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Pure Storage FlashArray Pricing Overview

Pure Storage FlashArray


What is Pure Storage FlashArray?

Pure Storage in Mountain View, California offers all-flash array data storage promising affordability, high availability, and consistent performance.


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Pure Storage FlashArray Alternatives Pricing

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Pure Storage FlashArray Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Victor Padro

client they thought we were quoting an all spindle array for an exorbitant price, but when we let them knew that it was all flash and the dedupe and compression

Related Quote from Jeeva Kumar

Positive impact is the cost savings on the SQL licensing due to the performance gain Negative impact is the array itself is very expensive … above and beyond the expectation. I know the array is very expensive but if the customer can afford the $$$, then I would definitely recommend giving a try … firmware upgrade. I believe this should be releas…

Related Quote from Verified User

most cost-effective of the lot plus the extras added like call-home support were very welcome. The competitors' options were a lot more expensive and the … Pricing A more streamlined update process 10 … to throw in some extra storage for free which obviously adds value…

Related Quote from Sateesh Singh

compared to other storage vendors. Also, Pure Storage FlashArray justifies its cost by providing high IOPS with very little latency.

Related Quote from Esteban Rey

Native NAS Better price MSP or service provider program … The price per GB for an emerging … The compression and dedup facto,The price of the upgrades

Related Quote from Verified User

our storage arrays at all the datacenters. Pure was very aggressive in pricing to make sure we were able to replace our environment with enough space to

Related Quote from Marcelo Rosas

Cost was still a critical element in the acquisition. Proof of concept has clearly

Related Quote from Verified User

Price- There is quite a bit of sticker shock when you price Pure Storage. There is no question in my mind … Price is high. 10 … While expensive, Pure Storage is by far the best experience we have had with

Related Quote from Adam Morrison

It could be less expensive. Pure storage is not cheap. But, outside of price I cannot thing of a thing it is lacking. … The cost was a concern for sure. However, the ability to do rolling controller upgrades

Related Quote from Verified User

talk about cost, they have to take into account that pure has a very high deduplication rate and online comprehension, which reduces the cost at the space … equipment which they left us to make a POC, then when we bought several the prices began to be more attractive

Related Quote from Verified User

Pure we have not had to migrate all our data to a new SAN because it was cheaper to buy a new array than to continue support on the existing. All of these … with more benefits and providing on-array software updates that provide value to our IT Team. … mark. One year of EMC support after year 5 on…

Related Quote from Verified User

FlashArray. The NetApp array was low cost but lacked many of the features of the other two arrays. XtremeIO was more expensive than the Pure FlashArray solution … that can support a reasonable level of deduplication and compression. Most cost-effective when the workload supports data reduction. Data that cannot be &hell…

Related Quote from Mark Sourial

to scale array performance, reliability and performance, and a competitive cost point. Very good customer support and a collaborative team.

Related Quote from Verified User

Initial price and support pricing were somewhat of a hurdle, but compared to other SANs, the price was fair. … Pure Storage for all workloads except maybe long-term large storage, as the price point might be prohibitive, and a…

Related Quote from Ivan Sytchev

vendors and ultimately decided that the features of Pure greatly outweigh the cost premium. I would encourage prospective customers to give this array a try … you get what you pay for and Pure is very competitive when it comes to pricing for features/value. Win-Win-Win!

Related Quote from Mark McCully

Pure Storage FlashArray is not cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for. We have seen a few too many necessary … The price-point of Pure Storage FlashArray is pretty steep. That alone is tough to

Related Quote from Verified User

have been able to expand our storage at a great cost savings and still benefit from SSD speeds … the cost is on the high end but you get a great product. … nightmare and extremely expensive. Pure is low maintenance, relatively low cost, and efficient.

Related Quote from Todd Rasmussen

Love to see the price come down. We want more units for data replication. More details on the mobile … Price was the main thing that caused us to look at other products. We spent a lot … Pure Storage. We also were looking for reliability and a more consistent cost model…

Related Quote from Verified User

Exchange DB's. Its Dedupe is great and allows for lots of storage at a good price.Cost of maintaining was a big seller along with its ability to scale and replicate … compared to Active Cluster. Pure outperforms EMC in spied, dedupe and overall cost.

Related Quote from Chris Saenz

Cost can be relatively high. Capacity increases only come in specific sizes (2 … not be appropriate for your environment - you can definitely get a ton of cheap capacity elsewhere. … The price was high, which almost kept it out of our reach. Our reps were able to…

Related Quote from Verified User

At the price point, it is hard to find somewhere it is not suited to be used. … It was massively cheaper than the old guard, EMC, HP … HP, IBM. And has performed as well if not better than their much more expensive products.

Related Quote from Verified User

If it fits your use case and your budget can afford it, you will likely be happy with it. It has been the single most effective … environment in years. Lean on the dedupe/compression to really make it a good value proposition.

Related Quote from Verified User

Price - any flash-based solution is not cheap. After reading white papers about … computed the TCO over 6+ years, we found that Pure Storage solutions would cost us less than comparable offerings from Dell, HP and other companies. In addition

Related Quote from Christopher Mills

replace our Pure FlashArray. There might be faster storage, there might be cheaper storage, there might be easier storage, but there is nothing that is as

Related Quote from Dave Hornby

Clearer pricing … Positive improvement in speed and deployment of VMs Good ROI if priced over 5 years + … Cheaper ROI and faster performance