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Computacenter Desktop Outsourcing, HCL Desktop Outsourcing and Wipro Desktop Outsourcing.

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Wipro Desktop Outsourcing

India headquartered IT services company Wipro offers desktop outsourcing.

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rediDesk is a desktop-as-a-service from rediCloud, a division of ATSG, which allows users to deploy desktops by choosing a template, installing applications, and clicking to deploy. rediCloud manages all of the complex virtualization, storage, compute, and network resources.

Telefónica Virtual Desktop (VDI)

Telefónica Virtual Desktop (VDI) is a hosted desktop solution based on solutions (optionally) from Citrix and Microsoft Azure (Azure Virtual Desktop).

T-Systems Desktop Outsourcing

German headquartered T-Systems offers desktop outsourcing.

DXC Desktop Outsourcing

DXC Technologies (formerly CSC) offers desktop outsourcing.

Getronics Desktop Outsourcing

UK headquartered IT services company Getronics offers desktop outsourcing. Since acquired Pomeroy, former Pomeroy outsourcing services are now provided by Getronics.

Ciber Desktop Outsourcing

Ciber headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado offers IT management and desktop outsourcing services.

CompuCom Workplace Technology

IT services company CompuCom headquartered in Dallas, Texas offers desktop outsourcing.

Computacenter Desktop Outsourcing

UK headquartered IT services company Computacenter offers desktop outsourcing.

CGI Desktop Outsourcing

IT services company CGI, headquartered in Montreal, offers desktop outsourcing.

Atos Desktop Outsourcing

Atos headquartered in France offers desktop outsourcing.

Maintech Desktop Outsourcing

IT services company Maintech in New Jersey offers desktop outsourcing.

Stefanini Desktop Outsourcing

Global IT services company Stefanini headquartered in Sao Paolo, Brazil, with US headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, offers desktop outsourcing.

Dell APEX Managed Device Service

Dell APEX Managed Device Service includes the company's desktop solution providing customizable options from Dell's business laptops, desktops, workstations and accessories. It is presented as an all-inclusive subscription designed to relieve the burden of day-to-day support and…

CGS Cloud Services

Computer Generated Solutions (CGS) Inc in New York offers Cloud Services providing managed cloud migration and infrastructure, disaster recovery as a service, and desktop as a service.

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IT services company GlobalServe in Valhalla, New York offers desktop outsourcing.

Kyndryl Digital Workspace

Kyndryl open Digital Workplace Platform integrates uses cognitive analytics and automation to provide a modern digital workplace with advanced security capabilities. Kyndryl measures and optimizes the employee digital experience, and proactively secures and fixes things before they…

Unisys Workplace as a Service

Unisys Workplace as a Service aims to meet the needs of speed, scalability, and security through our hybrid a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution. This enables organizations to quickly spin up virtual desktops for end users via the cloud, and stand-up an on-prem VDI environment…

Fujitsu Desktop Outsourcing

Fujitsu offers desktop outsourcing.

IBM Desktop Outsourcing

IBM offers desktop outsourcing.

HCL Desktop Outsourcing

UK headquartered HCL Technologies offers desktop outsourcing.

Henry Schein TechCentral

TechCentral and TechCentral Omnicore, from Henry Schein One, is a hardware-as-a-service solution for dentistry practices, a suite of solutions designed to supply dentrist practices with the networking equipment, workstations, and disk storage they need to run their practices.

Peak Support
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Peak Support provides customer service outsourcing to high-growth companies. They offer an array of services including customer support, sales operations, and business process outsourcing. They state their global delivery model enables users to provide service from the Philippines…

ScienceSoft Managed IT Services

ScienceSoft headquartered in McKinney supports users invent, build, integrate, scale and upgrade applications. Boasting more than three decades of experience, ScienceSoft states they have been harnessing digital technologies for the benefit of Fortune 500 businesses, mid and large…

Netrix Global - Desktop Outsourcing Services

Netrix' Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) allows the user to provision remote hosted virtual desktops using a remote server to host personal computer desktops simultaneously. This is so that users no longer need to perform any tasks at an employee level, whether they are in-house or remote.…

Learn More About Desktop Outsourcing Services

What are Desktop Outsourcing Services?

Desktop Outsourcing Services are third-party solutions to the day-to-day responsibilities of managing technology assets. The third party ensures the continuing operations of IT architecture, mobile platforms, and desktop peripherals. Desktop Outsourcing Services provide specialized support for and professional assistance with the computing environment, including ensuring updates, hardware services, and other tasks are completed in a timely and thorough manner. Desktop Outsourcing Services are provided both on-site and remotely.

Desktop Outsourcing Services can reduce the time spent on the minutiae of managing everyday tasks while helping to ensure that hardware and software are working as intended. This may reduce IT personnel workload, or - depending on the size or needs of your business - replace an IT department entirely if one of your major concerns is the functional operation of your hardware and operating systems.

Desktop Outsourcing Services only focus on the general operations of your hardware and operating systems. As such, they do not provide direct software troubleshooting, installation, or maintenance support services like Service Desk Outsourcing. Desktop Outsourcing Services can indirectly help resolve some issues with other third party services, but only if those services are the source of problems with hardware or operating systems.

Desktop Outsourcing Services Features

  • On-site or remote asset management
  • On-demand specialist support
  • Automation tools
  • IT consultation
  • IT life-cycle support including procurement, operations, and replacement
  • Continuous service improvement
  • Device-as-a-Service
  • Asset management
  • Incident management
  • Patch management
  • Configuration management
  • Enterprise security management
  • Infrastructure management
  • User data migration
  • Metrics and reporting
  • SLA management and compliance
  • ITIL management and compliance
  • Centralized knowledge-base
  • Technical guides and support documents

Desktop Outsourcing Services Comparison

When comparing Desktop Outsourcing Services, consider the following:

Integration vs. full vendor servicing. A major consideration when choosing the best Desktop Outsourcing Services product for you is if and how you want to incorporate third-party solutions. Popular Desktop Outsourcing Services vendors like Getronics Desktop Outsourcing and Fujitsu Desktop Outsourcing offer full suites of services beyond Desktop Outsourcing Services products, and the degree to which these full suites meet your needs will depend on your business and industry. However, if you’re not sure if a full suite is a good choice for you, then you may be more interested in the modular approach offered by Maintech Desktop Services.

Geography. Based on the location of your business and of the outsourced specialists your chosen Desktop Outsourcing Services provides, you’ll need to be aware of how data security and confidentiality meets standards and regulations for privacy. This is especially true if your business has customer facing elements or handles sensitive data like medical records or bank accounts. This is an important balance to strike because if your business is very globalized, you’ll need multilingual support options like those offered by Computer Generated Solutions which normally means you will have multiple sets of rules and regulations to contend with.

Pricing Information

Because of the scope of the services provided by the Desktop Outsourcing Services provider, pricing is based on customized plans tailored to the specific needs of a business. Free trials and demos are not common.

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