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Best Payroll Software

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Payroll Software Overview

What is Payroll Software?

Payroll software is a point solution that focuses on calculating and processing employee pay, generating tax forms, and benefits administration. However, payroll capabilities can also be rolled into larger human resources (HR) management software, ERP software, or accounting and budgeting software.

Using a payroll software centralizes the myriad payroll processes onto one platform and provides a variety of tools to make payroll functions more efficient and accurate. Ideally, payroll software will prevent human errors when calculating and administering payroll, as well as allow employees to self-service some functions to reduce administrative overhead.

Payroll Software Features & Capabilities

Most vendors offering payroll software include features such as:

  • Calculating employee pay

  • Automatically calculating deductions for withholdings (e.g. state and federal taxes, insurance and retirement contributions)

  • Direct deposit check processing

  • Printing checks for employees not enrolled in direct deposit

  • Generating tax forms

  • Integrating with external payroll vendors

  • Issuing off-cycle checks or on-demand payments

  • Maintaining payroll history for each employee

  • Administering benefit plans

  • Managing retirement plans

  • Payroll tracking and auditing

  • Modifying and revising employee salaries

  • Running payroll balance and calculation reports

  • Employee self-service

Payroll Software for Small Businesses vs. Enterprises

Smaller businesses often don’t need all the additional features, and heftier price tags, that come with HR, HCM, or ERP software suites. Some examples of payroll point solutions that are targeted for small businesses are Intuit Payroll, Gusto’s Payroll platform, and Paychex Flex.

In contrast, HR management software and HCM suites are usually geared towards large businesses and enterprises. HR and HCM packages typically include broader HR management functions, such as maintaining employee records, managing employee leave, and keeping track of company provided employee assets.

Payroll Software vs. Accounting Software

Similarly to HR management and HCM software, accounting software includes a wide array of functions including but extending beyond payroll capabilities. Accounting software is primarily a financial dashboard that records and updates a company’s financial transactions and information.

Some examples of accounting software that offer payroll capabilities include Wave, QuickBooks Online, and Priority AccountEdge.

In-House vs. Outsourced Payroll

Traditionally, outsourcing payroll services were the dominant model as companies saw this as a way to avoid hiring payroll administrators. Outsourcing is still common, but many companies now choose to conduct payroll in-house with either cloud-based or on-premise solutions.

However, modern payroll software is changing this bifurcated model and offering a third option - cloud-based semi-outsourced payroll software. This hybrid option allows the company to retain control over core payroll processes while outsourcing certain activities, such as calculating tax withholdings.

Payroll Software Deployment

Payroll programs have a few different deployment options, including more traditional on-premise solutions and cloud-based SaaS options. Currently, deployment trends are shifting from on-premise, or hosted, solutions to cloud-based applications that can be partially or fully outsourced.

Some vendors offering different deployment alternatives are:

Payroll Software Comparison

When comparing options to find the best payroll software for you, be sure to evaluate these factors:

  1. Scope of each solution: Payroll capabilities can be found across a range of product sizes. The middle of the road solution would include all the necessary functions for calculating, processing, and administering payroll. Larger solutions will include additional non-payroll functions, like HR management or accounting. On the other end, there are some tools for specific payroll functions, like tax compliance. Holistically evaluate your financial software needs to ensure you purchase a product that can meet as many of your current and future needs as possible.

  2. Customer support and service: According to TrustRadius reviews of payroll solutions, the quality and level of customer service that comes with the purchase is a significant strength, or weakness, of many payroll products. The quality of customer service is particularly important for navigating payroll’s changing regulatory landscapes and compliance requirements. Payroll vendors can help you adjust your processes and stay compliant, but not all products will be able to deliver this service.

  3. Mobile Accessibility: Any payroll software should allow employees to access it through their phones. Your employees should be able to access their pay stubs, pay history, and self service personal information like direct deposit info. Consider the range of capabilities available to employees and administrators through products’ mobile applications, and any additional costs that may entail.

Pricing Information

Payroll point solutions have monthly, subscription-based fees and are generally less expensive than HRM, HCM, or ERP software packages. Prices for point solutions start at $10/month for self-service or basic packages and increase up to $100/month. Most vendors also offer a free trial of their products.

Suite software packages may have subscription fees or a one time license and installment fee. Monthly fees can range from $10 - $50 per employee. One-time fees can range upwards of $20,000, and future maintenance and upgrade costs may apply as well.

Payroll Products

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Evolution Payroll is an online payroll platform from GTM Payroll Services. It is designed to be secure and scalable, while making data access easy and user-friendly. Evolution Payroll can incorporate data from retail POS systems, time and attendance systems, and spreadsheet-based payroll systems, an…

1 Ratings

CIC Plus is a benefits administration and payroll software solution. It is positioned specifically to help employers with providing a payroll and healthcare benefits management solution for its employees.

SentricWorkForce is a general HRIS platform that also provides payroll, tax filing, time and attendance, capabilities via a cloud-based system, from Sentric in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

3 Ratings

TeamWise is an HRMS and Payroll Management Software that performs HR functions in a single platform. The product comprises of comprehensive features that include: Leave and Attendance Management, Payroll Management, Talent Management, Performance Management, Time Tracking, Grievance Handling, and Re…

2 Ratings

DATIS, from DATIS HR Cloud in Tampa, Florida is a comprehensive HR solution featuring core HR, benefits administration and payroll, some talent management, applicant tracking and recruiting, time and attendance, and workforce analytics.

ADP GlobalView HCM is a human resources management platform for global companies managing a global workforce, with integrated payroll, benefits administration, talent management, and analytics.

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

CYMA Accounting Software provides an automated accounting solution for growing mid-sized businesses through flexible user environments, a full suite ofaccounting software modules, robust reporting, security, and advanced customization options. Along with the basic general ledger, CYMA's account…

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

PaycheckCity is an online paycheck, salary, tax and withholding calculator from Symmetry Software, powered by the Symmetry Tax Engine.

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Denali Payroll from Cougar Mountain Software in Boise, Idaho is a payroll solution that integrates with the company's Denali accounting software.

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

PineappleHR is an enterprise grade, cloud based Human Resources and Financial software solution. Clients use the software to manage all aspects of Human Resources, Financial and Benefits administration from beginning to end.   This software provides users with many modules such as basic Applicant Tr…

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Unicorn HRO Payroll is an HRIS and benefits administration and payroll management software solution offered by Unicorn HRO. It is available as either software-as-a-service or on-premise deployment.

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

NGA Global Payroll is a payroll management software solution offered by NGA HR. It is built specifically to help multinational companies maintain globally compliant payrolls.

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OpenPeople is UK company Advanced's payroll processing software. Integrating with OpenHR presents a complete and integrated human resource management system (HRMS) and payroll solution.

TrustRadius Top Rated for 2020

2020 Top Rated Payroll Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does payroll software work?

Payroll software takes the calculated amount of pay that each employee has accrued over the pay period, makes predetermined deductions and withholdings, and administers the net pay to employees. Some software will also support additional payroll processes, like tax preparation.

What is a good payroll software for small business?

Many payroll software for small businesses bundles the function with other HR or accounting software. Small business-focused payroll providers include TriNet, QuickBooks, and RUN powered by ADP.

Can I do payroll myself?

While technically possible, it is highly inadvisable to conduct payroll without software assistance. The manual process of calculating gross pay, making deductions, transferring money to direct deposit, and writing checks, along with other processes are beyond the capabilities of virtually all businesses.

How much does payroll software cost?

Standalone payroll software starts around $5-$10 per employee, per month, and scale up for additional features or when packaged with broader HR or accounting functions.

What are the benefits of payroll software?

Payroll software helps your business compliant with regulations and reduces human errors and delays when processing and administering payroll.