Is QuickBooks for Mac right for you?
June 20, 2014

Is QuickBooks for Mac right for you?

Robyn Smithson, CB | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with QuickBooks for Mac

I am a Advanced Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. I do not actually use QuickBooks for Mac on a daily basis for my own business. I am a bookkeeper and I support QuickBooks for Mac clients and I have several clients using various versions of QuickBooks for Mac. It has improved greatly in the last few years.
  • QB for Mac allows Mac users a good accounting program without having to utilize parrallels or a virtual machine environment.
  • There are not nearly as many add on applications available to the QB for Mac user. QuickBooks is a great accounting program overall but there are many things it cannot do no matter what version and that is where the add on applications come in. However the choices are quite limited in the QB for Mac universe.
  • As there is no time sheet integration from the payroll program for the Mac version, if you need job costing, you must do it by utilizing what is called a zero dollar check. You unfortunately cannot push time data from payroll to invoicing like you can in the Windows version.
  • Many reports in the QB for Mac version do not have the ability to show details that are available in the Windows versions. Sometimes this make finding and correcting errors more difficult.
  • QB for Mac does not have the functionality of QB for Windows. Backing up and restoring files is one area that leaves a lot to be desired. The file label created automatically is not a clear cut as it is in the Windows version, and many people overwrite the wrong file and lose data.
  • Being able to support QB for Mac has helped expand my business somewhat because I don't have to turn clients away who are using it.
I did not select the Mac version for my own business. I don't use a Mac but I have access to one. I do know how to use and support the Mac version. I use all of the various QB versions as necessary to support my clients on a regular basis. I still feel that QB for Mac is not where Intuit's focus is and that it is just not as robust of a program as the various Windows versions..
I am vendor- and program-neutral until asking questions of the colleague looking for a recommendation. First and most important question: Are you a die hard MAC user who will not give it up even for a better accounting program? If yes, then: How comfortable are you running windows programs either on a PC or a Parallel environment? If that is a definite no, then QB for Mac is probably the way to go. However, it also depends on the business you will be running utilizing the Mac version. Are you a contractor with a full staff and job costing needs? Or a you a sole proprietor doing professional services and your books are pretty simple? I personally wouldn't recommend the Mac version for a contractor. Two of the clients that I support using QB for Mac are a single small family rental property and a professional services corporation. Neither has payroll or detailed job costing needs.

Using QuickBooks for Mac

I remain neutral as I am more than willing to support it and will recommend it if that is the appropriate choice.

Evaluating QuickBooks for Mac and Competitors

  • Existing Relationship with the Vendor
QuickBooks for Mac is included in my Pro Advisor membership with Intuit. I support all versions of QB.
Again, I did not go through this process as I do not use it for my own business.

QuickBooks for Mac Implementation

Change management was minimal - This question is truly not valid for me as I have not implemented QB for Mac for my business accounting. Again, I only support the program.

QuickBooks for Mac Support

Because the support level I get is probably not what the average user gets.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Not kept informed
No - In my case Premium support is available because of my Pro Advisor status. I provide support myself for QB for Mac.
Yes - Intuit is very responsive when you give them bug reports. Sometimes the fixes might take a while, but they are responsive overall.
Not for the Mac version. But overall, I have had several exceptional support calls over the years.

Using QuickBooks for Mac

The Mac version is OK overall. I find the Windows versions to be much more robust but Mac is quite good for Mac users. Though I think die hard Mac users should consider QuickBooks Online instead as there is a new QB for Mac app that makes using QBO much better!
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Feel confident using
  • Basic functions such as writing checks, paying bills, invoicing are all quite easy. I don't think elegant is a word I would use.
  • Sales tax reporting and budget preparation is more difficult in the Mac version.