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BQE CORE is a business management solution built specifically for professional service firms. BQE CORE is a combination of a billing assistant, project management, and accounting solution. CORE is designed to do the hard work of delivering actionable insights directly to the user'…

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BQE CORE is a business management solution built specifically for professional service firms. BQE CORE is a combination of a billing assistant, project management, and accounting solution. CORE is designed to do the hard work of delivering actionable insights directly to the user'…


Clio is web-based legal practice management software for solo practitioners and small firms. It is designed to replace multiple different systems (like document management, case management, and accounting software) to streamline the amount of technology that small firms need to manage.…


MyCase provides web-based practice management software designed for solo and small firm legal professionals. MyCase aims to offer a secure, all-in-one legal practice management solution to alleviate the burden of high caseloads, poor client communication, and practice management…

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PCLaw is offered as an all-in-one billing, legal accounting, and matter management solution, from PCLaw | Time Matters, a joint venture spun out of LexisNexis in collaboration with LEAP in 2019.

Time Matters

Time Matters from PCLaw | Time Matters, a venture spun out from LexisNexis in collaboration with LEAP, is presented as an adaptable case and matter management software that helps foster collaboration on matters, streamline internal processes and increase profitability through attorneys…

Elite ProLaw

ProLaw from Elite (formerly of Thomson Reuters) is the legal billing management software that connects the entire organization, helping teams deliver premier client service. By combining client and matter management, docketing, time entry, billing, and accounting, ProLaw helps simplify…

Sage Timeslips

Sage offers Timeslips, an installed billing and time tracking application featuring automated tracking, prepopulated account entry and voice to text data capture.

Intapp Time

Intapp in Palo Alto offers Intapp Time, a legal billing application focusing on managing alternate fee structures and rich information for analysis and optimization.


CosmoLex in New Jersey offers their legal practice management application which supports all business administration needs, as well as accounting and billing internally, without needing to integrate with accounting software.

Thomson Reuters Firm Central

Thomson Reuters offers Firm Central, a law practice management, time management platform, and legal billing solution touting integration with Westlaw.


SimpleLegal in California offers their flagship application for legal time tracking and billing.

Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter, now from ProfitSolv is legal practice management and time and billing software on the web, with apps for iPhone and Android. Rocket Matter integrates to email, and also includes document management and calendar features.


AffiniPay headquartered in Austin offers LawPay, a legal billing app and mobile solution for payment processing, for law practices.

AbacusLaw by CARET

AbacusLaw is a case management software that tracks hours and processes billing touting a functional mobile application, from AbacusNext in San Diego.

Elite 3E

Elite (formerly of Thomson Reuters) offers 3E, an enterprise business management platform for legal designed to support growth, standardize workflows, and provide integrated financial & matter management.


Interbill in California offers their flagship legal billing application emphasizing simplicity, payment reminders, and other features.

Osprey Approach

Osprey Approach is an end-to-end UK legal software that provides practice and case management functions, full CRM, and financials, from Pracctice Limited in Malvern.

TyMetrix 360°

TyMetrix® 360° is a SaaS-based e-Billing and Legal Matter Management software solution that allows users to manage all of their matters and legal invoices in one place. It is designed to be intuitive and simple to learn to help legal staff manage matters with ease, streamline daily…


Brightflag, with offices in New York, Ireland, and Australia, offers their flagship legal billing application, emphasizing spend management and advanced analytics.


Eclipse Legal Systems in the UK offers Proclaim, a legal billing solution touting robust accounting features and ledger.


CARET Legal, previously known as Zola Suite, is a solution for legal professionals to manage their practice and create space for what matters, including delighting clients and maximizing billable time.

LexisNexis Juris

LexisNexis offers Juris, a financial application for larger firms featuring a breadth of accounting and time tracking features.


Soluno is a user-friendly, cloud-based accounting and business management software for law firms of all sizes.

Tabs3 Billing

Tabs3 in Lincoln offers Tabs3 Billing, a time tracking and expense application for law firms.

LEAP Legal Software

LEAP is a legal practice management software designed to combine time tracking, document and email management, automated legal forms, accounting, billing, and customer relationship management into one single software solution.

Learn More About Legal Billing Software

What is Legal Billing Software

Legal billing software helps firms of all sizes manage their invoice, payment, and accounting processes. Most general use accounting and billing software, such as Quickbooks and BQE, can be used with no issue, but legal billing software is designed with law firms in mind. This includes help with expense tracking for trust accounts, client and project management, and timekeeping with automated billing reports. Billing software can also manage invoices and online payments with additional security not offered by general use billing services.

Legal billing software has features and components that law practice management software and legal case management software tend to include, such as time tracking, invoice management, and accounting. However, legal billing software tends to be more advanced in these areas, as they provide more robust invoice features and a wider array of accepted payments. Many products can be integrated with other programs or suites for a seamless workflow.

Legal Billing Software Features

Most legal billing products will include the following features:

  • Timekeeping
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Integrated project management
  • Client portal messaging
  • Invoice generation, editing, and distribution
  • Accounting and finance reporting
  • Online payment options
  • Billing reminders
  • Expense tracking
  • Trust account management
  • Cloud-based access

Legal Billing Software Comparison

When comparing legal billing software, consider the following features:

  • Online payments. When looking at legal billing software, one thing firms should consider is how the product manages client payments. Products can differ in the way they process payments, integrate with other products’ client portals, send reminders to both firms and clients, or manage and generate invoices. This consideration is especially necessary if a firm represents international clients, as not all programs can process international payments.
  • Size of firm. The number of employees and clients are a top priority for choosing the best legal billing software. The price for most software increases alongside the number of users (e.g. employees). If you have a large number of employees, Time59’s one-time fee for unlimited users might be your best option, but smaller firms may find this product’s cost too steep. Additionally, only a few legal billing software packages explicitly offer to manage an unlimited number of client accounts. Some products like Easy Legal Billing offer unlimited invoices at their highest subscription tiers. Law firms should speak to the vendors directly about this limitation.
  • Billing model. Depending on how you bill your clients, a product’s timekeeping and billing options will be a point of interest for you. If you’re a firm charges by the hour, you may find more value in the robust timekeeping features found in TimeSolv and Bilr. Firms charging flat fees may be more interested in the fairly straightforward billing options offered by Quickbooks.
  • Standalone vs. Multiple products. You will need to determine if you need standalone billing and accounting software or if you want one to work alongside your other programs. While several popular law practice management software options contain basic accounting features, legal billing software provides more advanced features that track time, generate invoices, or manage customer accounts. If you find that you need a separate package to handle billing, the good news is that most products can integrate with other products to some degree. Bill4Time has an expansive list of integrations, but TimeSolv only integrates with Quickbooks and Xero. Both function well as standalone accounting and billing solutions, however. Vendors generally offer migration and integration support for an additional fee.
  • Legal Billing vs. Invoicing Software. Firms may not always need to purchase legal billing software if they use general invoicing software. The price points between the two types are similar, but legal billing software tends to be both more expensive and more secure. Firms that handle a large number of clients or clients with more sensitive data would benefit from the bank-grade encryption and offsite hosting through Amazon AWS offered through TimeSolve and Bill4Time. Otherwise, a general invoicing program like Quickbooks may suit your needs just as well as legal billing software.

Pricing Information

Most legal billing software offers monthly or yearly subscriptions. Depending on the product, prices can vary based on the number of users who can access the software, as well as the number of features included. However, there are several flat-rate options. Most services also offer tiered subscription models, offering additional features for an additional fee.. Vendors typically provide custom quotes based on your individual needs.

Prices typically range from $30 to $100 per user per month. Most vendors offer volume discounts for large companies. Some products charge a flat fee of $100-300 per year with no limitations on number of users.Most vendors offer free trials or demos.

More Resources

You can read more about general use invoicing and accounting software tools here. Legal billing software is not included in these posts, but these posts can help you determine if a general accounting and invoicing product is a good fit for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does legal billing software do?

Legal billing software improves the timekeeping and invoicing capabilities of a law firm. Most products offer hassle-free ways for your clients to pay you, while also keeping track of expenses and accounts. Legal billing software can act as standalone accounting and billing solutions.

What are the benefits of using legal billing software?

Because legal billing software helps to manage expenses, generate invoices, and handle payment collection, it can be a helpful tool for keeping track of a firm’s finances. They also help reduce the number of hours used on these tasks so you can spend more time with your clients. Most legal billing software allows a more robust workflow solution by acting as a standalone invoicing or account service if integration with other products is not possible or desirable.

What are the best legal billing software products?

These are some of the most popular legal billing software products:

How much does legal billing software cost?

Legal billing software prices start at $30 to $100 per user per month. Some vendors offer large volume discounts and flexible pricing. Most services offer free trials or demos.