Skype isnt all hype. It works.
April 08, 2021

Skype isnt all hype. It works.

Nestor Navarro | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Skype

Currently our organization uses it for chatting chatting back and forth and sometimes to do video calls. We still use Zoom since we have meetings with outside companies as well but within we are able to use Skype if we want. As for problems we can say it doesnt seem to compete with Zoom. Since zoom is only camera, it has more functions for video feeds. It also seems that Skype uses more bandwidth or requires better speeds as we do get latency from some of our users with slower net speeds. Im not sure if this is the case but they seem to only have these issues with Skype and not Zoom. Overall as a chatting function, Skype does the trick. You can have private conversations as well as have many open conversations at once. You can send files, videos, sound files, etc. You can even delete messages you no longer want seen and it deletes on both sides.
  • Perfect for chatting via text. Has emojis, file sharing, audio sharing, and even video sharing capabilities.
  • Good for video chats. You can do 1 on 1 sessions with a good quality video.
  • Privacy is also another important function they have. They allow for private conversations between users.
  • Ability to delete conversations with sensitive information you may not want seen by users not authorized. Can share confidential information via Skype.
  • Customizable profiles to fit your company culture.
  • Allow more options when it comes to screen sharing. Allow Skype to share multiple screens for users with 2 or more screens.
  • Allow users to take gain remote access via Skype. This would be a huge improvement and something IT departments can use for trouble shooting as well.
  • Be more comparable to Slack in regards to the chat function. Create rooms and send certain people messages in large chats.
  • Overall Skype is a good investment. We use regular Skype so its a product that comes with Windows PC's as a standard app. We dont use Skype for Business so this cuts cost overall.
  • Using the basic functions of Skype and not Skype for business does have some downsides but you do save money. There are many other apps we use as well as Skype in order to accomplish all of our goals.
  • The downside of course is that the more you want Skype to do, the more money it will cost the organization as a whole. It does have many more functions which you have to upgrade to Skype for business for. That is my only criticism.
Skype stacks up much better when it comes to presentations and video calls. I have used Skype for business with my position and I have many more features that anything Slack has. Slack is very basic when it comes to presenting and screen sharing. Skype has presentation tools as well as other features Slack simply doesnt have. On the chatting by text side of things, Slack is far better. Slack is kind of like social media in how it works which is more appealing to the younger generations and the current trends of Social Media. I think Skype could use a makeover in that area. Updated emoji icons as well as customizable or ability to create cool Emojis. Slack allows for dedicated channels where you can send messages using @ signs to target a specific person. You can also integrate Slack with many emails and not just Microsoft emails. Since we use Gmail Slack was a clear winner in Calendar integration there.

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1 on 1 conversations or performance reviews are excellent via Skype. They are private and you can be certain that the conversation will remain private. Skype doesn't have a time allotment like other programs do where you only get 30 or 40 minutes before a meeting drops. You can have a 60+ minute conversation without interruption. Perfect tool for allowing your agents to chat amongst themselves without interrupting phone productivity. Group chats are something Skype needs to improve on to be more like Slack. They should allow for dedicated rooms with the ability to call out specific people within the group. I would also like to add multiple screen viewings and remote access if that is possible. Screen share capabilities are a limited function of mostly all Video Conf software. This can give Skype a major advantage in the corporate and IT world if they allow that. They should also allow more customizable profile options with custom away messages, out of office, or overall more fun options.

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