Legal Billing Software

Legal Billing Software Overview

What is Legal Billing Software?

Legal billing software assists law firms large and small with client billing, budgeting, and time management. They allow users to track billable hours to ensure accurate invoices with appropriate documentation for the clients as well as the firms. Legal billing software can be integrated with many other systems that are involved in the course of a case worked, including communications, case management, and more generalized accounting systems. This combines and streamlines several time-consuming processes into one program.

Inexact or inaccurate time tracking can be problematic for lawyers in the course of billing their clients. Recent reviewers have stated that hours are sometimes recorded on paper and then incorporated into accounting software, which can be difficult to manage and imprecise. Legal billing software can act as a stopwatch that automatically inputs labor, whether it be recorded on an hourly, contingent, transactional, or user-defined fee, and translates it into billable invoices.

Legal Billing Software Common Features

Most vendors offering legal billing software include:

  • Time management

  • Bill preparation and accounts receivable

  • Expense tracking

Additional Tools

Some software includes additional tools to integrate with other programs in use such as Outlook. These tools add features such as:

  • E-billing

  • Secure messaging through client portals

  • Project, client, and calendar management

Pricing Information

Many legal billing programs offer a free trial to start, then charge monthly or annual subscription fees per user. Pricing can be tiered from the inexpensive basic programs to the more costly programs that include more features and allow for unlimited users and data.

Legal Billing Products

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Thomson Reuters ProLaw

ProLaw from Thomson Reuters is software designed to simplify and coordinate the work of lawyers and staff by combining case and matter management, time entry, billing, accounting and reporting within a single integrated solution.

Time Matters

Time Matters from PCLaw | Time Matters, a venture spun out from LexisNexis in collaboration with LEAP, is presented as an adaptable case and matter management software that helps foster collaboration on matters, streamline internal processes and increase profitability through attorneys…


MyCase provides web-based practice management software designed for solo and small firm legal professionals. MyCase aims to offer a secure, all-in-one legal practice management solution to alleviate the burden of high caseloads, poor client communication, and practice management…


PCLaw is offered as an all-in-one billing, legal accounting, and matter management solution, from PCLaw | Time Matters, a joint venture spun out of LexisNexis in collaboration with LEAP in 2019.

Sage Timeslips

Sage offers Timeslips, an installed billing and time tracking application featuring automated tracking, prepopulated account entry and voice to text data capture.

Intapp Time

Intapp in Palo Alto offers Intapp Time, a legal billing application focusing on managing alternate fee structures and rich information for analysis and optimization.

Thomson Reuters Elite 3E Enterprise Business Management

Thomson Reuters Elite offers 3E, an enterprise business management platform for legal designed to support growth, standardize workflows, and provide integrated financial & matter management.

TyMetrix 360°

TyMetrix® 360° is a SaaS-based e-Billing and Legal Matter Management software solution that allows users to manage all of their matters and legal invoices in one place. It is designed to be intuitive and simple to learn to help legal staff manage matters with ease, streamline daily…

Tabs3 Billing

Tabs3 in Lincoln offers Tabs3 Billing, a time tracking and expense application for law firms.


SimpleLegal in California offers their flagship application for legal time tracking and billing.


Brightflag, with offices in New York, Ireland, and Australia, offers their flagship legal billing application, emphasizing spend management and advanced analytics.

Thomson Reuters Firm Central

Thomson Reuters offers Firm Central, a law practice management, time management platform, and legal billing solution touting integration with Westlaw.


Interbill in California offers their flagship legal billing application emphasizing simplicity, payment reminders, and other features.


AbacusLaw is a case management software that tracks hours and processes billing touting a functional mobile application, from AbacusNext in San Diego.


AffiniPay headquartered in Austin offers LawPay, a legal billing app and mobile solution for payment processing, for law practices.


LegalTrek is a legal billing software solution. The vendor's value proposition is that their solution removes the need to rely on administration slowness and mundane tasks and that saves time that can be spent serving clients and earning new business while increasing profits.


Bill4Time is a web-based time tracking and billing solution. Some key features include time and expense tracking, project management and client management.

Zola Suite

Zola Media offers the Zola Suite of software, a low cost time and matter management application dedicated to solo practitioners and small practices, emphasizing simplicity and ease of use.

Mitratech TeamConnect

The TeamConnect Enterprise Legal Management platform is designed to meet the complex operational needs of large, global legal departments. Whether staff is managing litigation, contracts, intellectual property, product claims, compliance matters, or legal team projects, TeamConnect…


British company LawyerTime offers a time tracking and electronic billing solution for small law firms and legal practitioners.

Acuity ELM, from Mitratech

Acuity ELM is a matter management solution for enterprise legal departments, emphasizing legal operations and legal spend management, billing, and collaboration, developed by the company of the same name in Richmond and acquired by Mitratech in September 2020.


Eclipse Legal Systems in the UK offers Proclaim, a legal billing solution touting robust accounting features and ledger.

LexisNexis Juris

LexisNexis offers Juris, a financial application for larger firms featuring a breadth of accounting and time tracking features.

Wolters Kluwer eBillingDesk

eBillingDesk enables legal professionals to create, edit, and convert time and billing invoices into all six Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standards (LEDES) formats in a desktop application that is compatible with clients' electronic billing vendor platforms. The vendor Wolters…


Zelican Technologies in Princeton offers a case management solution including time and billing tracking, document management and client portal, and other features associated to matter management, with price scaling per user and available to small practices to large firms.