HCL Connections (formerly from IBM)

HCL Connections (formerly from IBM) Pricing

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HCL Connections (formerly from IBM) Pricing Overview

HCL Connections (formerly from IBM)


What is HCL Connections (formerly from IBM)?

Connections from HCL Technologies (formerly from IBM, acquired by HCL in 2018) is a collaboration tool and employee digital workspace with key features like social analytics, blogs, document management, and a social network.


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HCL Connections (formerly from IBM) Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Intranet Software


What is Confluence?

Confluence is a collaboration and content sharing platform used primarily by customers who are already using Atlassian's Jira project tracking product. The product appeals particularly to IT users.

Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams combines video conferencing software with team collaboration tools. The communications platform allows MS Office users to conduct conference calls and share files via SharePoint, and join or initiate a group chat.


What is Mattermost?

Mattermost from the company of the same name in Palo Alto is a messaging, collaboration and communication platform providing high security and compliance for the businesses that need it.

HCL Connections (formerly from IBM) Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Jeremiah Miller

don't want to deal with the complexity, or IBM's awful customer service and prices. … services. Competitors like Yammer offer slightly fewer features but are cheaper and much easier to maintain. If we were making a decision today we probably

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Price Product Features Product Usability Existing Relationship with the Vendor

Related Quote from Verified User

Price probably influenced our decision the most. About 18 months ago IBM offered us Connections licensing as an upgrade from Quickr. The cost was substantially … also meant we would need to keep licensing Microsoft Office which is not cheap. Consulting costs are high because the back-end environment is complex. Installing … hours to implement. 3rd party admin dashboards do e…

Related Quote from Daniel Lieber

to figure out most apps Integration with other IBM services is excellent Price points are competitive … It provides more functionality for users (e.g. web meetings) at a lower price point and tighter integration.

Related Quote from Verified User

officially designed business processes. In the end this made our company much more cost effective. Because of the mobility functionality of IBM Connections we really … was a huge jump in end user news retrieval of the environment. The overall cost of the product was so much lower than comparing products as out of the box … lots where other products we reviewed needed add-on tools wit…

Related Quote from Verified User

every day. We will continue to use Connections despite other larger more expensive options are out there.