Choose Plangrid and your users will love you.
Updated February 29, 2020

Choose Plangrid and your users will love you.

Jeffrey Rudacille | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with PlanGrid

Support professionals working with Plangrid are always helpful and understand that different users come with different skill sets. Each time I have contacted them they have shown familiarity with their software and did their best to ask leading questions of me (or my users) to find out the true reason behind the question or issue.

I only gave it an 8 because their support is almost 100% email and chat driven with little to no voice offering.
We are currently in the process of integrating Plangrid in all of our departments except accounting. We initially used it just for doing punch-lists but now require all projects to use it for progress photos, plan viewing and markups, as well as the aforementioned punch-lists. It immediately saves us money in requiring less printing of plans as well as better documentation of punch-lists with attached pictures. Plangrid also breeds collaboration by allowing easy sharing of all data within the program.
  • Plangrid is the best SaaS I have seen for ease of uploading construction plans and automated organization of those plans.
  • For companies that are not using other products for mobile access, the Plangrid mobile apps are perfect to allow people on and off site to share and collaborate in many phases of construction project documentation.
  • Plangrid has a very responsive technical support team (although it is pretty much email only).
  • Plangrid's website layout is easy to use and understand and allows new users to jump right in and do basic to moderate tasks without little training.
  • Plangrid is in the process of adding enhanced construction documentation such as better Submittal, RFI, and Field Reporting modules, but the ones in place right now will not be up to par for some people used to more full-featured applications such as Sage or Procore.
  • Like other SaaS Construction applications, Plangrid is very expensive. Too expensive in my opinion. They should find ways to offer more tiers of cost so smaller companies can use the application is a limited manner and not have to pay the same cost as the larger companies which may get more use out of advanced features.
  • On the same theme of cost, many of Plangrids collaboration features require all collaborators to have a license. Try telling all 30 subs on your project that they have to run out and pay an extra $50-$100/MO per employee to collaborate with you. Does not always go over well.
  • Plangrids Field Report, Submittal and RFI modules are still a bit of a work in progress.
  • Plangrid saves a tremendous amount of time when it comes to onsite plan viewing. With a tablet, someone can walk the site and have all plans at their fingertips without the need to return to a trailer for reviewing plans or markups. This frees up onsite personnel for other duties and in some cases saves money by requiring less people on the job.
  • Their punch-list/issues feature is another big time and money saver by making the entry and distribution of punch-lists much easier than more archaic methods. Users have the ability to create reports by sub/trade and send the sub a punch-list with just their specific issues on it.
  • Despite their RFI and Submittal features still being a work in progress they too speed up turn around time and entry time vs. older methods. This frees up POM's for other tasks and again, in some cases, allows a great ROI with less manpower needs.
Plangrid would sit in between these two when it comes to mobile job site collaboration and document management. Procore is more a full-featured product but it is 2X-3X the cost and there is some question whether the extra costs actual turns in to an ROI at the end of the day. On the other end of the Spectrum, Sage is not at all mobile friendly but is Grand Daddy of full-featured construction platforms and outside the mobile issue, does it all in one package including accounting.
Plangrid is well suited for companies (that are not currently using a different SaaS construction package) to make their construction document management more collaborative and mobile friendly. Companies requiring/wanting their subs and owners to collaborate with them as part of the life of a construction project will find Plangrid very helpful in fulfilling this goal. On the negative side, companies that are fully entrenched in using other construction suites will struggle to fully use Plangrid to its potential as pre-built integration between Plangrid and other packages is limited.

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