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Donesafe, Intelex, CloudApper Safety, ConvergePoint Health and Safety Software, Gensuite, Alcumus Info Exchange, Passport 360, Enablon, PURE Platform and Mapistry.

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NAVEX Global launched NAVEX One in 2020. It is described by the vendor as a complete GRC platform, providing a comprehensive set of applications and workflows integrated into a single platform, for compliance, legal, or HR professionals.


Donesafe is Health, Safety and Environment software that connects a management system from workers in the field to the management team in the boardroom, Donesafe was acquired by Health & Safety Institute (HSI) in February 2020.

CloudApper Safety

Safety Assure from CloudApper is designed to help companies establish a safer workplace without the administrative burden. It is a mobile app for OSHA recordkeeping of injury and illness, and enables employees to log incidents, accidents, near misses, and observations wherever these…

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Intelex’s Environment, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) applications are used to effectively manage all aspects of an organization’s quality program, as well as track safety data, and manage sustainability. It is designed to help manage, track and report quality-related metrics…

Blackline Safety G7

Blackline Safety's G7 product line incorporates leading incident detection and location technology with 3G and satellite communications to ensure monitoring supporting gas detection to lone worker monitoring, gas detection compliance, data analytics and evacuation management.

Alcumus eCompliance

eCompliance, a Canadian company supported by the Alucumus Group (2019) offers their suite of EHS applications, supporting OSHA and ISO compliance, environmental risk, as well as hazard and incident management.


SiteDocs in Abbotsford presents their safety software technology as an intuitive and easy to use mobile soluiton utilizing tablets and smartphones, giving users real time delivery of all forms required from the field.

Ideagen WorkRite

Ideagen's Q-Pulse WorkRite is a collection of EHS focused e-learning courses designed to help employers meet legal regulations and keep their staff healthy, happy and protected at work.

Web QMS Software by Mireaux

Web QMS is a cloud-based, all-encompassing management system software that helps organizations achieve, maintain and improve their ISO or API certifications; giving employees full access and visibility to their quality, environmental, occupational health & safety, or information…


Mapistry is an environmental compliance software solution from the company of the same name in Berkeley, that gives customers visibility into their compliance status, and guides them through each regulatory requirement with their combination of technology, training and tech-enabled…


Gensuite EHS Software applications, from the company of the same name in Cincinnati, span across six functional program areas: Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) and Sustainability, Quality, Security, Responsible Sourcing, Product Stewardship, and Equipment Asset Management…

Origami Risk

Origami Risk is a provider of integrated SaaS solutions for the risk, compliance, safety, and insurance industries. Configurable and scalable, Origami delivers a suite of risk management, Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), and insurance core…

Public Safety Pro powered by Incode

Incode Public Safety is a mobile RMS integrated with its CAD counterpart to share information between agencies, departments, and jurisdictions, and update state and federal reporting features.

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Maximl offers a full-stack collaboration platform for deskless workers in the process industry. The solutions solve last-mile workflow problems in maintenance, inspection, safety, and operation domain. Maximl integrates with existing business systems to create a single source of…

Effivity Environmental, Health and Safety Management System Software

Effivity EHS software is a solution for managing Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) compliance. The cloud-based software offers features such as risk assessment, incident management, audit management, and document control. It is designed to streamline EHS compliance management…

Riskware R3
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Pan Software was founded in 2003 in Melbourne Australia. They make Riskware, a ERM, GRC and Health and Safety Risk Manager, that offers technology to help manage risk.

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PlanTRAK is a web-based environmental management system that helps users organize, assign, and track compliance requirements across multiple facilities, to know exactly what’s happening—or not happening—at each facility. PlanTRAK features a task management system that enables the…

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A solution to reduce Chemical Risk and Liability with Compliant COSHH Assessments, used to identify, reduce and eliminate risk in the workplace with safety products that keeps the organization compliant. The solution enables users to: Create COSHH risk assessments in a readable…

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FlexManager is a compliance solution comprising over 70 different modules for a multitude of processes, aiming to remove the need for extra administration and multiple product licence fees and ensure clear and relevant data is available. The tools help users achieve compliance goals,…

Safety Champion Software

Safety Champion is a work health and safety SaaS product. Safety Champion aims to ease unnecessary workload in messy safety management for teams, with automated email notifications, Android and iOS apps, and set and forget recurring task planning and delegation. The vendor states…

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Sofvie is a collaborative Intelligence platform that aims to give every level of the organization a voice in safety and risk management. The vendor states it can enhance communication and redefine hazard and risk management in the workplace by analyzing data gathered from the front-…

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HoraAudit helps to conduct inspections and incident reporting across industries to improve their safety standards, quality control, and operations. HoraAudit for Android is free for teams of up to 5 users to build checklist templates, schedule inspections, conduct inspections, complete…

Safety Meeting App

Safety Meeting App is a Provider of OSHA Safety Meetings, Checklists, Incident Reports, 950 Safety Meeting Topics. The Safety Meeting App enables users to document OSHA required safety meetings, create checklists, and log incident reports.

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Encamp is an end-to-end environmental compliance platform designed to make it easy to manage all EHS documents, deadlines, permits and tasks, from one platform. Customers use Encamp to understand, manage and meet their environmental compliance needs - for all 50 states - from start…

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Rombit, in Antwerp, offers the Romware platform and product suite, products to track worker safety and activity, providing safety analytics, geofencing, evacuation management, and other safety related features.

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What are the Best Environmental Health and Safety Solutions?
In this video, we'll cover the top 3 environmental health and safety solutions, how to use each one and a comparison of features and pricing models.

Learn More About Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Software

What is Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Software?

Environmental health and safety (EHS) software is a class of applications designed to track, manage, and improve workplace safety. EHS software also standardizes the collection and management of information. It helps companies analyze meaningful data so they can understand risks, monitor performance, and stay in compliance.

EHS software can also help businesses investigate, improve management plans, and quickly resolve problems. These solutions include automated systems to manage risks proactively, preventing unwanted adverse events and disruption of operations.

Real-time visibility and automatic alerts save departments time, keeping staff informed and optimizing company performance. Companies can easily monitor dangerous materials, perform inspections, create reports, and take corrective actions.

Ultimately, EHS software serves to streamline workflows for safety compliance and prevention. Records, policies, and other data are kept in a centralized location. Procedures are standardized, helping to boost responsiveness, provide consistent results, and ensure that deadlines are met.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Software Features

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Software include the following core features for entry-level options:

  • Document management

  • Record, report, measure, and address incidents

  • Provide safety training

  • Analyze EHS trends and performance

  • Provide alerts and notifications

  • Automate administrative tasks and corrective actions

More advanced options also include:

  • Assess environmental and safety risks

  • Plan and carry out audits and inspections

  • Maintain a compliance and safety data

  • Monitor safety and business waste

  • Mobile device capabilities

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Software Comparison

When shopping for an environmental health and safety software, you should determine if you need a custom system or an off-the-shelf solution. Custom solutions can be powerful, but they take a long time to build and are difficult to scale.

You should also consider flexibility, ease of use, and reporting. Do you need a standalone solution or one that combines with other tools? EHS software often integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems or quality management software (QMS).

EHS software is designed to help mitigate risk, increase efficiency, and save money. Evaluate the cost and long-term ROI of each product. Seasoned vendors should be able to offer an estimate of your expected ROI, based on previous client experiences.

Finally, consider how much support your company needs. Self-configurable systems allow you to modify and implement at your own pace. This can be suitable for smaller operations that want to reduce costs and the learning curve. Enterprises may need more customized assistance.

Pricing Information

Pricing varies widely, depending on the desired features. Offers may include free starter plans, trial periods, or paid plans with more complex feature sets. Annual and monthly billing options are available. Entry-level options begin at $20-$45/month/user. Most vendors do not release pricing information, but plans and pricing can be obtained by request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does environmental health and safety (EHS) software do?

Environmental health and safety (EHS) software helps track, manage, and improve workplace safety. These tools reduce workplace risks by standardizing safety procedures, records, and compliance tasks. EHS software streamlines records, reporting, tracking, investigation, and corrective action functions.

What are the benefits of using environmental health and safety (EHS) software?

EHS software saves companies time by automating reports and managing compliance tasks and deadlines. It can provide a centralized location for records and standardize systems and procedures. Many companies see an ROI of 2-5x their investment within the first year after implementing an EHS software system.

What are the best environmental health and safety (EHS) software products?

How much does environmental health and safety (EHS) software cost?

Pricing varies widely, depending on the complexity of features. Annual and monthly billing options are available. Entry-level options include free plans, with paid options ranging at $20-$45/month/user.