Managing Expectations by Managing Projects
Updated March 11, 2015

Managing Expectations by Managing Projects

Khashi Rahmani | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Zoho Projects

  • The ability to track multiple projects at the click of a button: Zoho Projects has the unique feature to jump between identical screens of a project (E.G., viewing tasks) in one click. You can select another project at the top nav-bar, and instantly be put at the same screen as the previous project, but for the now selected one. When viewing resources, tasks lists, its easy to jump to other projects without sifting through multiple channels to see the same information.
  • Staying on top of tasks: Zoho has a variety of ways of telling users that they have tasks due or that are overdue. There are different mechanisms that allow easy tracking: Email confirmations, a clear and concise user dashboard, and also a Google Calendar integration that keeps employees abreast of what tasks they should be engaging in.
  • The famous Gantt Chart: As an Engineering company, the Engineers that use the software have found the Gantt Chart feature both simple and productive. Having the ability to customize the charts with filters and convert them to PDFs allows any department to easily relay project timelines both internally and externally without having superfluous information left in the visuals. When showing accounting tasks or sales tasks within a project, users can easily with as little as two clicks, get the information they need in Gantt Chart format and ready to print.
  • Support Feature: Currently Zoho does not offer direct phone support. They allow emailing to customer care and on rare occasions will ask to setup a phone conference to discuss details/problems that users are experiencing. The turn around time on getting questions answered is mediocre at best. In urgent cases, one can expect at least 6-8 hours before a response is given.
  • Customer Access: Although Zoho does offer a customer portal for clients to view project timelines and details, it has little ability to manage what exact information a client can see. There are general limitations in privacy where you either allow a customer to see all information, some, or little at all. There is no 'nit picking' where you have to conceal certain information.
  • Requesting Features: When it comes to business-specific needs, Zoho does not seem to be thrilled about adding customization to our company. Asking for items such as an 'information sheet' for a project that would need to be filled prior to creation seems to be a daunting task and replies from support are generalized saying they 'will implement in the future'.
  • Customer services has been much more positive. All departments can view projects and statuses to quickly address time or project constraints to clients. Also the internal communication about projects have been more concise and visual to allow the company better understanding of customer wants/needs.
  • Employees have been more excited about taking on projects. Having a tool to organize information and timelines has helped ease frustrations that normally occur otherwise.
  • Customer satisfaction has been at an all-time high. Engineers have been more knowledgeable and quicker to gather information to relay.
Unfortunately I have yet to use the software outside of a Project Management in Engineering scenario so it would be hard to say where it would not work. In general this would not be suitable for highly-complex project that require multiple clients and outsourcing.

Using Zoho Projects

Zoho has been able to fit the needs of our Engineering organization. The employees and management that are using it have not found a 'catastrophic' reason to discontinue use. Although certain features and better support mechanisms would be much better, it has been able to keep with both basic needs and more advanced ones. A majority of the company has enjoyed the basic interface it offers, the apps it has for iPhone and Blackberry, the mobility of updating a project without needing to be connected to any type of server. There are still improvements that can be made in future releases but as the person who originally purchased the solution for our company, I have found it to be an excellently priced solution in the functionality it offers.

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