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Michelle LaForge | TrustRadius Reviewer
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I primarily use BillQuick to manage project budgets. I can setup task phases for each client, with budget allotments, and then enter employee's time and expenses against the corresponding task. This allows up to ensure we are staying on budget and set budgets for next year. I have used BillQuick in a more complete fashion with previous companies, but for our small consulting firm, tracking budgets on long-term jobs was an issue. From using BillQuick in the past, I knew it would solve this problem and it has.
  • Project Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Budget Analysis
  • Interfacing invoicing with QuickBooks
  • Include a clock in and out feature so I do not need to transcribe time from our time tracking program (TSheets) into BillQuick
I would recommend BillQuick for any budget tracking needs: Do you know if your project is on track budget wise? Do you know if you are ahead or behind in the timeline vs financial line? Do you have to purchase equipment for a project and need to make sure it is covered under the budget? How much did it cost to print all those reports? Do you have employees with different bill rates entering time on the same project?

BillQuick allows you to manage every aspect of your project's budget based on entering expenses, employees time, etc. For our company, BillQuick is a budgetary lifesaver.
I have not needed support as I was previously training in using the program.
October 22, 2019

I Love BillQuick

Score 8 out of 10
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The software is used by the entire organization for timekeeping purposes. It is used by the front office for billing, invoicing and project management. For us, it has been most beneficial for providing real-time project cost updates. We are getting a better handle on tracking our P&L on every project.
  • Timekeeping.
  • Easy invoicing - both hourly and fixed-rate projects.
  • Reporting and job cost tracking.
  • Almost too many options for reporting...too much for one thing.
BillQuick is most suited for companies who do not have a need for full-blown project management software. It is great for employees who are not in the office on a regular basis, as the mobile timekeeping app is perfect for those in the field. Information is easily accessible and the software offers a HUGE variety of reporting options to track costs in real-time.
Our reps have always taken the time to address any issues or special needs we may have had - answers are timely and helpful.
Renae Reaves | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We use BillQuick as our sole accounting, time management, and record keeping system. All daily transactions are processed through BillQuick. It is used for everything from AP, AR, invoicing, to all financial reporting. One of the few items we do not use BillQuick for is payroll. But that is because we just got to the 50 person mark and do have the administrative staff to do in-house payroll. Our administrative staff consists of 4 people and they are the ones who are in BillQuick all day. The rest of the staff uses the program more for time and expense entry. We are working on teaching principals, associates, and project managers how to look up information on their own.
  • Daily Data Entry- the AR and banking modules are easy to use and do not require excessive training. They have kept these functions clean and to the point.
  • User Friendly - The interface is easy to read and having different ways to get to the one area is convenient. The way it is organized makes it easy to get around and find what you are looking for.
  • Time & Expense Entry - This module is easy to use and understand. There are different ways to view and enter time and expenses, which is nice because everyone thinks differently.
  • Reporting - The ability to customize reports and that there are a variety of reports to choose from makes it [useful].
  • Pre-programmed Features - the system comes with items (such as default accounts) which you can not edit, delete, or make inactive. You have to explain to a CPA or upper management what they are and why there are there. These default accounts are also the catch all for when there is a difference in fixed fee billing.
  • When looking for specific details, it is hard to follow exactly where everything came from. It works best at the broad overview level but the more detailed you get the harder it is to find the answer.
  • When running reports, the ability (or lack there of) to choose which phases you want to see is missing. You can say you want phases 1, 2, & 3 yet only 2 will show and there is no a reason for this.
  • Time & Expenses which have been marked as not billable don't show up on billing reports. We have asked tech support for help with this but they were only able to give us a report to run each month. The time should still show up on the billing report even if it's marked as non billable as that time is still against the project.
  • In the credit card screen, once you start entering items in you can not go back and delete a line item. You can make it $0 but not get rid of it 100%.
BillQuick is great for basic project related items. When it comes to basic day to day data entry, BillQuick is easy to use and very user friendly but the more detailed and specific you get the harder time it has. Their accounting module is still lacking and needs to be further developed. The financial reports are a bit messy and we have had to spend time cleaning it up and getting it to function the way the CPA and IRS needs them. Currently the AR report does not match the Balance Sheet. I have been asking for a few years now to get an AR report that matches (as it should and is required by the CPA and the bank) yet they have not created one that does.
Score 10 out of 10
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I have a small architectural practice doing exclusively custom residential work. Before BillQuick, I was using my ad-hoc spreadsheet method of time sheets, record keeping, and manual invoicing. Once I brought a couple of outside architect consultants on board, this system went from time consuming to completely unworkable. My ad-hoc system was already terrible for historic record keeping. BillQuick has solved this completely and the all day chore of monthly billings is now quick and something I look forward to doing.
  • Retainer management: I had spent much time researching timekeeping and billing options, including most of the newer online systems. The ability to handle retainers throughout the project was one of the things that set BillQuick apart.
  • BillQuick has so many subtle options that I am finding that it can handle just about any record keeping and billing option that I need.
  • Support: I can't say enough about the high level of support I've received from the BillQuick support team, whether it's my glitch or a software issue.
  • Phases: Although BillQuick does handle phases for projects, I would like to see this made more comprehensive and flexible. BillQuick phases work best where phases have strict contract amounts or percentages. Our contracts are set up with an overall contract amount, but the phases are not set at any specific amount. I would like to some more built in flexibility to handle this scenario.
  • Online Bill Payments: I would like to see this either provided directly through BillQuick or directly with an API and a third party. Currently, the only conduit is syncing via QuickBooks, and from there, syncing to a third party.
I can't see any type or size of architectural practice where BillQuick would not be appropriate.
They've taken care of every issue.
March 03, 2015


Brandy Broderick | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Our company uses BillQuick for all of our time keeping and billing. Everyone in our office uses the software to enter their time, as we are a hourly fee based organization. I use it for billing monthly and monthly reporting. It addresses all of our time management and project management needs.
  • I believe that it is user friendly for employees to enter their time daily.
  • I feel that BillQuick has a great customer support. They are easy to get in touch with and are quick to resolve any issues that might arise.
  • The billing process goes smoothly and is accurate.
  • While there are many reports built into BillQuick, I often find that they are not accurate. I would like to see the ability to manipulate report features without having to use additional software.
  • I would like to see more ability to edit billing invoices without having to export to Word to make changes.
  • It often has glitches with some of the timer functions.
I think that if you have to have a really detailed invoice sent to clients, this isn't the software for your company. BillQuick works well for hourly based organizations. I don't think that it would be appropriate for large (100+) companies, I just don't feel it is powerful enough. For smaller companies, it will definitely do the trick.
Brandi Bonds MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We used BQE across the entire organization for our time collection, expense reporting, contract management, and billing system. It seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks and allowed us the flexibility to create processes that allowed for easy validation between systems. We used this to connect with our consultants out on the road via the mobile app or Web Suite module. We had the ability to set up automated reporting and to ensure everyone knew what was expected and had the information they needed at their fingertips.

Utilizing the contract management section along side our time and expense entry into the system allowed us to reduce our billing days from 15 to 3 to 5 days.

Most importantly however, is when we have encountered issues, the team at BQE are willing to listen and solve the issue at hand.

  • Contract managment
  • Billing
  • Intergration with Quickbooks
  • Intergration with Payroll
  • Forcasting tool is lacking
  • Predictive analytics / tools for service organizations
  • Built in report writer
It is great for service based organziations where time and expense is billed to clients. If a flexible and secure system is needed, this system offers you the ability to use the system they way you want to use it.
Score 7 out of 10
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Billquick is solely being used by the organization for tracking our research analysts' time. Based off of the data gathered, our organization would run reports from Billquick to calculate resource utilization and project realization. We also used the system to track expenses and to invoice client reimbursable expenses to be able to generate consulting project P&L's.
  • Our organization migrated over to Billquick from NetSuite Openair. Billquick has a much user-friendly interface and more presentable reports.
  • Our organization had specific metrics we wanted to measure that were unavailable in Billquick's standard software. It was an easy process to be able to work with Billquick's customization team to get Billquick to calculate these metrics and generate reports that now included those metrics.
  • Our organization was able to invoice client reimbursable expenses as well as professional fees right directly out of the system on a professional and presentable template, thus saving us time on creating client presentable invoices outside of the system.
  • Users complained that sometimes they would click 'Save' on their timesheets and since there was no confirmation, it was confusing on whether or not it was actually saved.
  • The dashboard on the home page could be more robust.
Billquick is a cheaper option than many other time tracking systems. For a small or medium company in which the user is not that tech-savvy, I would recommend the system. It holds many of the same basic features that many small or medium companies would look for in a time system. The interface is very user friendly and much more appealing than what I have seen from other time systems around the same price range.
Score 7 out of 10
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We use the system across the organization; employee profiles, contractor profiles, matter management, timekeeping, invoicing, reporting. Occasionally BillQuick has some quirks - billable items don't make it to the invoice, billed items disappear from the system, when creating new projects it will amend the new project with information from the cloned project. Many timekeepers report that when they put their time in, frequently BillQuick fails to save their time entries.
  • Intuitive
  • Flexible
  • Ability to BIll in LEDES format
  • Better flexibility to bill units in Billing Review Screen
  • Troubleshoot why some billable items don't make it to invoice
  • Troubleshoot why some historical billing disappears
  • Better flexibility in formatting reports
  • Extra options in Matter Change module that are conducive to fields on the Matter screen
We bill both hourly time entries and doc review (either on per doc or hourly unit basis). BillQuick has accommodated this billing requirement. However, on a per doc unit billing, we have to manually manipulate the pricing and the verbiage to the memo which can lend itself to human error.
March 13, 2015

BillQuick review

Score 7 out of 10
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BillQuick is currently being used by the accounting department. We are able to run reports to give to project managers regarding budgets and current open hours and expenses. We manage time for employees.
  • You are able to run detailed reports with specific fields that pertain to the project that you are looking at.
  • It's easy to navigate.
  • The colors are pleasing to the eye.
  • It would be nice to have access to all of the reports that BillQuick has to offer without having to pay extra for each and every report that our company needs.
  • Customer service takes a long time to answer telephone calls.
  • Overall it's a good program that has alot of features that we may not be familiar with.
BillQuick is well suited when we run detailed reports. But, like I mentioned before it would be nice if we didn't have to pay extra for each individual report we may need.

What is BillQuick?

BillQuick aims to help businesses with time tracking, project management, billing, and accounting. BillQuick is designed to help users increase efficiency, streamline processes and improve performance. With different editions to choose from, it's scalable to meet the needs of any firm size—from a single person to a global firm.

According to the vendor, key benefits include:

  • Scalable for all size businesses with BillQuick Basic, Pro and Enterprise
  • Quickly and easily understand how your firm or project is performing
  • Speed up and increase the accuracy of the timekeeping process
  • Understand which projects perform best for your firm
  • Save time by automating the repetitive tasks
  • Decrease the amount of time it takes to complete your billing
  • DCAA compliance with a single-click

BillQuick Features

  • Supported: Time & Billing
  • Supported: Cloud-based Time and Billing
  • Supported: Invoicing
  • Supported: Project management

BillQuick Screenshots

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BillQuick Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)25%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)40%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)25%

BillQuick Technical Details

Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mobile Web
Supported CountriesWorldwide
Supported LanguagesEnglish

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Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 6.5.

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The most common users of BillQuick are from Small Businesses and the Accounting industry.