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Pure Storage FlashArray Review: "Another happy customer with Pure Storage" Storage FlashArrayUnspecified9.7120101
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January 10, 2019

Pure Storage FlashArray Review: "Another happy customer with Pure Storage"

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Overall Satisfaction with Pure Storage FlashArray

We're very impressed and have had no issues over the past year of very heavy workload usage.
Our Pure Storage array hosts the entire VMware workload; we have at multiple sites. We have 2 private clouds (vrealize automation & vcloud director) and 3 vcenters hosting over 5000 vms all on 3 Pure Storage arrays. Since implementing these, latency problems are a thing of the past and both clouds are up to 97-99% successful deployments! This alleviates some load on IT so that we can focus on more important work than managing storage; we never have to worry about our Pure arrays. The arrays were easy to implement and have reduced vApp deployment times by hours even when compared to the hybrid flash arrays we were using previously. I sleep better at night knowing Pure is in our data center and managing our workloads.
  • Time of deployment for vm creation is drastically reduced even over hybrid flash arrays.
  • Latency has been greatly reduced for vmfs datastores.
  • UI is easy to navigate and manage.
  • I'd like to see separate arrays be able to manage each other, like a cluster to share a workload so that we could leverage VAAI features across multiple arrays.
  • Nothing else, I love it!
  • We now spend very little time troubleshooting storage issues so we have more time for other initiatives.
  • When the arrays need an upgrade, support contacts us and works with us after hours which ensures productivity during the business day.
Less time spent configuring the array means more time to do everything else. In a fast-paced and demanding IT environment, this can mean the difference between getting a client contract or losing out to another organization!
Buy it and let your storage headaches be like remembering a bad dream.
We had numerous problems with the Tegile hybrid flash array and these have all disappeared after the move of our workloads to the Pure array.
  • Our workload is pretty standard and I can't think of an innovative way that we're using it.
We are finding it to be very well-suited to the VMware workloads that our business depends on for development and quality assurance of our software products. We have not found any workloads for which it is NOT well-suited so this is a tough one.