Best Tag Management Solutions12A tag management system houses all the tags from marketing campaigns inside a single container tag, and allows you to manage and maintain them from within a single application without any help from IT.Google Tag Manager1 iQ Tag Management System2 Manage3 BlueKai4 Dynamic Tag Management (DTM)5 Tag Management6 Opentag8 (Discontinued)9 Act10 Experience Platform Launch11 Tag Manager12 Digital Data Exchange13 Tag Control14'Scan15 from Equifax (formerly Datalicious)17 TagControl18

Tag Management Solutions

Best Tag Management Solutions

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Tag Management Solutions Overview

What is a Tag Management Solution?

Tag Management solutions allow you to easily deploy and organize tags on a website. Essentially, they facilitate the collection and sharing of data between a website and the third-party technologies it uses.

Tags are pieces of code placed on a web page that enable tracking and the transfer of data. A tag might be a 1x1 transparent image or a snippet of JavaScript code.

Tags can do things like:

  • capture visitor data

  • set cookies that help track users through multiple sessions

  • integrate third-party content, such as video players, ads or social media widgets

Many digital marketing technologies require clients to insert custom tags on their websites. This includes web analytics, conversion testing, ad-serving, remarketing, marketing automation and affiliate marketing tools. These tags contain instructions on a task to be performed. An example might be what visitor data to collect and send back, or what content to serve up. Each tag represents a task for the webpage. Therefore, too many tags can slow down performance.

A tag manager serves as a container by placing one snippet of code on a website that references all the tags that site needs. Those tags can be managed within a simple UI.

Benefits of Using a Tag Management Solution

Tag managers promise to provide the following benefits:

  • Decrease page load time

  • Improve the quality of data collected

  • Allow non-coders to manage tags

  • Allow marketers to deploy new technologies quickly, with less dependence on IT

Tag managers are particularly important as businesses aim to collect more data about their customers and website visitors. That data is used to help deliver more personalized and relevant experiences.

Types of Tag Management Solutions

Some tag management tools are offered as part of a broader web analytics or testing suite. Google Tag Manager, Adobe Dynamic Tag Management and Qubit OpenTag are examples.

Many pure-play tag management vendors are branching out. Beyond managing tags, they are focusing on managing data, and facilitating its use to drive better customer experiences. Many have launched new offerings that are customer data platforms, designed to help companies achieve a 360-degree view of the customer.

Tag Management Solutions Features & Capabilities

Tag management tools usually provide a GUI that marketers can use to manage tags and data. They also allow for different user permission levels. They can also help companies comply with ‘Do Not Track’ preferences and other privacy standards.

More sophisticated tag management solutions integrate directly with other data systems (such as your CRM) via tagless backend data transfer. This allows supplemental data to be associated with a site visitor without the use of tags. As such, it’s a more secure method of connecting personal profile data to a website visitor.

Common features of TMSs include:

  • Tag library

  • Tag variable mapping

  • Custom tags

  • Rules-driven tag execution

  • Synchronous and asynchronous tag support

  • Event tracking

  • Data distribution management

  • Universal data layer

  • Error checking

  • Multi-account support

  • Configurable data privacy policies

  • Role-based user permissions

  • User-level audit trail

  • Version history

  • Simple roll-back capabilities

Pricing Information

Some tag management systems are either completely free or a free capability included in a web analytics suite. Pureplay tag management vendors often charge a fixed price plus incremental charges based on the volume of use.

Tag Management Products

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Google Tag Manager

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168 Ratings

From Google, the Google Tag Manager is a tag management application that facilitates creating, embedding, and updating tags across websites and mobile apps, thus gaining the benefits of data standardization and speed of deployment. Google touts an agency friendly system with multiple user access, an…

Tealium iQ is a tag management system for enterprise web sites from San Diego company Tealium, an application promised to reduce the complexity of deploying, embedding and managing tags to a sub-technical level for marketing professionals. Tealium iQ is promised to improve and harmonize activities d…

Ensighten Manage is a popular tag management system used globally, promising to increase page loading speed, accelerate tag deployment, and facilitate omnichannel 1:1 customer engagement across platforms and devices. Ensighten provides tag control by visitor, session, and page, and harmonizes data c…

50 Ratings

Oracle Data BlueKai, part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, helps marketers target top revenue-generating audiences by unifying marketing data in one location. The platform is designed so that users can tap into the largest set of pre-integrated third-party marketing data with more than 1 billion custo…

Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) lets marketers manage tags and provides innovative tools for collecting and distributing data across digital marketing systems. Dynamic Tag Management enables responsive delivery of user-specific content, providing control to companies seeking to thrive in today’s …

Signal Tag Management from the Chicago company formerly known as BrightTag (now Signal) is a tag management application free for users of Signal's data platform Fuse, a product for combining visitor and customer data gleaned from visits for a seamless, 1:1 cross-channel experience.

16 Ratings

Opentag is an enterprise tag management solution that runs on Qubit's open Universal Variable data model. Some key features include: Container Tag, CPA De-duplication and Privacy Consent.

UberTags was a tag management tool acquired by marketing company [x + 1] for their Origin DMP. [x+1] was acquired by programmatic advertising and marketing company Rocketfuel, which in turn was acquired by Sizmek. UberTags is no longer available.

11 Ratings

Commanders Act (formerly Tag Commander) is a European company providing a tag management product designed to handle website tags - and also SDKs in a single SDK container - through a management interface without the need for technical expertise. The company has partnerships with WebTrends, Criteo,…

Adobe Experience Platform Launch is a new "next-gen" tag management solution. Like Adobe's other tag management product, Dynamic Tag Manager, Launch is based on the acquisition of Satellite from Search Discovery in 2013. But Launch is built to facilitate a more open, integrated marketing technology …

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IBM Digital Data Exchange (DDX) application is IBM's tag management system and API data syndication platform, integrated with and thus acquirable through many of IBM's larger data management or marketing platforms: IBM Digital Analytics, IBM Tealeaf, IBM Interact, and IBM Silverpop... useful for spe…

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Instart Logic in Palo Alto, California offers cloud or software-defined application delivery, an alternative to content delivery networks (CDN).

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Hub'Scan is the platform from HubScan Inc in Boston, MA, for site and tag auditing and tag management. Beyond tagging compliance, efficiency, and improvement and data layer analysis, Hub'Scan also provides some SEO and site traffic analysis features, bringing together a rather feature rich platform.

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7suite is a fully customizable data management stack consisting of a data management platform (DMP), tag manager, and content personalization engine. 7suite is designed for Ad Tech & MarTech companies wanting to build a custom data management platform (DMP) to meet specific business needs. The…

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Falcon is a web analytics tag auditing tool which gives insights on missing and incorrectly configured analytic tags, marketing pixels, and tag management tools on a website. It supports monitoring a critical path for future discrepancy and alerts in case of any errors caused due to changes. Falcon …

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Adform, from the company of the same name in Copenhagen, Denmark, is billed as a programmatic media platform; a multifarious offering featuring programmatic real-time buying, data management (a DMP / DSP hybrid for advertisers or a SSP for publishers), ad serving and retargeting, tag management, and…

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