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Updated August 19, 2015

Connect with Adobe

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Connect

Over the past two years, Rasmussen College has moved to more real-time virtual teaching opportunities to connect students, primarily in the online format or through live office hours to their instructors. The college moved towards implementing Adobe Connect in Live Lectures and also in virtual meetings connecting students from across the world and campuses across 22 campuses and online. This has allowed us to make personal connections through face to face interactions. It has increased personal relationships and developed stronger bonds between students and faculty as well as across departments.
  • Adobe Connect allows the opportunity for students to truly get to know their instructors who may not be available in person.
  • File sharing and uploading; ease of sharing materials.
  • Polling abilities to keep students actively involved in the discussions and engaged in the online forum.
  • Easy to use including screen sharing, video options and methods for engaging participants.
  • Faculty meetings and department meetings across all campuses are more easily facilitated with more people in attendance.
  • Adobe Connect takes time to get comfortable with (as does anything!)
  • At times, the uploading of files and the formats acceptable can be a challenge.
  • Audio on playbacks can be off. This might be a bandwidth issue.
  • Adobe Connect has increased student success and student relationships with instructors.
  • Employees are now able to log-in for meetings that fit around their schedule while still being able to view archives for missed information.
  • Employees from a variety of places are able to come together to gain insights on best practices, new college initiatives and state of the college as well as share ideas.
In the past, I have had experience with Wimba and with GoTo Meeting for virtual sessions. Both posed many technological issues that are not as prevalent with Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect is far superior in the ability to share content, files and screens to give participants real-time support and information. Adobe Connect has features that allows for clarity, engagement activities and chat options to ensure participants have the information they need and a voice that can be heard.
This format is great for a college environment for multiple reasons. For students and student engagement, it gives students real-time interactions with teachers and other students increasing understanding of different perspectives and increasing discussions. For faculty, it allows more flexibility with meetings to further engage faculty in meeting spaces to share best practices and roll out new information.

Using Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is utilized for college wide meetings to roll out new iniatives and provide information. Across multiple causes and departments. Campuses use Adobe Connect for committee meetings with multiple campuses. Adobe Connect is also used for faculty meeting with those that can't be on campuses for meetings. Finally, students connect with faculty for regular lectures and office hours through Adobe Connect.
We provide thorough training and have our own guides set up for faculty and users to have support. Adobe Connect also has incredible support documents.
Basic computer skills are necessary but you can start very basic and get to a point of adding more skills as you go.
  • Connecting students with online faculty to help increase their human element in courses
  • roll out new information in company wide information and connect all the campuses and employees together
  • Connect faculty members together to support them in increasing student engagement
  • Study groups traditionally on campus are now held through Adobe Connect to get students more connected
  • Faculty meetings come to life with an easy ways to share ideas
  • It has opened up faculty to new innovative ways to work with students to prepare them for technology in their own careers
Adobe Connect has been instrumental in developing stronger connections in our classrooms (virtually and residentially), to our faculty across all campuses, and to all departments. It provides leadership the ability to share real-time information, documents, visions and plans and problem solve as a team. It allows all parties the opportunity to work together making connections in a virtual world.

Adobe Connect Reliability