Xero – beautiful accounting software.

See your cashflow in real-time with online accounting, invoicing, billing & banking. Businesses perform better when they have instant access to real-time financials – with Xero you and your advisors can take advantage of business opportunities and avoid problems when it matters.

Ryan Carson of Carsonified says "We use Xero and I freaking love it. The scary truth is I didn’t truly understand our Balance Sheet or P&L until we switched recently. Since we moved from QuickBooks to Xero, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about what actually makes our company valuable and what really affects our profitability." http://thinkvitamin.com/business/creatives-know-your-numbers/ See what people are saying right now about Xero and the impact it's having on their business: http://xero.com/tweets

Product features for small business:

  • Automatic data entry – Xero can eliminate data entry by pulling records of sales and expenses directly from banks, invoicing apps, point-of-sale systems, ecommerce sites and receipt scanners.
  • Bank connections – business transactions are copied directly out of the business bank account over a secure online connection so no one has to key in data.
  • Smart bank reconciliation – the software learns how users classify certain expenditures and makes suggestions. This can make bank reconciliation a simple click-to-confirm process.
  • Online billing – the software can be used to send invoices and offer customers multiple payment methods (such as credit/debit card and direct debit). It can also send automatic payment reminders for unpaid invoices.
  • Automated financial reporting – balance sheets and financial statements can be produced with the push of a button. Tax returns can also be pre-populated in some regions.
  • Business dashboards – vital stats in real-time such as money in, money out, money due, and money owed are constantly available on a visual dashboard.
  • Integration with other apps – Xero integrates with hundreds of other third-party business apps to help run a business with their unique industry and business administration challenges. Business apps include options to build a customised experience from inventory and logistics to cash flow, project management, customer relationship management, e-commerce and more.