Our all-in-one insight and testing platform of choice - could not live, or work, without it.
Christian Betts | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 14, 2018

Our all-in-one insight and testing platform of choice - could not live, or work, without it.

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Overall Satisfaction with VWO

VWO is used throughout the businesses digital product portfolio, as our CRO platform of choice but also for the invaluable insight tools that give us a greater level of quantitive data to traditional analytics platforms.

With VWO's change to being CRO focused, we find the integration between observations and testing to put it ahead of the many competitors.
  • Integrated features and benefits between insight based tools and variate testing
  • Great UI for what is a pretty complex system
  • Really good support team, quick to answer and always find a solution
  • Auto report on activity, unless I'm not aware of this feature my reports are created manually
  • Grouping tests and analysis into folders, I have a lot of tests and analysis running so scanning and finding the right item can be tricky
  • Usage reports, a weekly or monthly report emailed from the platform on our usage stats
  • Doubled CRs in some areas with the smallest of content changes, like the header copy on a form
  • Helping to validate the decisions the design and content teams make back to the business, specifically helping us prove the idea we have had actually works
  • Helping to identify usability issues and problem areas that we have further researched, changed and improved to the benefit of our users and business
Heat map benefits:
• Validate engagement with pages and patterns across our products and services, if a pattern is low on engagement and it is key to user needs and goals we can pinpoint this issue and conduct further research to find out why
• Observations from heat maps feed directly into split testing, in the heat maps we make observations, and these observations become hypotheses for tests, and from these tests we are able to solve problems more quickly and more safely.
Some of our content is very long, we have observed that users do not scroll or engage with content past certain points on the pages which is great insight, though we do not know at what speed these behaviours occur.

With screen recordings we are better placed to understand the behaviour in these situations:
• Are the users slowly consuming the content (reading) to a certain point and then making a decision on next steps?
• Or, are the users quickly scrolling to certain points on the page before making and actioning their next decision?
We rely on contact forms as a primary conversion point across our products and services, as a result form analysis is extremely important to monitoring and improving on our CR.

With this capability we are more confident and comfortable to analysis, identify and report back on specific form elements and interactions that are impacting the user and ultimately the business.
The key aspect in the decision to switch to VWO was the integration of all the features as a single unified resource and platform.

The competitors are very good at what they do (did back then) but required moving insight and understanding from one platform to the other.
With VWO this problem is not only solved but the recent change to VWOs focus on becoming a conversion optimisation platform has increased our capabilities significantly.

We feel the product fits in perfectly with our human centred approach and has not only increased stake holder confidence in our thinking and actions but also helped us to become better at what we do as a team and as individuals in meeting the needs of our users.

Well suited:
• Pages that need to increase their CR
• Newly launched pages and products where we can monitor activity and engagement
• Proving or disproving hypothesis with variate testing
• General problem pages/content on which observations and hypothesis can be based
• Validating design decisions
• Solving arguments or disputes on a particular pattern or feature.

Less Appropriate:
• I'd be concerned if we ever had a situation where we could not use VWO to learn something and better meet the needs of our users and business.