Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Software

Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Software include:

YourCause CSRconnect, Spark by Benevity, PURE Platform, CloudApps CSR, and SwiftCSR.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Software Overview

CSR platforms are used by companies to manage their philanthropic programs.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Products

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YourCause CSRconnect
10 ratings
14 reviews
CSRconnect is a SaaS-based platform that is a fully hosted and managed solution used to engage employees in volunteering, giving, and sustainability initiatives, along with helping grants administrators manage corporate and foundation philanthropic programs. It supports global programs with multi-li…
Spark by Benevity
1 rating
1 review
Spark by Benevity is workplace and corporate charity software that allows business users to manage open-choice online giving, gift matching and volunteering. Benevity was founded in 2008 and is based in Calgary, Canada.
Tennaxia is a platform enabling reporting around corporate and environmental responsibility.
iPoint CSR
iPoint CSR allows customers to collect, analyze, compile, and report CSR-relevant product-related compliance and sustainability information.
SwiftCSR is Corporate Social Responsibility monitoring software from CyberSWIFT. According to the vendor, key features and business benefits include: Intelligent mix of GIS (Geographical Information System) and MIS (Management Information System) with an integrated web & mobile-based applicatio…
Sustainable Brands
Sustainable Life Media in Burlingame offers Sustainable Brands – their flagship learning, collaboration and commerce community, designed to draw together sustainability, brand and design/innovation professionals to share success stories and emerging best practices and to push the envelope of social …
Alcumus Info Exchange
Info Exchange from the Alcumus Group in Cardiff is presented as a configurable EHS platform that helps organisations to digitise the day-to-day tasks that underpin their business. Info Exchange’s CSR module tracks and monitors key metrics through simplified data collection and comprehensive reporti…
Make better energy decisions, by automating energy and sustainability management. EnergyElephant is designed to help organisations around the world to simplify energy, cost and sustainability reporting across energy, water and waste. The vendor states they achieve this by providing one simple to us…
A platform to empower companies to build a purpose-driven culture and engage employees to make an impact, one act at a time. The solution aims to enable experiences that bring out the human side of work, so that companies and their employees can do good and measure their actions every day. By volunt…
Goodera is a technology platform that helps companies measure and communicate impact and ROI of CSR, Sustainability and volunteering initiatives from the company of the same name in San Mateo. The vendor boasts 200+ corporations including P&G, Target, Dell, GAP, Abbott, Amazon are using the Goodera …
Charityvest for Workplaces
Charityvest for Workplaces is a zero-fee charitable giving/matching platform for companies of all sizes, where 100% of donations go to charity. In addition to offering the ability to give to any of the 1.4M non-profits in the USA, the vendor states they provide employees with a tax-effective donor a…
Causecast is a corporate social responsibility software platform, now from America's Charities in Chantilly (acquired 2019). Philanthropy Cloud
The Philanthropy Cloud is a corporate social responsibility software solution.
CloudApps CSR
CloudApps CSR Software enables reporting and project tracking and provides visibility into key CSR metrics.
Thrive CSR
Thrive CSR is presented as user friendly software for businesses that are committed to positive community impact & employee engagement.
KindLink, from the company of the same name in London, is presented as a platform where businesses and charities connect and manage their corporate social responsibility, fundraising, volunteering, donor CRM, and measure and share their sustainability impact.
Benefacto is a social enterprise headquartered in London that works with companies to help get their staff volunteering. There are two mains parts to Benefacto: VolunteerHub and GivX. GivX helps companies analyse, benchmark and celebrate their community investment by calculating the value they are a…
PURE Platform
EHS Sustainability is a corporate social responsibility platform allowing health care providers to manage regulatory compliance, case management and execution of surveillance programs.

Learn More About Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Software

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

CSR platforms are used by companies to manage their philanthropic programs.

CSR Software Features & Capabilities

CSR platforms are designed to facilitate activities including:

  • Fundraising campaigns

  • Employee giving

  • Company donation matching

  • Volunteer event planning

  • Volunteer tracking

  • Analytics

Buying Considerations

Before evaluating software, buyers should understand whether they will use credit-card processing and/or payroll deductions to handle employee giving. They should also determine whether volunteering will be part of the program. If so, will employees be given paid time off to volunteer, will volunteering be gamified (such as dollars-for-doers, where employees can "earn" company donations to the organization where they volunteer). Further, buyers should understand whether philanthropy will be mostly local or global because international giving will require multi-language, multi-currency features.