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WorkForce Suite

EmpCenter is really well suited for companies with minimal variety in time keeping needs. Certainly somewhere that has fairly regular work schedules and operational needs the system would be programmed for and meet those needs quite well. I think they assert themselves as a product specifically for those more complex companies, and I believe it is one of a few products available for companies with many employee types and complex work schedule and pay needs, but because of those complexities each have their own specific customizations I feel it is difficult for the company to then manage the different products that end up existing. Each ends up being unique so applying large scale changes doesn't work well as something we may request and need if applied over EmpCenter in general may cause problems for another company. Therefore everything has to be done on an individual basis and is more time consuming and costly.
Traci Yates | TrustRadius Reviewer


WorkForce Suite

  • A lot flexibility in configuration of the system
  • works well with other systems. We were able to collect data from another time system, Avaya phone systems and even a point of sale system with not a lot of difficulty.
  • They know their product and integration points. They were able to troubleshoot problems with hardware time collection devices quite quickly. We found the devices they sold to be quite durable.
  • Out of the box they have more reports than I would have anticipated. Creating new reports was sometimes a task if it was complex but there were usually similar reports you could use as a starter template
Jeff Pohl | TrustRadius Reviewer


WorkForce Suite

  • One feature I would like to see on EmpCenter is a vacation calendar that monitors all vacation requests for all employees within a group.
  • EmpCenter is not wholly compatible with other softwares and there are occasions when time data does not properly translate.
  • Moreover, I would like EmpCenter to automatically provide timekeepers with delegations from managers. This way if a manger does not want to grant the timekeeper authority it is easier to rescind, rather than tracking down all managers to grant timekeeping privileges.
Shelby Royce | TrustRadius Reviewer

Likelihood to Renew

WorkForce Suite

WorkForce Suite 8.7
Based on 4 answers
After spending close to 5 years to decide on which payroll product to acquire for our University, I cannot image we would switch now that we have it in use.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Support Rating

WorkForce Suite

WorkForce Suite 10.0
Based on 1 answer
Extremely knowledgeable staff that truly care about our business processes
Jeff Pohl | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

WorkForce Suite

I did not make the decision to select EmpCenter and only know our university also considered Kronos although I assume there were other products considered. My use of Kronos was only at an employee level and I am not sure how it all stacks up for sure. What I do think is that EmpCenter is more customizable than other products and was seen to be able to adapt to fit all of our needs so it was a system that could be used by everyone. I think it is good we have one time keeping system and don't have some employees using paper or a different system because the one could not meet our needs, but as I said this also makes it more difficult to network with other users and to get improvements made quickly.
Traci Yates | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

WorkForce Suite

  • Employees can now better track their hours and ensure they are paid accurately by payroll.
  • Timekeeping is faster and smoother for most administrators.
  • The system does need to be slightly more compatible in translating its data from the home software to another software.
Shelby Royce | TrustRadius Reviewer

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WorkForce Suite


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