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November 12, 2013

Spredfast to Victory

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Overall Satisfaction

  • Content labeling. Getting metrics for every campaign is always quick and easy, you can even export your metrics onto a spreadsheet for easier reporting
  • Social inbox, I can easily keep track of, not only my own campaigns, but also of any other conversation I want to track and even measure.
  • Customer service. The Spredfast customer service team, on top of providing top of the line videos to get the user more acclimated with their product, they also respond to any customer service query within MINUTES.
  • There are no tools for native retweeting, making one go to the native Twitter app in order to do so.
  • The content bank tool could be a little more robust, I wish there was a way to archive tweetable content (links and such) - or a bank content that one could format into a tweet at a later date.
  • Spredfast has led to increased efficiency, we can find out when to tweet, who to tweet to, and what kind of content works very quickly.
  • Metrics reports thanks to Spredfast are now much more comprehensive and robust. The content labeling tools are key to the Spredfast experience where you can measure campaigns against other campaigns. This makes sure we can deliver better content at MassChallenge.
  • Better customer service, we have a better idea of who our supporters are thanks to Spredfast. The social inbox tools make sure we can highlight certain tweets coming in to the best employee able to deal with the question.
Even with some of it's cons, I have never been disappointed with Spredfast. Before acquiring Spredfast, I researched a ton of tools but Spredfast has easily been the best one. It's content labels and automatic link shortening (you can even sync it to your account) is incredibly useful for social media management. This is definitely a tool you'll want to look into.
Definitely look at the social media service station offered by Spredfast customer service. Also make sure to play with it's robust graphing features and get used to the scheduling tools. Never be afraid to reach out to the customer service team with a question, they strive to be the best team and they are.