Service Desk Outsourcing Companies

Best Service Desk Outsourcing Companies include:

ConnectWise Integrated Expert Services, CompuCom IT Staffing Solutions (eXcell), American Help Desk, Dell Service Desk Outsourcing, HPE Pointnext Tech Care, Randstad End-User Services, Electric AI and BlackPoint-IT Services.

Service Desk Outsourcing Products

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AppleCare for Enterprise

AppleCare for Enterprise includes priority onsite service and 24/7 support help keep end users up and running, offering coverage for every Mac, Apple Studio Display, iPhone, and iPad. AppleCare for Enterprise includes flexible service options, priority onsite services, and as fast…

Rikkeisoft Services

Founded in 2012, Rikkeisoft is a Vietnamese IT Enterprise who helps partner companies grow sustainably with a suite of ITO services and products tailored to their needs. Apart from traditional IT services, Rikkeisoft also provides Rikkei Digital (digital conversion consultations…

Ubiquity BPO Services

Ubiquity is a BPO services provider for operators across financial services, healthcare, and e-commerce, Ubiquity headquartered in New York City with delivery locations in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Ubiquity provides multilingual, end-to-end solutions for customer experience…

Simply Contact

Simply Contact is a contact center outsourcing company offering multilingual and multichannel customer services globally. They operate as a partner to create customized contact centers for front-office and back-office purposes.

Mundrisoft Support Services

Mundrisoft Support Services include staff augmentation matched to user requirements, offering IT experts trained and experienced to provide a helping hand during critical situations. Services include managed DevOps, product or sales support, and product testing services.


Cyclopex, an Echez Group company, offers IT outsourcing services for technical support, maintenance, modernization and development of new applications, software, and technological platforms.

Sutherland Business Process Services

With Enterprise B2B Product Support, Sutherland provides Level 1&2 technical support for hardware and software products; targeted at ISV's (independent software vendors), Cloud companies, and OEMs for their end-business customers and users. They also provide Cloud lifecycle adoption…

Canon Business Services Managed IT Services

Canon Business Services' technical Help Desk delivers Level 1 and Level 2 support, as well as endpoint and device management, resolving IT support issues and offering a dedicated Infrastructure Management Centre (IMC) team of specialist engineers to tackle Level 3 and Level 4 challenges.…


SysArc is an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) founded in 2004 whose primary service offering is outsourced IT Management and Support including On Premise Support, Proactive Maintenance, Network Administration, Remote Help Desk, Virtual CIO (VCIO) Services and Technology Implementation…


rediManage from ATSG in New York is a Managed IT Service to operate, monitor and optimize IT environment and infrastructure, 24x7xAlways. From Tier 1 Enterprise Service Desk and Tier 2 Technical Operations, through Tier 3 Engineering, vendor management and governance; also, managed…

ScienceSoft Managed IT Services

ScienceSoft headquartered in McKinney supports users invent, build, integrate, scale and upgrade applications. Boasting more than three decades of experience, ScienceSoft states they have been harnessing digital technologies for the benefit of Fortune 500 businesses, mid and large…


SupportNinja headquartered in Austin provides customer experience and back-office support services for tech companies and startups around the world. The vendor states that outsourcing customer service and technical support helps users focus on growing the company.

Digital Minds BPO

Digital Minds BPO Services is a Philippines’ business process outsourcing companies. Unlike some BPO companies, they state they offer more than just telemarketing services. Instead, Digital Minds focuses on providing comprehensive solutions to B2B and B2C business owners, partnering…

CAI (Computer Aid)

CAI is a business technology services firm committed to helping private and public organizations drive value‭, ‬improve productivity‭, ‬and enhance customer experience‭. ‬The firm specializes in digital transformation services‭, ‬including application management‭, ‬strategy and consulting‭…

Collegis Education

Collegis Education is a provider of managed technology services for the higher education market headquartered in Bloomington. Their specific skills allow universities to deploy technology throughout their business processes to digitally transform friction points and compete effectively.…

TELUS InternationalService Desk

TELUS International, formerly Xavient Digital before that company was acquired by TELUS in 2018, offers a service desk outsourcing solution for enterprises.

TCS Service Desk Outsourcing

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) offers service desk outsourcing via its TCS IT Service Desk Solutions.


Contegix headquartered in St. Louis provides cloud, application lifecycle management, and managed services to all markets from start-up to enterprise. The vendor states they specialize in Drupal, WordPress, Atlassian, DevOps tools, & IT admin, and offer FedRAMP, PCI and HIPAA compliant…

ScienceSoft Help Desk Outsourcing

Overview With overall 33 years in IT, ScienceSoft has 14-year experience in IT support, including the support of complex software. Their help desk team speaks 7+ languages, and adheres to mature ITSM processes and ITIL principles. By outsourcing IT help desks to ScienceSoft, companies…

Netrix Global - Service Desk Outsourcing

Netrix's Enterprise Service Desk enables the user to leverage customer support services based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework. Alternately, the Netrix IT Help Desk desktop support accelerates the customer's team’s ability to identify, respond…

Kyndryl Digital Workspace

Kyndryl open Digital Workplace Platform integrates uses cognitive analytics and automation to provide a modern digital workplace with advanced security capabilities. Kyndryl measures and optimizes the employee digital experience, and proactively secures and fixes things before they…


TeleDirect provides on-demand software solutions for the contact center industry. With an on-demand contact center, TeleDirect provides online scripting, reporting and lead delivery tools. TeleDirect helps with call script design, work flow and all the key pieces of information an…


ibex delivers business process outsourcing (BPO), digital marketing, online acquisition technology, and end-to-end customer engagement solutions to help companies acquire, engage, and retain valuable customers. Today, ibex operates a global CX delivery center model consisting of…


LimTC (or Limitless TC) headquartered in Kyiv provides outsourcing services encompassing sales, marketing, as well as help desk or IT service desk, depending on company needs. The vendor states that Limitless TC is a partner of bpm'online CRM, Nectar Desk and eKomi Inc, and that…

Global Help Desk Services, Inc

The vendor states enterprise organizations partner with GHDSi to significantly improve their level of IT service, maturity and percentage of tickets resolved at the help desk. They further state first-call resolution is a priority to return customer's employees to work more quickly,…

Learn More About Service Desk Outsourcing Companies

What are Service Desk Outsourcing Companies?

How your business treats each customer can have a lasting impact. High-quality customer service helps ensure brand loyalty and can even help generate new customers. Providing excellent customer service is an important part of any organization.

Due to the cost and drain on internal resources, many businesses turn to service desk outsourcing companies to fill their customer service needs. These companies specialize in customer service and can customize themselves to fit specific business needs. Increases in remote working have greatly increased the demand for outsourced IT and customer service.

One large advantage of using outsourced customer service is guaranteed 24/7 availability. For most businesses, offering 24/7 availability to talk with human agents isn’t feasible.

Service Desk Outsourcing Company Features

Some of the most common features service desk outsourcing companies offer include:

  • 24/7 desk support service

  • Computer Training Services

  • Easy and flexible to use

  • Email Integration

  • Managed Services

  • Problem Management

  • Secure Software

  • System Updates

  • Technical & Non-Technical Services

  • Web-based/browser access

Service Desk Outsourcing Companies Comparison

Before deciding to outsource your customer service needs, consider the following key points:

  • SLA: Upon being hired, the service desk outsourcing company will act as a representative of your business. Thus, it is important to note the service-level agreement (SLA) you will receive with the outsourcing company. This can impact how quickly the outsourced agents respond to your customers, what the protocol is for triaging tricky customer inquiries, how they prioritize customer requests, etc. You want to make sure the service committed by the vendor is going to live up to the standards you have in order to properly represent your business.

  • Location: The location of the outsourcing company can make a difference. A vendor located closer to the region of your business might understand your clientele better, or they may work better within the same time zone. For completely remote businesses that do not cater to a specific region, this factor may not make a difference. It is beneficial, however, to note the location of the vendor prior to purchasing.

  • Business Type: The industry you are in could play a factor in which outsourcing company to choose from. Even if the vendor claims to work with all business types, it may serve you best to choose a company that has experience within your industry to ensure the best and most knowledgeable service.

Pricing Information

The pricing for most service desk outsourcing companies is unique according to the contract agreement with the business. Most vendors charge by the minute, monthly incident volume, or hours of coverage. For exact pricing, contact the company for a quote customized for your business type and service demands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do service desk outsourcing companies do?

Service desk outsourcing companies provide businesses with the ability to hire an outside agency or service to take care of their customer service needs (i.e. inbound customer service requests). Outsourced help desks have grown more popular, as the demand to maintain high-quality customer service at every organization size has exploded.

What are the benefits of using service desk outsourcing companies?

The biggest advantage of employing an outsourced service desk is that it frees up time for your business. This saves your employees valuable time that can be better spent on more strategic and revenue-generating activities. Outsourced help desks can also provide the business with helpful insights and analytics gained from customer interactions that could benefit them in their approach to productivity.

What are the best service desk outsourcing companies?

The top-rated service desk outsourcing companies include:

How much do service desk outsourcing companies cost?

Most service desk outsourcing companies have unique prices according to the contract agreement with the business. Interested buyers should contact service providers directly for a customized quote.