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September 17, 2020
Alexey Gelchinskiy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
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We use Sendinblue to send SMS messages and for transactional emails.
  • Convenient dashboard
  • Good email template support
  • Statistics and Logs
  • No subscription or auto-renew for SMS service
  • Transaction Email deliver just stopped working without any response from support for 3 days(!)
  • Unreliable, if something doesn't work there are nobody to help you
If you want reliable Email/SMS service get away from this company. If you like beautiful dashboards - this is your service.
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November 10, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We signed up to Sendinblue to use them for transactional and marketing emails. This is used across the organisation.
  • Has a documented API
  • Has webhooks for events
  • Support is slow - they can take hours to days to respond
  • We purchased a plan and a paid dedicated IP (so that we can send more than 40 emails an hour). Configured a subdomain as required by them. After all this, we find out that the links to view the email (in a browser) which are generated by their system do not work. Support made the page work by installing a Let's Encrypt certificate but for the images (which they render on img subdomain for an unknown reason), they expect us to pay and extra 108€/year. Given this is a basic feature, there should be no hidden costs. I find this unacceptable. - Update 11 Nov 2020 - issue resolved to our satisfaction
  • Transaction email API - 524 Origin Time-out sometimes, retries don't help
I find that core functionality does not work, thus wouldn't recommend. Support doesn't want to fix the issue and rather wants you to keep paying more money to make basic things work.- Update 11 Nov 2020 - issue resolved to our satisfaction
Support times can be slow, the response quality varies time to time
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June 01, 2020
Emi Howell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
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Review Source
My company is trying to use Sendinblue as a way to reach our customers. We are a company who makes life saving equipment for the military and UK government, and during current times we have changed everything in order to save lives against the pandemic. Meaning that we are now manufacturing hand sanitiser, masks, gowns, etc. We supply to the NHS and other large companies. Companies have asked us to keep them up to date with new products, and we want to be able to email our subscribers with anything that may interest them. This is why we wanted to use Sendinblue, as to not clog up our email. After a very long setting up process, Sendinblue not making it very easy, our team all using their time to learn how to use it we went to send our first campaign. It would not send.

I raised another ticket with Sendinblue and they came back saying they will not validate our account due to the fact we are marketing COVID-19 products! They are literally stopping us from trying to protect peoples lives. If you look into BCB international we are a protective equipment company, therefore, we have always made masks, etc. We have now completely changed our factory into also making hand sanitiser to help protect the people of the UK. We are the NHS main suppliers for hand sanitiser and other PPE.

If this is an actual decision, with a reasonable thought process behind it, why is this not on their website? My team has now lost work hours setting up the account, building a campaign and teaching 6 members of team how to use it. Therefore we should also be reimbursed for these hours lost.
  • It lets you send to multiple people at once.
  • It lets you have as many customers as possible.
  • It won't let us send emails to people who have subscribed, about life saving products.
  • It is incredibly difficult to set up.
  • It took two hours for the "verify your email" email to come through, therefore not letting me access it for two hours.
  • There is no phone number to call them on.
  • They are not helpful.
They have told us that they will not validate our account due to the fact we are marketing COVID-19 products!
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March 31, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
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I'm a solopreneur. SendinBlue sends out my transactional emails, newsletter emails, autoresponder emails, and even all of my Wordpress-generated emails like password resets and blog comments.
  • Affordable.
  • Handles all types of emails, from receipts to newsletters.
  • Inconsistent support, occasionally helpful, but often quite poor.
  • Your emails will be marked as spam if you don't buy their dedicated IP.
  • Quite a few bugs and things that just don't work the way you'd hope.
I love the price and the fact that it handles all of my emails. I don't love that I've had to submit more than 50 support requests in my first 5 months with them due to many problems. I do hope it will be worth all the trouble in the end but it has been very frustrating. It's definitely not a seamless experience, so before you decide to switch, make sure you're ready for multiple problems.
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February 25, 2020
Mukesh K. Singhmar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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The demand gen and startup marketing teams at SeeResponse have been using SendinBlue for several kinds of email campaigns -- webinar emails, live event marketing campaigns, transactional emails and more. We were looking for some email software that can help us easily manage and segment our contact list management and SendInBlue makes it all very easy. Another good part is that setting up email campaigns is also simple and straightforward, but on top of that we've been able to solve deliverability issues and our emails are now landing in inboxes which is great.
  • SendinBlue is easy to setup and configure.
  • When compared to similar tools, SendInBlue's pricing is highly competitive.
  • At times we have observed the interface loads slow. The load time can be optimized.
  • Reporting view needs improvement.
If you have already been using a bunch of email marketing software it will be a good tool to take that experience and send better and an increased number of emails at a lesser price. UI is good and templates are intuitive. If however, you are new to email tools there's a bit of a learning curve, though nothing of the extent that can't be tackled with some playing around with the software. Overall a good tool!
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November 19, 2019
Denise Heaton | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Verified User
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1- We have been using it to build and develop relationships through campaign-based marketing automation, which we disseminate through the following forms "SMS" CRM " and ads on Facebook and Twitter.
- Currently, SendinBlue is under the Marketing department which I supervise because I am in charge of the management of new projects.

2- It is a platform that has given me multiple benefits for my work activities. For example, I can communicate internally with my coworkers, I can create advertising campaigns, which we can customize so that they look in the best possible way and so that potential clients can contact me.
  • Great ability to send transactional emails.
  • Trial tests A and B.
  • Powerful advertising.
  • Medium level of complexity.
  • Lack of informative material for all functions.
  • Occasionally, there is a delay in sending and receiving messages.
* An appropriate scenario would be to launch a new advertising campaign that supports some social cause through SendinBlue, this could be a beneficiary for both parties

* A bad scenario would be to use it to create false information and enter it on social networks and create spam emails.
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April 19, 2018
Tim Sleeper | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
SendinBlue was used to manage our company's email marketing campaigns. We would collect email addresses on the site and then build and send weekly emails through SendinBlue. SendinBlue was great and was very user-friendly in how it reported user open, rejection, read, and click stats. It helped us see where we could improve our email marketing using the stats given.
  • It has a great array of stats given. It will tell you how many open the emails, unsubscribe, and even what links they click. These are all easily found and are useful in changing marketing strategies.
  • It's very user-friendly. SendinBlue was the first email list product I used and it was very easy to get it set up and start a campaign.
  • SendinBlue also has a very good pricing structure. Our company was able to use the free tier for a while before upgrading. This makes it easy for smaller businesses to make use of email marketing without requiring a lot of upfront costs.
  • The customer support could use some improvement. When our company moved to SendinBlue, we already had a large email list to import. SendinBlue had to verify the list to ensure it was legitimate which is fine, but we received no email notification of needing verification and I didn't know until I tried sending an email. Everything up to that point indicated that the account was fine.
  • The email design feature could also use some work. It's fairly simple in it what it offers and I would have liked to see more content features. It would also be nice if they added a feature to preview the email on a mobile device.
SendinBlue is great for simple email marketing, especially for small businesses. It's very easy to get the account setup and create an email compared to other services like MailChimp. It's also very user-friendly for those who may not be technically savvy. If you have a much larger scale email list or regularly import lists from outside SendinBlue, then you may want to look elsewhere. SendinBlue is great if you stay within the system, but can cause trouble if you import email lists outside of the system.
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April 19, 2018
Justin Germino | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
I use SendinBlue to deliver all my newsletters for my media entertainment platform Dragon Blogger Technology, I send out 1-2 email newsletters per month and have been using the service for about 2 years. The services have flexible email templates, great analytics for showcasing the results of emails including a heat map showing where in your newsletter users are clicking.
  • Flexible Email Templates
  • Dedicated IP with DKIM Support
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Very Competitive Pricing
  • Image Inserts Via HTML Source Code Inconsistent
  • RSS to Email Offering
  • No Direct Social Media Integration
If you send emails or SMS messages to client lists, especially newsletters then I prefer SendinBlue to many other competitors as their pricing was simply better for the value. If you need RSS to Email where your Blog RSS Feed auto delivers to email subscribers then this service is not a fit as this feature is not supported. This service also doesn't have features to auto notify/send out an online newsletter to social media.
These people helped me identify errors when setting up DKIM and were more than helpful in trying to diagnose low open rates with a few campaigns identifying where improvement can be made and how to more effectively manage contact lists. The support is excellent.
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July 26, 2018
Shachar Tal | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
We use SendinBlue both for transactional (sent) email and for our newsletters and update emails. The transactional email is connected to the Gmail third party send feature. I handle the system, and in the future will delegate to our marketing manager. The value that we get out of the service is an all-around subscription tool, newsletter tool, and mailing tool.
  • Amazing log and review of sent/opened/tracked email
  • Best deliverability out of every solution we tested
  • Real easy subscription and newsletter system. No coding required.
  • Easy management of subscribers list
  • Superb sending reports for newsletters
  • Lowest price tier is too expensive for light users. We have to use the credit system and thus to separate the personal and the newsletter accounts and that is inconvenient.
  • Mail automation part is a bit clunky in the UI
  • There are some weird behaviors when it comes to sorting collected emails in groups
  • Support is sub par
  • No easy access to bounced email alerts
SendinBlue is perfect for the small business owner who would like an all-in-one tool to both take care of making sent emails robust and whitelisted, together with a real easy newsletter creation and management system.

SendinBlue is not really recommended to those who are not tech savvy. To set it up and use it, the user needs to be at least a power user with web admin capabilities.
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July 26, 2018
David Faustina | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Call it happenstance or call it predestined, either way, I am one happy user of SendinBlue and it was all because of a simple Google search and an initial free plan that was beyond generous. SendinBlue has stood up the test of deliverability and continuity. The onboarding, even for a free plan, was simple yet effective. The initial import of contacts and subsequent email campaign was placed on a hold while SendinBlue verified with me how I obtained the contacts and if I had permission to send to these addresses. It was a simple questionnaire and quick phone call and the list was approved and my account marked as safe to send. The process was quick and they scored major points with me in the way they protect their sending IP. This level of scrutiny signaled one important point to make: your emails will end up in the inbox, not in a junk folder. This can equate to increases in sales and thus revenue. Other email marketing programs with less scrutiny will also deliver to fewer inboxes. For brand protection and promotion, there is not a single better solution, in my opinion, than SIB. We use it for our email campaigns and have placed clients with SIB.
  • List migration and verification: high level of scrutiny on your email list import before your first campaign launch. See this as a benefit to your deliverability as junk senders will be eliminated.
  • Templates and Builder: very clean and easy to use builder allowing even a novice to produce great looking emails. Not a lot of fluff and useless elements, only the stuff you need to get information and effective CTA prompts to your valued customers/clients.
  • SMS and SMTP: all under one program allowing for the integration of email marketing and text marketing without having to sync multiple programs.
  • Excellent Support: without a doubt they are the leader in support and you are made to feel like a top customer no matter the volume of emails.
  • Pricing: well, take a look and you will be hard pressed to find a better deal for the quality and volume.
  • Template updates: I would like to see them rotate or add a few template options for seasonal celebrations. For some of my users, they work off of templates and it would be nice to get a few new options from time to time. But this is not a big deal or deal breaker. They offer enough standard.
  • Video tutorials: not a huge thing, but for visual learners, a few video tutorials would be helpful when onboarding new users.
If you want a solution that gets your messages into the inbox, then this solution is for you. Whether you send 100 or 100,000 emails a month, the pricing is competitive and the service is outstanding. For my nonprofit clients, they can be assured that the data remains secure with SendinBlue and they are fully GDPR compliant. And yes, this actually matters even for US-based companies.
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November 09, 2018
Karim Khouider | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use SendinBlue in our web marketing department in order to reach customers by email marketing campaigns and transactional emails. We also use it to do SMS campaigns.
  • Send an email campaign to a segment of your customer base
  • Get analytics regarding your transactionnal emails
  • Easily create scenarios regarding contacts' activities
  • Deliverability is not always good, especially with Hotmail
  • Scenario conditions and possibilities could be improved
If you are looking for email campaign software with great features and a reasonable price
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November 09, 2018
Leonardo Barbosa Corrêa | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are a small design agency. I use SendinBlue in a project of a monthly Newsletter for a client. Before SendinBlue, my client used to send a newsletter manually. And I had to edit the HTML code on Outlook Express. Now I design the HTML code, then I can import it to the software and send to many email addresses at the same time. And the statistics SendinBlue gives back are also a great help.
  • Very easy to use, with a very intuitive interface.
  • Works perfectly with the HTML code. No layout changes.
  • Great professional results. In a few minutes, you can assemble an email marketing campaign. Even if you have a free account.
  • In the beginning, I had to enter with more than 10 contacts to validate the free account. I wanted to try the software before using with my client. That was a bit tricky.
  • It would be great to make any last changes on the layout panel, before sending.
I use SendinBlue for sending a Newsletter from a client. I write the HTML code, but it was really difficult to adapt it to many e-mail platforms like Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook. So, SendinBlue is a really great tool for preparing the message and making sure it will be delivered properly. The statistics help a lot too. It is also a great software for SMS campaigns. I never used SendinBlue for other types of projects.
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November 09, 2018
Brooke Weinbaum | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
As the marketing department we use this to send out mass emails to ALL of our user base. Sometimes we break it down into smaller subsets but generally we send out the emails to tens of thousands of users every month or so.
  • Calculates the price in a different way than major competitors. As a company with a large user base this is helpful for us.
  • Allows us to save previous templates of the newsletters we send so we can edit them every month after
  • Keep users organized in different categories and groups
  • Design wise it's pretty basic. It does allow for you to upload your own images but I'd say the options are more amateur
  • I haven't used the analytics tool but I'd be happy to get more "Tutorials" on how to use them
If you have a large user base and are looking to update your users in a pretty easy way this is a great solution. For more beautiful designs, this might not be what your company is looking for.
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April 25, 2018
Jason Shindler | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We're using it to power the email campaigns that we send to professionals and consumers. It allows us to communicate with our users via email, tracks the effectiveness of our campaigns, and runs drip campaigns for a subset of users. The marketing department is using the program and other departments aren't.
  • Sends emails
  • Designs simplistic emails
  • Reports on effectiveness of campaigns
  • Support -- no phone support :(
  • Automation - good start, but the system is limited and clunky. If & else work, but other common constructs are missing.
  • Email support is slow, and not terribly helpful
If a user is pretty techy and able to work around some of the bugs, then it can be a good fit. The price is low, and once you get around some of the pitfalls, it is worth it. For less tech-savvy users, stick with MailChimp or Constant Contact instead.
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April 25, 2018
Derek J. Augustine | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it to send out email updates for our local bicycle advocacy group, BicycLincoln. Our subscribers get updates about events and bike related activities going on in Lincoln, NE and the surrounding area. We aim for 1-2 emails per month and these pick up over the summer when more things are happening. The main solve was to be able to reliably send email blasts to over 2,000 people and in doing so keeping their privacy in mind (their emails are kept secret from other members) and allow them to unsubscribe if so desired.
  • Easy to format and get emails looking nice in all email clients
  • Adding unsubscribe feature to emails is quick and painless
  • Allows for emails to be scheduled easily and is very reliable
  • Can be really easy to schedule an email for the wrong time if you're not careful (pm vs. am)
  • May have a steep learning curve for someone who is non-technical
  • Cost for us (as a non-profit) is a bit steep
Definitely worth it if you need to reliably send marketing-type emails to a large group of people and have the proper protocols in place for managing such a list (unsubscribe, double opt-in, etc.) As a non-profit, developing all this ourself was out of the question and would have been way more work than it's worth.
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April 20, 2018
Tim Fockedey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Since we're a startup it's used across the organisation. It is used as an email server for transactional emails as well as for newsletters.
  • Best price/value on the market. MailChimp rips your eyes out as soon as you start hitting volume. SendinBlue has honest prices.
  • I can't really compare, but the API was easy to set up.
  • A year ago the API documentation was really messy, but I don't know whether there have been improvements.
  • It would be really nice if there would be more columns to the contacts (e.g. for gender) and it would be even nicer if these columns would be customisable, so I could e.g. add a boolean column 'frequent buyer' and only send emails to frequent buyers. It's something I have been missing with almost every campaign I did.
I think SendinBlue is particularly well-suited for start-ups and scale-ups. Pricing is great, it's easy to set up and it provides everything you need in this setting.
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April 19, 2018
Sarah Lightman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SendinBlue is a marketing tool for Sarah Lightman and Sarah Lightman Management. It helps connect Sarah and her fans, and it helps her keep her fans up to date with her latest and greatest shows and music news. It also helps Sarah be perceived as a professional, business savvy industry artist, while also helping her market and maintain consistent communication with fans and colleagues.
  • I love how easy it is to design the emails. I don't have to be an HTML pro to make creative and clean emails to send to fans. I also love how you can drag and upload almost any photo including a logo in the header!
  • I love how the tools on the site help keep me organized. Anytime I sign up a new fan, SendinBlue automatically sends a welcome email custom created by me so it's automated yes, but personal and sincere.
  • Another strength is the folder option SendinBlue has for your contacts. Sometimes I may want to send an email to fans, and sometimes I just want to send an email to professional connections. Have the option to create folders helps a ton!
  • I love how you can send many emails for free on SendinBlue. One of the many reasons I didn't choose other mailing list sites was that I had to pay a fee after a trial, or after only a small number of messages. SendinBlue gets that not everyone can afford to pay a ton of money just to send mass emails.
  • I would really love if there were an input option for adding videos! I just released a music video and it would be so nice if fans could watch the video while reading the rest of the email instead of needing a new browser to be opened.
  • I would love new designs and features for the font and email layout options just to keep it fresh and fun!
  • It would be cool if SendinBlue could also team up with social media for sharing purposes. Often times I can share an Instagram post to Twitter and Facebook in one click. It would be cool if I could send from Instagram to my SenditBlue contacts!
I highly recommend it for any professional who uses email for business and to stay connected. It's even great if you need to send invites or news to many family and friends!
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April 19, 2018
Caleb Brown | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I run an online visual bookmarking website for educators. We have tens of thousands of customers and we use SendInBlue for email marketing.
  • The pricing is the best in the game, SendInBlue was hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars cheaper per month than competitors.
  • The API was very easy to use, we were able to implement SendInBlue into our email backend in less than an hour.
  • Some things feel outdated when compared to the major competitors.
  • I feel there are deliverability issues beyond the overall quality of the email list.
If pricing is an issue for you, SendInBlue will be the winner. SendinBlue is great but I feel more confident when it comes to deliverability when using, say, MailChimp.
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March 21, 2016
Christopher Crowhurst | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We manage our entire email communication between our non profit and our clients and prospects. SendInBlue allows us to economically manage sign up, opt in and out, and the design and distribution of communications.
  • WYSIWYG editor is excellent.
  • Campaign statistics are timely and easy to interpret.
  • List management and transactional email capabilities are easy to configure.
  • I have yet to find any areas I would like to see improved.
It is ideally suited for automation of email marketing by organizations that need a low cost efficient solution that provides all the necessary features and reporting.
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March 15, 2016
Simon Urquhart | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are a small software development company specializing in barcode imaging software. We use SendinBlue to communicate with our customers.
  • Email design is a breeze. The user interface is so well laid out, I was able to jump right in and design the whole thing without reference to any of the instructions.
  • The reporting is very good. It has all of the important metrics on one screen and is very responsive.
  • The emails that our customers receive look tidy and professional. In our tests, they looked and performed consistently across a wide range of operating systems and email clients.
  • Pricing is flexible and very competitive.
  • Being new to email marketing, I was initially unaware of the need to clean our list to remove dead addresses. It's a small point, but it would be great to be advised before submitting our list.
We have only used it for product announcements, but now that we have more experience with SendinBlue, we can see a number of other potential uses.
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March 08, 2016
Nathaniel Bradley | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use SendinBlue on my own currently and it is being used to advertise new products, product discounts and new blog posts. It helps
to keep our current customers informed in a way that's more cost effective and easier to create than postal marketing.
  • SendinBlue is able to create professional looking HTML emails. This means that our email are answered more often than when we send text only emails.
  • SendInBlue has a fantastic reporting system that is able to tell me who has read email, who has clicked on certain links. With this information, we are able to target those customers that are interested in certain categories of products.
  • Although I do have HTML and CSS knowledge, SendinBlue allows me to create emails without using that knowledge making it extremely easy to use.
  • One thing that could change is the ability to have images alongside each other. I can do this, but the gaps between them are quite large.
  • A/B Testing could be an added feature but when we previously had it with MailChimp, we didn't really use it that much on our small email database.
SendinBlue is well suited to small to medium businesses with a small marketing budget. It is considerably cheaper than MailChimp and very easy to use. It may not work as well in larger organisations where heavy customisation is sometimes required.
I had contacted customer support regarding adding extra credit to my account. I was able to get a response within 24 hours from someone who knew what they were talking about.
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January 06, 2016
Stéphane BUSSO | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SendInBlue has been chosen to replace our current in-house emailing solution. It seemed to offer all the features we were looking for, including dedicated IP at a good price.
  • sendinblue provides a large set of tools, even if some of them need to be requested.
  • Price is for now. below competition.
  • Slow support, it took them 72 hours to answer and 24 more hours to unblock a campaign.
  • UI/UX would need an important upgrade.
If you don't need any support, and go for a dedicated IP, and you are a technician, SendinBlue may be a good platform; at least cheap.
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September 10, 2015
Kenny Williamson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use SendinBlue for our central reservations email blast system. We also have integrated our contact forms with SendinBlue through multiple websites. We also send out email blasts for two other organizations as well on a monthly basis.
  • They do responsive design templates that are viewable on any platform or device.
  • The system is easy to use.
  • The setup takes only a few minutes to set up
  • The analytics are far superior to other platforms.
  • They need to include the ability to add a click to call feature in the responsive templates.
  • The ability to separate the logo from the navigation.
I have found this system is suited very well to any type of organization setup.
Their response to any issue I have is responded to right away. The longest wait I have had for a response is 2 hours.
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August 31, 2015
Cameron Andrews | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The challenge that we had when we found SendinBlue was automatically generating a newsletter with the information from our website and sending it out to a large subscriber base quickly. We tried using Constant Contact but they lacked the APIs needed to automate the process. SendinBlue provides all of the functions that I need without having to pay for functions that I don't need. It has provided a great value for my business.
  • Fast newsletter delivery to a large subscriber base
  • Fair pricing allows small companies to get use of the features with a small subscriber base and then scale up as their subscriber base grows.
  • APIs allow you to fully automate the process of generating and delivering newsletters. My web staff updates the website information, and sends the newsletter from my website back end. They do not ever even have to log in to SendinBlue. This creates a level of simplicity that prevents errors.
  • I would like to see easier data collection from subscribers. The process for adding customs fields and populating those fields from an easy to use form is a bit tricky.
  • I would like to see functions built in to SendinBlue that would allow me to utilize one-time use coupons into my newsletters. So when they click a link on the newsletter, SendinBlue will give them a coupon code, but each subscriber can only redeem that coupon once.
If you need APIs to automate the process SendinBlue is the best choice. If you are manually creating the content for each newsletter then the advantages of SendinBlue will not be well utilized and there may be other options that could be explored.
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August 28, 2015
Michelle Young | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use SendinBlue for our weekly newsletter blasts that go out to our subscriber base. A few people on our team are responsible for the creation of newsletters, updating the subscriber base, etc. We searched for a long time for a email newsletter option that had significant capability for editing layout (important because our readers are very sensitive to design), where it was easy to manage subscribers, and had possibility to integrate into our website for signup. In addition, we wanted to be able to have single opt-in.
  • Layout options and editable layouts. Many newsletter options we tried didn't have too much capability for layout, which could be fine for e-commerce but not for publishing.
  • Clear reporting on the dashboard, and per newsletter sent out.
  • Pricing: the only option we found that charges for emails sent vs. subscriber base. As we do not send emails every day, just once a week, we felt unfairly priced at our send rate with many competitors.
  • Would like to have emails sent directly from our server (without extra charge). We noticed recently emails now come from vs. a server with a series of numbers so this is a definite improvement!
  • Would like to see our actual subscriber base number (total minus blacklist)
  • Was initially difficult to figure out how to create newsletter signup to match the layout of our website but eventually our developer figured out a workaround.
  • Sometimes when you click on the editing box, you end up going out to the hyperlink specified instead of edit box, this is sometimes annoying.
SendinBlue is definitely well suited for publishing, from our experience!
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Feature Scorecard Summary

WYSIWYG email editor (39)
Dynamic content (36)
Ability to test dynamic content (35)
Landing pages (11)
A/B testing (10)
Mobile optimization (40)
Email deliverability reporting (82)
List management (43)
Triggered drip sequences (22)
Dashboards (19)
Standard reports (41)
Custom reports (10)

What is Sendinblue?

Sendinblue helps businesses build and grow relationships through marketing automation, email campaigns, transactional emails and SMS messages. The vendor says that its world-class customer happiness team and their pricing plans are what set them apart. The vendor also says customers choose them because their platform combines a robust suite of services within a single, user-friendly solution.

Sendinblue Features

Email & Online Marketing Features

Has featureWYSIWYG email editor
Has featureDynamic content
Has featureAbility to test dynamic content
Has featureMobile optimization
Has featureEmail deliverability reporting
Has featureList management
Has featureTriggered drip sequences

Reporting & Analytics Features

Has featureStandard reports

Pre-Send Testing Features

Has featureLink Tracking
Additional Features
Has featureMarketing Automation
Has featureSMTP (Transactional) Email
Has featureSMS Messaging
Has featureResponsive Email Design Tools
Has featureImport Your Own HTML Design
Has featureEmail & Phone Customer Support
Has featureExcellent Deliverability
Has featureUnlimited Contacts
Has featureCustomizable Sign-up Forms
Has featureAdvanced Contacts Segmentation
Has featureAdvanced, Real-Time Reporting
Has featureHard Bounce & Unsubscription Management
Has featurePre-Schedule Campaigns

Sendinblue Screenshots

Sendinblue Downloadables

Sendinblue Integrations

WordPress, PrestaShop, Drupal,, WooCommerce, Google Analytics, Zapier, Magento Commerce Cloud (formerly Magento), API and Documentation

Sendinblue Competitors

Sendinblue Pricing

  • Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
  • Has featureFree or Freemium Version Available?Yes
  • Does not have featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?No
  • Entry-level set up fee?No
EditionPricing DetailsTerms
Free$0per month
Lite$25per month
Premium$65per month
EnterpriseContact sales team

SendinBlue pricing is based on the number of email messages sent, rather than the number of contacts you keep in your account. Try SendinBlue with a free account and send up to 9,000 emails per month (300 emails per day). As your business grows, you can upgrade to a plan that meets your needs without breaking the bank! Send up to 40,000 emails per month for just $7.37 -- or send even more emails at great prices.

Sendinblue Support Options

 Free VersionPaid Version
Social Media

Sendinblue Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android
Supported Countries:Globally Supported
Supported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish