A Great Tool for Training Designers
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December 12, 2017

A Great Tool for Training Designers

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Overall Satisfaction with Weebly

I am a professor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, teaching music students how to create a presence online. One important aspect is creating some kind of site or hot site, which tends to be very difficult for non-technical people. I found that Weebly works really well for these students, allowing them to create sites that express themselves creatively, even when they lack the skills typically associated with web development.
  • It allows building a site visually, without requiring deep knowledge of HTML, CSS and similar skills.
  • It has a wide range of media widgets like YouTube, maps, search boxes, social media and other tools, nicely integrated.
  • It provides the site creation and the hosting, all in one package.
  • Some parts of the layout are a bit rigid, making it difficult to design pages less structured. Despite this can be seen as kind of protection against visual inconsistency, some users could find it a bit constrained.
  • Weebly has a collection of photos (free and paid) that can be inserted in the site, but they must be found through keyword search. Other ways of searching (collections, tags, suggestions, etc.) would improve this function.
  • The user must be aware that the site created in Weebly must stay in Weebly's servers to keep its editing functionalities. It is possible to get the files (code, images and so on) and move them to a new host provider, but they would not work without some fixing made by a web designer.
  • The quality of the websites made by my students increased.
  • I could dedicate more time to my core subject (design principles and presence on the web) and reduce technical explanations about HTML, CSS and etc.
  • Many students enjoyed the experience of using Weebly so much that they decided to continue using it, creating their professional websites on the platform.
WordPress needs to be set up before use, making it less adequate for students. It has a huge userbase and tons of add-ons, but these advantages are not accessible to the beginner.
Wix is very powerful and easy to use, making it on par with Weebly. But I believe Weebly has a clearer interface, making it better for the beginner.
Weebly allows the user to copy the files of his/her website. It is not a full backup, but is far better than Wix.
Students of creative arts who need to present their work or learn how to make a presence online. Weebly is particularly useful to teach people about design principles without having to detail technical aspects of coding.

Small entrepreneurs who don't need complex websites and don't want to hire a professional web designer.

Artists who want to present their work to the world.

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