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What is Communique Conferencing?

Communique Conferencing's virtual & hybrid event platform functions as a traditional off-line trade show in order to translate exhibit halls, booths, presentations and networking into a customizable, and engaging, 3D virtual environment. Attendee Engagement — Include…


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When it comes to a full-scale virtual event there is no out-of-the-box or one size fits all solution. Every client virtual conference is different and there are dozens variables depending on your particular goals, content strategy, engagement needs and requirements. Pricing typically includes (a) the license for the hosted virtual event software that provides highly customized and engaging environment (b) project management and set up support (c) webcast presentations (d) 3rd party integrations (e) dozens of other options. Annual plans are available to host multiple events.

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Communique Conferencing Alternatives Pricing

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Hopin is an online events platform from the company of the same name in London, that provides tools for virtual events, or hybrid events, like ticketing and registration, limitless event rooms, an expo hall, chat, and networking, as well as event branding and attendee engagement tools. Integrations…


What is Airmeet?

Airmeet, from the company of the same name, is an all-in-one platform for community managers to host interactive virtual events, conferences & workshops aimed at providing a real networking experience. Airmeet has a free plan to support relatively small scale workshops and seminars, and a paid plan…

GoTo Webinar

What is GoTo Webinar?

GoToWebinar is GoTo’s webinar and online conferencing solution, and offers features like audience polling and Q&A, flexible scheduling experiences, and webinar templates. It offers CRM integrations and reporting & analytics tools to help engage clients’ audiences.