Desktop Management Software

Desktop Management Software Overview

What is Desktop Management Software?

Desktop management software supports and automates the remote discovery and tracking of client desktops deployed across a network. The remote discovery process may extend to desktop monitoring, automated patching, and centralized management of security (e.g. antivirus) applications and policy. Beyond desktops, client management software includes laptops, mobile devices, USB devices, and servers. Desktop management software may instead be described as client management software,

The discovery process provided by client desktop management software can increase efficiency, provide better security policy adherence, and also provide insight to improve end-user experience.

Desktop Management Software Features & Capabilities

Desktop management software provides the following capabilities:

  • Remote discovery of devices on a network

  • Hardware discovery of client devices for inventory

  • Also discover mobile devices, servers, peripherals, USB devices

  • Security audit data generation (e.g. expired passwords, permissions checking)

  • Software discovery of client devices for inventory and patching

  • Patch automation of commonly used software (e.g. OS)

  • User Account management & support for roaming users

  • Remote task management (e.g. system reboot, driver configuration)

  • Support /prepare for desktop migration

  • Power management

  • Security policy enforcement and remediation

Pricing Information

Desktop management software for small networks may be available free. It is also available via perpetual licensing or on an annual subscription. Pricing scales with number of endpoints to be managed and feature sophistication. Some deployments are available with add-ons to support mobile device management, server failover, or secure gateway for roaming users.

Desktop Management Products

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Symantec Client Management Suite

Symantec Client Management Suite is designed to automate time-consuming and redundant tasks for deploying, managing, patching, and securing desktops and laptops so organizations can reduce the cost and effort of managing Windows, Mac, Linux, and virtual desktop environments.

ManageEngine Desktop Central

Desktop Central from ManageEngine is a client desktop management with patching, remote control, and configuration.



Starting Price $30

FixMe.IT is a cost-effective remote support application that is designed to enable instant, secure, and trouble-free connections between remote computers anywhere in the world. The vendor's value proposition is that with FixMe.IT, support teams can quickly and securely view, diagnose,…

BMC Helix Client Management

BMC Helix Client Management provides comprehensive, automated endpoint management, delivering great service to end users while minimizing cost, maintaining compliance, and reducing security risk. It replaces the now EoL BMC BladeLogic Client Automation platform. The software…



Starting Price $8.99

Firework is a program for turning web applications and websites into desktop apps, so that applications created in Firework look and function like regular programs. The vendor states applications will launch quickly and can be kept on the Taskbar or System Tray. Firework is useful…

Faronics Core

Faronics Core is a remote management tool for endpoints.



Starting Price $960

SmartDeploy headquartered in Seattle provides a software deployment solution supporting computer imaging, app deployment, driver management, and Windows migration.


WinReporter is a change and configuration, and client desktop management solution from French company IS Decisions.

Dell Wyse Management Suite

The Dell Wyse Management Suite is a scalable hybrid cloud solution ideal for safely and securely managing Dell endpoints. Wyse Management Suite centrally configures, monitors and optimizes Dell clients powered by Dell Hybrid Client, and Wyse thin clients. Optimized for a streamlined,…

CA Client Automation

CA Client Automation from Broadcom is a client desktop management solution to increase the efficiency and security of desktops, laptops, servers and devices with user self-service, policy-based client automation and robust analytics. It also unifies the management of your physical…


RemoteExec is a change and configuration management and client desktop solution from French company IS Decisions.


NVIDIA offers the nView desktop management and workstation configuration tool.

KACE Desktop Authority Management Suite

Quest offers the KACE Desktop Authority Management Suite, a desktop provisioning and management system.

baramundi Management Suite

According to the vendor, barramundi Management Suite is a simple and effective one-stop software solution for comprehensive, cross-platform and future-proof endpoint management. It enables IT administrators to manage and secure all kinds of devices. It also allows for the integration…


CloudReady aims to transform an organization’s computers so they’re secure, easy to manage, and never slow down. Based on Google’s Chromium OS, the same open-source architecture as Chrome OS, the vendor states CloudReady gives users the power of the web - without the weight or risk…

Chef Desktop

Chef Desktop is presented as a customizable and extensible solution that allows organizations to manage their enterprise-wide IT resources (laptop, desktop, kiosk) through automation. It helps teams eliminate manual processes and gain continuous visibility into the configuration…


SmartWindows aims to streamline work. It is presented as perfect for professionals looking to optimize the overall work experience or switch between projects. Users can save display preferences for applications with the help of a few clicks. SmartWindows lets you resume work almost…


DisplayFusion, from Binary Fortress Software in Ottawa, is a tool designed to make multi-monitor management easier, with features like Multi-Monitor Taskbars, TitleBar Buttons and fully customizable HotKeys.

Stardock WindowBlinds

WindowBlinds, from gaming and desktop management software company Stardock in Plymouth, enables users to make a desktop interface uniquely one's own. Users can customize the Start menu, taskbar, window frames and control buttons. WindowBlinds enables users to customize desktop interface…

Session Buddy

Session Buddy is a community-supported unified browser tab and bookmark management tool, available on the Chrome store.