Scribe - Easy to Use, Functional and Fantastic
Updated October 30, 2020

Scribe - Easy to Use, Functional and Fantastic

Jim Wolf | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with TIBCO Cloud Integration (including BusinessWorks and Scribe)

We use Scribe to transfer data between multiple systems. From our account/contract system to our CRM system, as well as from our CRM system to another database.

Scribe plays a major role in making sure we have data integrity across multiple systems. It allows to avoid manual updates of data between system, which is crucial when we have limited staff. This allows staff to focus on other job duties.

  • The creation of integration maps is straightforward.
  • The ability to schedule when solutions are run is of great value because we need to have systems updated in a particular order. Scheduling makes this easy.
  • When errors do occur, the error messages give enough information to allow us to diagnose how we need to fix records as necessary.
  • The system could be a little faster when navigating within maps. Sometimes there are delays while the page loads.
  • There could be more examples of how to use Scribe in the documentation.
  • I would suggest that Scribe provide suggestions when sending error messages eg Have you tried to refresh the metadata? This would save contacting support for some people.
  • Scribe has allowed us to focus on other duties instead of copying data between systems, which allows us to use our employees more efficiently.
  • The simplicity of using Scribe allows us to be more responsive when changes are required, saving us time and money.
  • The documentation allows us to get what we need to know quickly, which saves us time.
I haven't used any other integration solutions, but I can't imagine those solutions being more efficient or easier to use than Scribe. My understanding is that our company chose Scribe because it was the best solution in terms of cost, functionality and ease of use. I would recommend Scribe to other people if asked.
  • Self-taught
Being self-taught allowed me to focus on my particular needs when using the product. The documentation is straightforward and usually easy to understand. However, there may be cases where I did things incorrectly before learning a better way due to my lack of experience when first using Scribe to transfer data between systems.
Scribe has allowed me to focus on other duties because of the ability to successfully integrate data between multiple systems in a reliable fashion. By being able to set times for maps to run, I know that data updates between systems will be done efficiently.

The map customization is fairly straightforward, so I am able to modify maps when necessary to adapt to business needs.

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TIBCO Cloud Integration has allowed us to successfully and smoothly integrate data between multiple disparate systems.

The most important lesson I've learned is to keep things simple. While the integration process is very easy to follow, it's important to keep configurations simple because you may not be coming back to them very often because they are very reliable once they're up and running.

Scribe is ideal when you want to move data between two systems. The ability to drag and drop is fantastic, plus the formula validation tool is a useful feature.

Off the top of my head, I don't have any scenarios where it is less appropriate because if you want to move data between two systems, Scribe is one of the best options.

TIBCO Integration (including BusinessWorks and Flogo) Feature Ratings

Pre-built connectors
Support for real-time and batch integration
Monitoring console

Evaluating TIBCO Cloud Integration (including BusinessWorks and Scribe) and Competitors


I was not involved in the decision making process, but I can say that I encourage keeping it because of its functionality and usefulness as well as the support response times. It's a good product and I'm glad my predecessors chose to use it over any other available options on the market.
I wasn't involved in the original evaluation and selection process, so I can't really comment on that aspect. I can say that Scribe has shown to be an effective and useful tool with great features that make my life much easier. It's a good product for people or companies who need well-done integration solutions.

Infrastructure Environment

We run Scribe as an interface between multiple SQL servers - some onsite, some with Microsoft and some with independent vendors. Because of system differences, we need Scribe to update from one system to another and then from that system to a third system. It works well and meets our needs in an effective and timely matter.
I can't comment on the tools we use as those are handled by our IT support company. All I know is that Scribe seems to work well with whatever we use and I am glad we have it because it makes my job much easier. It's a solid product that does what it needs to do.

Learnings and Advice

I've had cases where we had user name changes between two systems, so I took advantage of TIBCO Cloud Integrations' formula box to create logical comparison statements so that the name changes are recognized and that the correct name/GUID is used when updating data from the primary system to the secondary system. The ability to test the statements for errors was also a very helpful component.
Keep things simple. Understand your data. Know exactly what you want to move between systems. Try and set up as much logical compatibility between two systems - this will save you time if you use similar field names as well as having matching data types and field sizes. Always consider what the target system will accept because you may have to tweak the map to ensure data is transferred without issues.
The TIBCO Community is a well-experienced and well-versed community. Every issue I've encountered is usually something that somebody else has seen, so it's easy to find simple and practical solutions when trying to fix things. This makes working with the product less intimidating because you know there is a good support system available to you.
Don't rush! THINK about your data. Take time to learn all the different functions available to you - Conversion, Date, Logical, Lookup, Math, Miscellaneous and Text - there is a lot of power under the hood! If you get an understanding of those functions, you are well on your way to becoming a master of the data integration world!
Always make sure you know what data you are transferring between systems. Compare everything for compatibility. DO NOT RUSH. It's better to take extra time making sure your configurations and integrations are compatible and functional. Surprises will probably happen, but you can minimize the impact by doing a lot of heavy lifting with your data up front.

TIBCO Cloud Integration (including BusinessWorks and Scribe) Support

Whenever we've had issues, the support unit has been responsive to our needs. While I don't deal directly with them, our IT provider has kept me up to speed on the work Scribe support has needed to do and it appears they work efficiently to resolve outstanding issues.

It's good to know there's a support unit that responds to the customers.

Using TIBCO Cloud Integration (including BusinessWorks and Scribe)

The maps are fairly straightforward to create and use. The logical expressions and other units in the mapmaking process are straightforward, functional and understandable. It makes life much easier when you know you can figure out a way to make an integration work because of the toolset and commands that are available.