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Spredfast Review: "User experience is clunky."
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January 31, 2013

Spredfast Review: "User experience is clunky."

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  • I have used Spredfast for social customer service response, where the routing of critical messages on brand pages are lead to a customer service team representative for response. Spredfast was nimble in their development of the tool to ensure the routing and flagging capabilities were in place for the community manager and customer service representatives to use in the most efficient ways possible. Their flexibility in adapting efficiencies for Spredfast's features allowed for a successful launch of social customer service initiative.
  • Basic UE faults can make the tool seem clunky, sometimes requiring more time to do simple tasks, or rather, needing to learn the tool's quirks until you can find a work around. For example, when monitoring a social feed, it can be helpful to be able to export the posts for further analysis or reporting, but this option is not available, nor is copying and pasting the text from the post feed. These smaller kinks may have been solved in more recent versions of the tool, though.
  • Our client had wanted to be able to respond at scale in social and give the same quality service their call center provided. Spredfast provided the ability to understand how standard call center metrics can translate in social, and the benefit allowed the company to be more efficient with its customer service resources and allocate them as necessary.
It is a robust tool that can solve a lot of business' problems, if used to its fullest ability. I shy from giving it more than 7 due to the simple UE fixes that need to be made in order to make it a simple and intuitive tool.