Ensighten review
December 15, 2015

Ensighten review

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Overall Satisfaction with Ensighten Manage

Ensighten is being used across multiple teams within our digital department. This includes the marketing, analytics, advertising and development teams. Having Ensighten has been really useful for managing our advertising needs as it allows us to easily manage ad tags in one place instead of having to manage them across 200 different websites. It also allows us to give access to these tags to the third party company that manages them, instead of the team having to try to make changes within the code.

The main problem we have had is with our analytics system: we use IBM Digital Analytics, and although there is an app in Ensighten for this, it doesn't quite work correctly for us as it doesn't always fire when the data is available on the page. This means the parameters aren't always populated correctly. It has also meant that we have had to break our IBM Digital Analytics implementation into two places, one part is in the code which is in charge of rendering all the correct data that is needed for the tags and the second part is within Ensighten. This means when we have a bug trying to decode is a lot more tricky.
  • Improved our page performance
  • Allows us to have all our tags managed in one place
  • Allows us to give access to changing tags to companies/users that wouldn't normally have access to our code
  • Debugging becomes difficult when we are using Ensighten to render tags that are based on data from our code on the page
  • Because it is so simple to use we have had people updating tags and not realizing they are breaking the site
  • Removes any kind of regression testing that would usual take place when making code changes therefore opening us up to many risks
  • Increased complexity when debugging so bug are taking longer to fix when they are related to Ensighten
  • Our sites are loading about 10 seconds faster and have opened our eyes as to how much javascript we are rendering onto our sites which is no longer needed.
We did not compare to any other companies, Ensighten was bought without any due diligence being completed, which I raised as an issue when we first got Ensighten but it was too late at this point.
Ensighten works very well for small tags that are easy to implement and are not affected by other tags or data from the page. It is also very helpful for managing our ad tags. Seems less appropriate for very complicated/large tags which are generated by multiple parameters from the website, like digital analytics. Because this tag is so complicated and has so many parameters it can be difficult to generate all this complexity in Ensighten. It also doesn't seem to work very well if you are not using the American version of IBM Digital Analytics, which we are not.

Ensighten Manage Feature Ratings

Tag library
Not Rated
Tag variable mapping
Not Rated
Ease of writing custom tags
Rules-driven tag execution
Tag performance monitoring
Not Rated
Improved page load times
Mobile app tagging
Not Rated
Library of JavaScript extensions
Not Rated
Event tracking
Not Rated
Mobile event tracking
Not Rated
Data distribution management
Not Rated
Universal data layer
Not Rated
Automated error checking
Not Rated
Role-based user permissions