers. By providing ways to optimize routes in real time, Last Mile Delivery Software can help improve delivery time and driver turnaround rates, which reduces delivery costs and contributes to greater customer satisfaction. This in turn can increase parcel volume, as it allows businesses to complete more orders and grow their businesses. An additional benefit of Last Mile Delivery is that it can measure driver and vehicle performance. These metrics can then be used to increase safety for delivery workers and clients alike.

Last Mile Delivery Software is related to Transportation & Logistics Software in that both are concerned with making sure a product is delivered to its destination efficiently. The important distinction here is that Last Mile Delivery Software is solely focused on the path the product will take from its last delivery hub to its final location. For this reason, Last Mile Delivery Software is generally considered a subset of logistics software. Most logistics software include last mile delivery as a unique feature of their software packages, although several vendors offer last mile delivery software as a standalone package.

Last Mile Delivery Software Features

The most common Last Mile Delivery Software features are:

  • Automated delivery status notifications
  • Proof of delivery
  • Route optimization
  • Non-delivery reporting and resolution
  • Equipment and delivery vehicle management
  • GPS tracking and geofencing
  • AI-driven route mapping
  • Multi-stop route planning
  • Live tracking
  • Fleet management
  • Delivery scheduling and task assignment
  • Merchant portals
  • Order booking
  • Customizable dashboards
  • CRM integration
  • Vehicle inspection management
  • Driver coaching programs
  • Wrong address correction and ad hoc delivery support
  • Remote troubleshooting features
  • Dispatch reports and analytics
  • Push notification management
  • Feedback collection

Last Mile Delivery Software Comparison

When choosing the best Last Mile Delivery Software for you, consider the following:

Carrier integrations. Last Mile Delivery Software that can integrate with your carriers is important if you are using third parties to assist with deliveries. This is because many third-party contractors use systems that your last mile software will need to be compatible with. Additionally, specific businesses will have contracts to use other software or delivery platforms, so make sure that the third parties you work with are supported by the last mile product you choose.

Automation features. Automated alerts and route optimization are generally expected for Last Mile Delivery Software, but more specific automation capabilities may be a deciding factor for you. This is especially true if you intend to use automated fleet assets such as drones or self-driving vehicles, as not every product will be able to take full advantage of unmanned delivery options.

Mobile access. If your deliveries require recipient signatures or other on-site interactions and updates, a product that offers support for mobile devices will be necessary. Not every product offers a mobile app, which means they may not be suitable for businesses that need to confirm delivery at the time of arrival.

Safety features. Safety features such as application locking, delivery detail wipes, and automated inspection scheduling will be deciding factors for users who are concerned with the safety of their assets, their drivers, and their clients. The safety features of each product can vary, so contact vendors to discuss your security needs and how they can be met with those products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Last Mile Delivery Software do?

Last Mile Delivery Software monitors, manages, and analyzes deliveries made between final delivery hubs and shipment order destinations.

What are the benefits of using Last Mile Delivery Software?

Last Mile Delivery Software ensures that products arrive quickly and safely. This allows for faster delivery times, improved customer satisfaction, and less wear and tear on delivery assets.

What are the best Last Mile Delivery Software products?

The most popular Last Mile Delivery Software products are:

How much does Last Mile Delivery Software cost?

Last Mile Delivery Software pricing ranges between $20 to $200 per month. Custom prices and free trials are available.