RingCentral is the best solution for fax capability on most extensions
August 30, 2018

RingCentral is the best solution for fax capability on most extensions

Justin Bongard | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with RingCentral

The entire company I work for and other companies that broke off of ours use it as their primary phone, fax, and meeting service. We use it for customers to call an automated queue with prompts. It guides them to different extensions and call queues. We do not have any physical fax machines. Everything we do is done through email or the apps to send and receive faxes.
  • Phones that also support fax. This sets them apart from Vonage and especially Microsoft that does not support faxing at all.
  • All of the apps work really well, especially the phone and meeting apps
  • They have a bunch of integrations, like with Google and Microsoft office applications that are useful
  • If you keep reusing users in the system, it will eventually lead to corruption. Whenever you reassign a phone number, it's best to delete the user and recreate it with the phone number.
  • Tracking support tickets could be better and I would like to be able to reopen them instead of creating a new ticket based and old ticket, based on a ticket, based on a ticket, etc.
  • They need to polish up their backend in general. We have random errors only they can fix about twice a month for our company size of about 250 extensions.
  • Their support chat is just text. It would be great to be able to have an email address so you can forward evidence of issues to them, be able to attach pictures or other files.
  • The bill is expensive each month, several thousand but they handle everything, and we don't need another employee to manage the infrastructure locally.
  • We would certainly have more downtime if we hosted it, trying to schedule updates, changing hardware, etc. Currently, there's hardly any downtime through RingCentral.
  • It is great to have all of the faxes, phones, meetings chat, SMS all work with each other. Notifications and users can be handled by one unified system.
Vonage would be much cheaper if it wasn't for our crazy-high usage of faxes. We got quotes from the system that Spectrum uses as well. Spectrum, even with faxing would be cheaper. I think we would lose capability and/or ease of use for users if we switched to anything else that supports faxing. I think the other brands are all more budget friendly at a cost. That's my opinion, which has not been fully tested as I have not tried any other solution extensively.
If you really do a lot of faxing or want one system that can handle both faxes and phones, this is the solution you should choose. You should certainly get away from faxing if you can, but we deal with many lawyers and medical centers that refuse to use emails, so this is our option. If you can break away from the archaically-old faxes, I would recommend getting the version of office that comes with Skype for business. That way you have your phones, emails, office licenses, chat, meetings, all in one solution. It's where we would like to be but can't since they don't support faxing.

RingCentral MVP Feature Ratings

Hosted PBX
Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
User templates
Call reports
Directory of employee names
Answering rules
Call recording
Call park
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Call screening
Message alerts
Video conferencing
Audio conferencing
Mobile app for iOS
Mobile app for Android

Using RingCentral

90 - Call center, sales, IT, executives, case updaters
2 - We have two sys-admins and they share time maintaining the users, extensions, and other issues. One has little experience, and another with 4 years experience. That's all that is needed since their support helps with anything that is complicated. They never tell me "that's not covered by our support". They help me with everything I ask them to.
  • Fax blasting. We use an automated process to send updates to people via faxes. We never seem to hit a usage limit and we send out thousands per week.
  • Calls work great and on many different devices. You can transfer calls between devices by one button.
  • Meetings and chats work very well with each other now that they have mostly combined the apps.
  • Using SendGrid to send out mass-emails with attachments to RingCentral to send faxes to customers. It is much simpler than connecting to their API and having a whole program to handle that. We just wrote a very simple program to send emails and it works flawlessly.
  • We might start doing video conferencing over phones at some point. Currently, we're okay just using a computer to do it.
We are grandfathered into our unlimited toll-free minutes plan. We are very unlikely to switch because of that. It has been the major factor saving us a lot of money compared to switching to other solutions. I don't know any other company that still offers these unlimited plans.