Unitrends to mend your Backup Issues
July 27, 2016

Unitrends to mend your Backup Issues

Todd Frazier | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Unitrends Recovery Series Backup Appliance

I am using the Unitrends Appliance to backup all servers virtual and none in my server farm.

I have over 30 servers and workstations used by departments for specific applications and kiosks.

I like that every morning I receive a Unitrends report that tells me what backups succeeded and which failed. And actually once you have it all set up correctly the backups run without fail unless your server drops off the network or reboots during backups due to Microsoft updates!

Since going to Unitrends I don't spend hours a day verifying backups, I just get my email report and address any issue from said report. If you are in IT and doing backups to tape....wake up and move to the next century! But seriously if you are still doing tape backups check out Unitrends!! I did and we cant wait for our free upgrade in 2 years!


  • Set up up one time and don't have to touch again!
  • Restores from Unitrends backups are easy to run when you have to, just make sure you are keeping up to date backups!
  • Big strength is it is scalable and you can add more hard disks if needed!
  • And free upgrade after 3 years to next model up!!


  • Did take a little learning curve to set up and get comfortable with!
  • On units older than XP - don't try to backup!
  • On servers older than MS 2003 - Don't try to back up too old...
  • Have not had Unitrends Appliance long enough for any ROI discussion.
  • Have already used Unitrends to restore a server that a vendor hosed in trying to set up but we were able to roll back with the bare-metal restore option.
  • With Unitrends we are able to back up servers that prior had no tape drives or backup devices.
With out naming the other vendors we tested I can tell you that for the MOST BANG for YOUR BUCK, go with a Unitrends Appliance that fits your backup needs and company size. From large to small, Unitrends will have you covered. I would like to also add that their support is excellent and we used them a lot in getting sever issues [resolved] due to very old systems still surviving on the network which also gave good reason to our admin to get servers replaced which has been done at this time!
We were spending hours a day on our tape backups and not all of them always succeeding. But since I switched to a Unitrends solution we get daily reports in the [morning] that tell me which backups were successful and which failed but once you get it set up correctly, failures generally only happen due to network outage or server reboots in middle of backups. Unitrends has several appliances for all size companies from big to small so give them a shot as I am so very glad we did! Tapes are old school and slow. Unitrends is faster and easy to deploy and get to your backup in case you do need them for a server restore or all the way down to a just a simple file restore!

Unitrends Feature Ratings

Universal recovery
Instant recovery
Recovery verification
Multiple backup destinations
Incremental backup identification
Deduplication and file compression

Using Unitrends Recovery Series Backup Appliance

2 - Information Technology
  • Backup MS Exchange 2016 Server
  • Backup MS Exchange 2016 Virtual Server
  • Backup County File Server
  • Backup all Live Production Servers
  • Have only had it for 7 months, have had to do a bare-metal restore for a server with Unitrends and it worked awesome!
  • Have been able to remove 8 tape drives.
  • Have also gone from 18 Maxtor drives to only 3.
  • We can use it to back up just about anything needed to be saved or restored!!
  • If you just want to house a single file you can!
  • You can back up over the network so much faster than a tape drive!

It is easy to work with the great dashboard display and easy to restore from a single file to entire server!

So glad we moved to Unitrends I was spending hours a day just checking backups and switching out the many tapes and external hard drives but now thanks to Unitrends I just have to worry about receiving my morning email!


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