IT Service Providers

Best IT Service Providers include:

Netgain Technology, LLC, Presidio, Datalink, and Deloitte Cyber Risk.

IT Service Providers Overview

What are IT Service Providers?

IT service providers are consulting companies with specialized knowledge of IT technology. These companies assist clients is solving business problems through the provision of IT technology and services. Service providers typically offer the following rage of services:

  • Evaluation of client infrastructure and requirements
  • Recommendation of technology and services to meet requirements
  • Technology deployment
  • Training
  • Ongoing technology maintenance
  • Support
  • Complete outsourced management of technology and services in "managed services" model
Some service providers are resellers or VARs (value added resellers). This means that the reseller has a commercial relationship with one or more technology vendors allowing them to sell the software products directly to the customer on behalf of the vendor. A VAR has usually added value in some way by, for example, customizing the software for a client's individual needs through, for example, configuration or integration with other products.

While some service providers are large consulting firms with multiple practice areas, IT service providers focus on one or more IT technology domains such as, for example, virtualization, containerization, business intelligence, configuration management, etc.

IT Service Providers Products

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IBM Garage
46 ratings
2 reviews
The IBM Garage Overview: IBM Garages are a network of physical hubs around the world, designed to help enterprises spark new cloud innovation. Using the prescriptive IBM Garage Methodology, Garages promises to bring together client stakeholders in an immersive, agile environment to work side-by-side…
Teklinks is the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering from the company of the same name in Homewood, Alabama.
Deloitte Cyber Risk
Deloitte Cyber Risk is one of the largest cybersecurity consulting practices in the world, and they offer a very broad range of IT security services including advisory, product selection, implementation, managed services, etc.
Telos Managed Network Services
Telos Corporation offers Managed Network Services, providing what they describe as a full swath of network services, such as device and activity awareness and monitoring, and beyond monitoring they provide performance related tasks (e.g. maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs) and security (e.g. …
WHO WE ARE NCC is a network of connected, young and passionate software engineers. Our firm is based in Hanoi, Vietnam and was founded by 4 experienced and enthusiastic software engineers in 2014-09-01. We are a young, small start-up. We build everything around "People". We are agile software engine…
ReliaQuest, headquartered in Tampa, offers IT security service and assistance to enterprise security teams. They provide an enterprise security model with Cyber Analysis Methodology (CAM), the company's technology-independent correlation engine (rqCONTENT), and a Delivery Management process.
Wroffy Technologies
Wroffy Technologies is an IT Infrastructure and Information security solution provider. The company offers: IT solutions for server rooms like servers, switches, routers, firewalls, UPS adapters, disks and memory. Software solutions for work stations like operating systems, server software, anti v…
CloudNow Technologies
CloudNow is a cloud consulting and cloud services provider which facilitates the cloud migration of enterprises and helps them harness the power of cloud computing. CloudNow promises to develop smart tech solutions and empowers enterprises to maximize the potential of the cloud for their business. S…
Dynamics Square
Dynamics Square is an Australian IT consulting, enterprise software solutions, and related technology service provider run by a passionate, professional and expert team. We help businesses to streamline their operations and increase productivity with the Microsoft Dynamics (D365, AX, NAV & CRM) …
Embee Software Pvt. Ltd.
The vendor states that with expertise built over decades, Embee seeks to make IT easier for organizations. From enterprise to start-ups, their customers are partners, whom they help to achieve business outcomes by leveraging technology. Embee provides solutions in the areas of Datacenter Transformat…
Techmango Technology Services
Techmango Technology services a full-Software and Mobile App Development Company working with niche technologies like Big data, BI, IOT, AR&VR, Android & IOS Application Development, and Custom Software Development. They are an IT service & technology consulting company offering both man…
Trianz headquartered in Santa Clara enables business and technology leaders to orchestrate strategy and execution by leveraging Cloud, Analytics, Digitalization, and Security. Various consultatory services Trianz provides includes security and compliance, data analytics strategy, IT transformation, …
Atlas Systems
Atlas Systems is an IT Services company based in Princeton, NJ focused on serving Fortune 1000 companies for close to two decades. The team of ITOps experts working with companies in meeting their IT goals and supporting their IT Operations by leveraging AI & ML. Atlas Systems presents itself as…
Dexatel is an omnichannel solution provider in the Cloud Communications industry spanning its affairs for more than five years. The company provides a wide range of services, including International calls, Carrier services, SMS and A2P messaging. The Dexatel Platform is custom-made, where businesses…
Saviant Consulting
Saviant is a Digital Transformation Partner for Enterprises across Energy, Utilities, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, and Smart Cities. Saviant helps enterprises achieve digital transformation, optimize operations performance and become lean with new technology platforms and solutio…
Intrust IT & Cyber Security
Intrust IT aims to provide the best IT support and Cyber Security services for the entire Cincinnati area. They assume care for technology, so users can experience a more productive and less stressful IT environment for their businesses.Intrust IT - Local. Strategic. Expert IT Support.
Varay Managed IT
For those outgrowing their DIY technical support provider, Varay offers scalable solutions that grow with a business. With their managed IT services, they take care of the IT problems causing users costly downtime so they can get back to what’s really important. The vendor states they can replace th…