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August 08, 2020
Will Hanrahan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We utilize Yext across our entire organization; we have users in Supply Chain, Operations, Marketing, and Franchisees all the way through to our CEO who is a user! Listings ensure our individual locations are supplying correct info to search engines, Pages ensures that all of our individual locations have a presence online with a dedicated microsite, and Reviews is a big one for us—we use it to collect, distribute and respond to reviews that Yext pulls in, but making sure they are correctly allocated to that specific location to respond.
  • Making sure our location data is correctly being understood by Google.
  • Taking into account best design principles for our pages layout.
  • Staying on top of Google best practices so we don't have to.
  • Building a very robust place for us to store all our location information.
  • Solid integrations with some of our other key partners, for example Olo, Punchh.
  • Being a very good partner for us, our Client Success Manager is exceptional.
  • Better integration with Yelp and Trip Advisor.
  • Providing actionable insights from our review data.
  • Improvements to the user experience when responding to reviews.
Yext is a great fit in my use case, a restaurant with over 200 locations across the country and a small internal marketing department. Using Yext is great because within the one platform there are so many worthwhile uses; we utilize the Knowledge Graph, Listings, Pages, Answers, Reviews, and Analytics. I also really like being able to make simple changes across all individual locations very easily.
Have been very impressed with the support we receive from Yext. I always feel I am listened to and if I have any problems or concerns they are quickly addressed. I have multiple ways to obtain support, either technical or strategic support, and they are responsive. I couldn't ask for more.
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July 27, 2020
David Renberg | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We have been using Yext to manage our online directories, as contact info for our company has changed. It is appropriate for the entire organization, and any industry can benefit from being more readily found online. You can manage things like address changes, hours changes, web address changes, name changes, etc.
  • Ease of use, the dashboard is fairly intuitive, and easy to figure out.
  • Number of partners: They have all the major online directories as partners.
  • Cost is very competitive compared to the competition.
  • Could have even more partners: seems there are endless sites to pair with.
I believe Yext is an appropriate solution for any consumer-facing company. It may not be as useful for B2B organizations, but anyone looking to attract the attention of end consumers can benefit from the services of Yext. The big thing they do is boost SEO and make sure all information on the internet is accurate and relevant.
Some pending listings can get hung up indefinitely and never resolve. Generally, this is not an issue, but it has been.
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August 07, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Yext is being used to manage our company with various profiles. We have 26 campuses across the western United States. It is used mainly by marketing, but operations benefit from Yext as well. The main business problem Yext solves is it allows us to manage our different campus profiles across 50+ listings. This would be a tedious and error-prone process without Yext.
  • Setting hours of operation.
  • Keeping our brand consistent.
  • Properly tracking traffic from these profiles.
  • More variable fields for different profiles.
  • Making clear where and how the information will appear.
  • Continue to improve their keyword analytics.
It really depends on the business, but if you have over 10 locations, than Yext is a no-brainer in my eyes. If you have less than 10 locations, I'd recommend you start with the most popular profiles and understand how they impact your business. Once you understand how your business ranks and the impact of directory listings, you'll be able to decide if Yext is worth the investment.
We are a larger company with 26 locations, so we may receive additional attention. But they are always quick to answer our calls or emails. I rarely need support as the software delivers as promised. I will say their staff thus far has been very knowledgable about Yext and some lesser-known features. For us, they really understand our needs and why I'd be asking for certain solutions.
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August 07, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We are using Yext to power our listings and pages across our organization which includes hundreds of locations. It is primarily being managed by the marketing department with ad-hoc access to a limiting subset of locations to pilot efficiency and productivity across the enterprise. Through Yext and a proprietary connection to our internal database, we are promoting our brand presence and equity across hundreds of listings such as Google, Bing, and Apple. Furthermore, through this same feed, we power our office pages with that same level of real-time data.
  • Listing management: Proprietary API connections to listings to push data in real time.
  • Knowledge panel dashboard: Streamlined content management system that is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Support is either a hit or a miss. Somedays I get a response very quickly, but on others, it might take a couple of days for someone to get back to me when I have a problem.
Yext is suited for companies with a large number of locations to seamlessly manage them within one platform across all listings and pages. Yext's robust suite of tools allows companies to partner with one vendor instead of multiple, which usually can streamline workflows and processes. For companies with only a few locations, it might be a harder sell as the cost per location can be steeper than other products on the market.
Support is either a hit or a miss with Yext. Some days, I receive support regarding a question very quickly, but on others, it might take several days for someone to get back to me.
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July 29, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
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We used it to manage review sites and information from a central location. It was intended to cut down on time spent on logging in and making edits on multiple portals. We were excited to see it grow our client's local listings and their sales. We thought that it would be a great part of our solution.
  • Consolidated management of reviews sites.
  • Easy to update reviews sites.
  • Distribute data to reviews sites.
  • Account management
  • Tact and manners
  • Ability to implement what they sold.
I don't see the value in Yext. It was never fully functional and they had little interest in supporting it once it was "implemented." There were knowledge gaps on their end and little documentation. We waited days at a time to get assistance from them even though we were paying for a very premium service.
They had zero interest in anything other than collecting payments and closing deals. There was no support and nobody cared that we were paying for something that didn't work. Was so excited to work with them and very much scarred from the actual experience. Difficult to trust that we won't get burned the same way again. Go into everything with your eyes wide open.
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July 23, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Our digital marketing team utilizes Yext for unified listings and review management, and it has helped improve efficiency and ensure that all of our client data is correct, up-to-date, and on the most important sites.

  • Efficient management of online listings and citations
  • Duplicate citation suppression
  • Customer support and training
  • Relatively easy-to-use knowledge graph
  • Cost. This platform offers a lot of powerful features, but it has an expensive barrier to entry.
  • Annual contracts limit flexibility for smaller companies
  • The biggest drawback is that you need to keep your subscription active or listings/citation data will revert back to what it was pre-Yext implementation
For larger companies with multiple businesses and larger budgets, Yext absolutely makes sense. And its options for healthcare-related companies also make it a no-brainer for those types of organizations. For smaller agencies and businesses, the annual contracts and price point may make it prohibitive.
Yext has excellent, responsive support teams. I wish they had better live chat support options, but no real complaints here.
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July 23, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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It is being used to support our hyper-local strategy by managing and creating our main listings, and a bunch of citation listings through all of their APIs. We also effectively manage our listings with any required update(s) to ensure that our NAP (Name, Address, Phone) data is consistent throughout the internet. We also manage the suppression of duplicates through Yext.
  • Creating Citation Listings
  • Updating Citation Listings
  • Duplicate Suppression
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
Yext is best for large businesses with many locations. When I worked for a larger company, it worked really well and the team was really responsive.

When you are a smaller player, they don't care too much to reply to your issues (two business days per response).
I felt like I was the technical support person sometimes, having to prove that there is indeed an issue. That could have easily been avoided if a minimal effort was given. I would note that a new account manager came on and was much better, but the damage was already done.
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April 22, 2020
Jimmy Miller | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We white label and resell Yext to our entire customer base. Our sales team pitches it as a stand-alone product as well as a part of our core offering. Our customers use it as a way to unify their web presence. We have found it is the simplest way for small businesses to keep on top of what the Internet is saying about their business.
  • Updates search engine information: This is the best thing about Yext. Companies can quickly and easily unify their brand image across multiple search engines with minimal effort and ONE PASSWORD.
  • Yext makes it simple to protect your online presence from bad data and duplicate entries.
  • Yext makes updating a company profile very simple and easy. Adding business hours. employees, business offerings, etc. is simple.
  • The user interface is a little ugly, but the point is to get the information correct so that it is easily forgiven.
  • The reporting can get a little byzantine. Due to so many options, it's easy to get lost in what matters.
  • Yext doesn't play well with other products. For example, if you use software to make moving images for Facebook, Yext can't support that and it could crash your ability to edit Facebook images.
Yext solves a specific problem very well. Every company must manage its online presence and Yext's solution to connect to every search engine with an API is elegant in its simplicity.
Our CS reps have had some difficulty with the platform, but they have been responsive to our product manager. That makes sense for a business our size, but I'd always like to have more access for our direct reps if possible.
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February 29, 2020
Katelyn Massey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Yext is used for local listing management and optimization, and local store pages. We use Yext to ensure consistency across third party listings sites, suppress duplicate listings and correct inaccuracies, manage our local store reviews across Google and Facebook, power our store locator site and local store Facebook pages, and more.
  • Easy to access and manage store data.
  • Store review monitoring and response.
  • Customer success/support.
  • Proactive (vs. reactive) listing correction.
  • Proactive listing optimization.
  • Cost.
Yext is a robust all-in-one local listing management + SEO platform that creates many efficiencies for multi-location businesses. Yext manages local store listings by correcting inaccuracies and supporting optimization/enhancements. Yext powers these listings on third party sites, including Google My Business, Facebook, etc. and automatically pushes updates on a regular basis.

Though there are multiple offerings and packages available, Yext is not cheap. Businesses must be willing to invest a significant amount into their local efforts.
Yext has a very hands-on approach and we have had great interactions and support from our Success team.
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January 28, 2020
Lauren Ericksen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Our search engine marketing department uses Yext to ensure our client's information is the same across all platforms. So often we find clients changing hours on their Facebook page and forgetting to update them on their Google My Business listing which makes people unsure which information is correct. With Yext, they just have to change the information once and it adjusts on all platforms. The only problem I have run into with this software is having the optimization link expiring after being opened once however, I believe that is a security measure they take.
  • Makes it easy to connect to multiple listings.
  • Makes it easy to troubleshoot issues.
  • Can't be used globally.
  • Optimization link expires after one click.
Yext ensures that facts such as calendar updates, holiday hours, and so much more about businesses are correct across all platforms. Yext helps with brand management by updating its network based off of search engines. Another great quality is that it makes sure there are no duplicate listings for your company and if there are, they take care of the issue.
I had an issue with getting the optimization link for one of my accounts so I emailed their support team to help resolve the issue. With other companies it tends to take days to resolve anything but Yext's customer service emailed me back right away and resolved my issue before the work day was over.
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January 29, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Yext is part of the SEO services that our agency provides. Our clients need to manage their listings across the web on Google and other sites, and Yext delivers a secure platform to do that. We can input all their contact information, business description, photos, and other details into one platform, and this information will be universally provided across all their listings.
  • Simple UI. The platform is easy to navigate.
  • Great customer service. Any issue that we've taken to the support team has been resolved within a day.
  • Takes some time for a new user to understand the platform.
  • Some website error messages when reviewing listings do not make sense.
In an industry, such as hospitality, where companies have listings across the web on different site, it is crucial to make sure that each listing has the correct information — users who see the listing need to be able to contact the hotel and see the correct address. Yext is perfect for this, as it makes it easy to put all the accurate information in one place.
The customer support team has been quick to respond any time we have had an issue. They take the time to explain why the issue has come up and what we need to do to solve it. They are always available to answer any question we might have and then follow up to make sure everything is working correctly.
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October 07, 2019
Chandler Elmore | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Yext to manage our 390+ locations across the country. Yext's platform allows us to disseminate information to all locations with relative ease. It also allows us to have a uniform online presence throughout multiple online areas that are crucial to the overall marketing aspects of our brand. When consistency is key, Yext helps deliver it.
  • Location management in one place.
  • Easy to use dashboard and location editing. There are no items that are out of place or unexpected in the dashboard that you have not seen nativity in Google my Business or Facebook.
  • This platform is expensive. There are cheaper alternatives out there that can do just as much for less.
  • There is no ability to run ads through Yext. This hinders it from being the all in 1 platform that others have already addressed.
The best use case for Yext is for organizations that have multiple locations (like franchised companies) that need to maintain a consistent online look and feel but still offer flexibility to update individual locations with pertinent information and offers. It is a great tool to get overall general information out to online listing services as well as the big social media outlets.
We have never had an issue with our Yext team or with Yext support. They are resp[onsive, knowledgable and go above and beyond to make sure we are getting the most from the platform. There hasn't been an issue (thus far) where we didn't get it fully resolved within 24 hours.
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December 05, 2018
Megan Sullivan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Yext is used primarily by our Marketing Department. It allows us to create and manage our clinic information (address, phone number, website info, hours, accepted forms of payment, etc.) across many online directories. This allows our team to ensure not only that the information being posted online is accurate which helps consultation volume and show rate, but also greatly strengthens our SEO which is a huge benefit to our company. SEO is the second largest driver of leads therefore it is important that our SEO program is strong.

  • Yext is very, very user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Yext provides information within the portal on how you can enhance your listings as well as how you can fix any issues with your listings that may exist.
  • Yext's dedicated account managers can help you with any issues that may arise. For example our location pin on Apple Maps was wrong on one of our clinic listings and our Yext account manager reached out directly to Apple support and fixed the issue.
  • Because SEO is so important to many company I would love to have more regular contact with our Yext Account Manager, primarily to discuss ways to continue to enhance our listings.
  • It would be great is Yext could be available at a lower per location, per month fee. The current monthly fees would make it difficult for a smaller business to take advantage of their services.
  • It would be great is Yext would show you examples of what your listings look like on various sites that they manage. The customer provides the information and it would be great to have more visibility into how it actually looks on the web.
Yext is very well suited for a larger, multi-location business. As your organization grows it becomes more and more challenging to manually manage your online listings across the web. With Yext you simply add your location information and the sites they work with are automatically updated. For smaller businesses with only a few locations, it would be much more cost-effective to create and manage these listings yourself instead of paying a monthly fee.
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November 29, 2018
Ali Zakeri | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use Yext Knowledge Manager at my company to manage local listings of our clients. It's the most powerful local listing management platform out there. Yext Knowledge Manager grows everyday and their team continuously adds new features.
It offers:
  • Fast updates
  • Reliable data push -- Only takes one try to get data corrected on local listings
  • Great interface -- Easy to use
  • Local Listing Management -- Super reliable, fast and accurate.
  • Review Management -- Powerful feature that integrate with a large number of directories for reviews.
  • Analytics -- Provides useful data and insights for your business listings.
  • Customer support -- They offer good customer support but sometimes it might take a couple of follow-ups to get a response.
Yext Knowledge Manager is the way to go if you have the budget, manage multiple listings/locations and don't have the time to manually manage your listings. However, if you are a small business with a limited budget then Yext is probably not the best choice for you due to high costs.
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What is Yext Search Experience Cloud?

The ultimate source for official answers about a business online should be the business itself. However, when consumers ask questions on company websites, too often they are left in the dark with wrong answers. Yext (NYSE: YEXT), the Search Experience Cloud, aims to solve this problem by organizing a business's facts so it can provide official answers to consumer questions — wherever people search. Starting with the company website, then extending across search engines and voice assistants, Yext boasts users among businesses around the world, like T-Mobile, Jaguar Land Rover, BBVA USA, and Kiehl’s — as well as organizations like the U.S. State Department and World Health Organization — that use Yext to improve the search experience on their websites and across the entire search ecosystem.

Yext is headquartered in New York City with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Chicago, Dallas, Geneva, London, Miami, Milan, Paris, San Francisco, Shanghai, Tokyo, and the Washington, D.C. area — and work-from-home offices all around the world.

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The cost of Yext varies depending on a number of factors such as package type, business size, entity count, and more. To create a solution that fits your business goals, please contact us or request a demo.

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What is Yext Search Experience Cloud?

Yext headquartered in New York offers the Search Experience Cloud, a suite of products that aims to organize a business's facts so it can provide official answers to consumer questions — wherever people search. Starting with the company website, then extending across search engines and voice assistants, Yext's goal is to improve the search experience on their websites and across the entire search ecosystem.

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Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 7.4.

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The most common users of Yext Search Experience Cloud are Mid-size Companies from the Marketing & Advertising industry.