Cybersecurity Consulting Providers

Cybersecurity Consulting Providers Overview

What are Cybersecurity Consulting Providers?

Cybersecurity consulting companies are security-specific service providers provide delivering services and solutions that ensure continuous security assurance for business, and government entities. They help organizations improve the efficiency of their business and IT operations and technology strategies for security and risk management.

In addition to consulting, these firms also often provide product recommendation and implementation services for specific security technologies.

Cybersecurity Consulting Products

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Leidos Cyber
Leidos Cyber was the cybersecurity practice of the global Leidos organization, acquired by Campgemini in February 2019. Leidos Cyber provides assessments and advisory services, product recommendations, consulting services and support, and training.
Booz Allen Hamilton Cyber
Booz Allen Hamilton Cyber is the cybersecurity practice of the global consulting company. Services offered include, cyber strategy and assessment, wargaming and testing, as well as cyber engineering and architecture consulting.
Deloitte Cyber Risk
Deloitte Cyber Risk is one of the largest cybersecurity consulting practices in the world, and they offer a very broad range of IT security services including advisory, product selection, implementation, managed services, etc.
BT Security Consulting
BT offers Security Consulting services to entities seeking advise for managing vulnerability, cyber security threats, and incident response planning, IAM, as well as covering many governance, compliance, and risk issues.
Sera-Brynn Security Consulting
Sera-Brynn in Suffolk offers a wide range of cyber security consulting services, from incident response to vulnerability testing and threat hunting, security audit-readiness, penetration testing, and also compliance (e.g. HIPAA, GDPR) testing for higher education or other research and commercial ent…
Raytheon Cybersecurity Assessments
Multinational aerospace company Raytheon offers Cybersecurity Assessments via its Raytheon Cyber division, these emphasizing testing and assessments as well as follow up on strategy in the modern cyber security landscape.
Clearwater Cyber Risk Services
Clearwater Compliance in Nashville offers Clearwater Cyber Risk Services, what the company has designed as a 3 year plan to ensure threat readiness and privacy law compliance, as well as provide coaching and guidance and also proactive support, and continual planning and analysis. The company also p…
PwC Cybersecurity and Privacy Consulting
PwC offers Cybersecurity and Privacy Consulting emphasizing strategy in design and plan deployment and also incident response assistance.
Lockheed Martin Cyber Solutions
Lockheed Martin offers a suite of cybersecurity solutions including the cyber kill chain, a methodology designed to proactively detect and prevent threats and mitigate systemic vulnerability, as well as respond intelligently to incident threats. Lockheed Martin's consultancy is usually sought out by…
RSA Risk & Cybersecurity Practice
RSA offers their Risk & Cybersecurity Practice services covering a wide range of governance, risk, and compliance issues as well as cyber security, identity assurance, and incident response.
BAE Systems Cyber Security Advisory
BAE Systems offers Cyber Security advisory services to commercial and government entities looking to get ahead strategically and assure compliance, as well as those looking for advanced testing to prove or improve security.
Proofpoint Premium Threat Information Service
Proofpoint offers their Premium Threat Information Service, a cybersecurity consultation.
Mandiant Consulting Services
Mandiant, a FireEye company, offers cybersecurity services including incident response assistance, penetration testing, and compromise assessment for post-incident forensics.
Sirius Computer Solutions
Sirius Computer Solutions offers a wide range of IT professional services, including infrastructure design and implementation, security testing and consulting, cloud migration and related consulting, as well as financial services. In addition to these services Sirius also provides managed IT.
AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting Services
AT&T Cybersecurity offers a suite of cybersecurity consulting services, including IQ Training (comprised of 18 video training lessons and quizzes), External Vulnerability Scanning, Penetration Testing, and Risk-based Cyber Posture Assessment.
Irdeto Security Services
Irdeto offers an extensive range of security services and has a global team of cybersecurity and computer forensic analysts with years of law enforcement and legal experience.
Cipher is a global cybersecurity company that provides state of the art security and GRC services to businesses small and large. The vendor states that industry leaders trust them to handle services encompassing vulnerability scans, ethical hacking, GRC consulting, and full managed security services…
SilverSky provides a range of cybersecurity solutions that help small and mid-sized businesses meet their security and regulatory compliance needs. The vendor boasts over twenty years experience in some of the world's most regulated industries, and state they understand that cybersecurity is more…
Praetorian headquartered in Austin provides a suite of security solutions that enable clients to solve cybersecurity problems across their enterprise and product portfolios, including consulting as well as managed services (e.g. incident responses, active threat hunting) via Praetorian Guard Protect…
Varay Managed IT
For those outgrowing their DIY technical support provider, Varay offers scalable solutions that grow with a business. With their managed IT services, they take care of the IT problems causing users costly downtime so they can get back to what’s really important. The vendor states they can replace th…
FireCompass is a SaaS platform for Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) and Attack Surface Management (ASM). FireCompass continuously indexes and monitors the deep, dark and surface webs using nation-state grade reconnaissance techniques. The platform automatically discovers an organization’s dig…
CyberDuo provides Cybersecurity and Managed IT services to businesses. The combination of IT services and IT support is what CyberDuo stands for. Their services include IT, Managed Security Services, Cloud, and Security Awareness Training.
SoSafe GmbH, based in Cologne, Germany, is a provider of digital training solutions specializing in IT security and awareness building. The team of around 60 people ranges from IT security experts to learning psychologists. SoSafe's awareness platform sensitizes, trains and tests employees in dealin…
Foundstone Services
Foundstone is a compliance and security consulting service company, owned and supported by McAfee.
SecureWorks Security Consulting Services
SecureWorks offers Security Consulting Services covering architecture guidance and analysis, continual assessments and testing, and compliance audits.