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98 Ratings
98 Ratings
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Crazy Egg

+ I strongly believe that this tool helps when a firm has good user count (depends on business model) as most of these tools are data friends. More data - more valuable insights+ Best fit if someone who is looking for deeper insights of individual page- Not suggested for very fewer visits of a website. Suggested to improve better visit count
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  • Provides heatmaps that shows you the elements on your site that are and aren't performing well.
  • Provides scrollmaps so you can see how far down a page users are scrolling and which content never gets seen.
  • Screenshots show you how your website looks across a variety of different devices.
  • Provides a type of clickmap called confetti that enables you visualise clicks by segments - device, new/returning visitors, campaigns and other metrics.
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  • In our testing, it's become clear that CE doesn't capture all clicks. Not sure why some are missed. This may not be a huge problem since you really want to get a few thousand visits before doing any analysis, and since the missed clicks seem to be random, I think the end result will be perfectly all right.
  • I'd like to see just the visitor's FIRST click on a given page, as one of the alternative views.
  • Better and more detailed documentation on how the tracking actually works. There is some confusion about whether the screen coordinates of the click are tracked, or the element being clicked on. The former method seems to be used in the Heat and Confetti views and can get thrown off significantly by different screen aspect ratios and resolutions. The Overlay and List views seem to be based on the element being clicked on, and these views disregard clicks that don't happen in a hot area. A detailed explanation, with implications for different site technologies (responsive, tabs, other dynamic elements) would be really helpful for a minority of customers to whom this is critical.
  • Scroll map is nice but not really useful because it doesn't take into account where the fold is for the individual visitor. At least, I don't think it does (see previous comment about technical documentation). Great additions would be seeing the average fold line for all viewers, AND being able to segment like the Confetti View does. Also, it's not clear whether the scroll is measuring the middle point or the bottom of what's on their screen.
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Likelihood to Renew

Crazy Egg8.5
Based on 14 answers
Cost. Usefulness. Easy to set-up. Easy to use.
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Crazy Egg9.0
Based on 6 answers
I gave Crazy Egg an overall rating of 9 because of its easy to use dashboard, integration and useful tools. If I need to quickly setup a page test, I can add the URL to make a snapshot, start the test and sometimes walk away (until its complete). Crazy Egg allows you set when the test should conclude, which can be helpful if you need to manage monthly visitor usage. You can test on all devices or be specific (i.e. Mobile). I also gave it a 9 because I feel as though the software [Crazy Egg] could improve on its steps to integrate with the A/B testing tool, Optimizely.
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Reliability and Availability

Crazy Egg7.1
Based on 4 answers
It's slow to post data, and slow to get a snapshot to finally be active (i.e. not pending). Not intolerable, but would be nice to see data within a couple hours. Often have to wait to the next day.
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Crazy Egg7.0
Based on 6 answers
When I get an answer to my questions, it's very fast and usually very competent. But follow-up questions don't always get answered.
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Online Training

Crazy Egg10.0
Based on 1 answer
Crazy Egg is the best CRO and LPO tool for performance marketers who have a limited budget!
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Crazy Egg9.2
Based on 3 answers
Test, test, test. (I talked about this in two other places in this review)
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Alternatives Considered

Crazy Egg is more affordable, but has less features
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Crazy Egg9.8
Based on 2 answers
Its reliability (not scaleability, as the question asks for, sorry) is pretty good but through our testing we know that some clicks do not get recorded. It doesn't bother us a lot because we look at the aggregate of thousands of visits, but we do know it misses things.As for scaleability, it's about right. You really don't want zillions of clicks per snapshot - the screen just turns to 100% dots and you lose the ability to differentiate different screen areas. We find that 25,000 clicks for a page gives us a really good view.
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Return on Investment

  • Improving conversion for clients by moving CTA.
  • Building trust with clients with visual data to help them understand how websites should work.
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Crazy Egg

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