Adobe Connect - The Luxury Car of Collaboration Tools
Updated September 30, 2015

Adobe Connect - The Luxury Car of Collaboration Tools

Erik Crawford | TrustRadius Reviewer
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  • Meeting, Training and Events

Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is being used across my entire organization to deliver dozens of webinars every week, facilitate meetings, and deliver training. As a sales and marketing organization it allows us to meet with vendors, partners and other colleagues to conduct business. Internally, we use it for training purposes to get new hires up to speed quickly and to keep the experienced employees aware of product changes and upgrades. Our Marketing team uses the webinar module to produce high quality events that reach a large number of customers. Adobe Connect allows us to meet more often and to reach a globally dispersed customer base.
  • Adobe Connect doesn't require a download for participants, so getting customers, partners, vendors and other users into our meetings, webinars and virtual classrooms is easy. We deal with a lot of locked down, security conscious, agencies and company's so this is huge for us. We don't have to worry if someone is on a MAC or a PC, or what browser they are using, they just click a link and get in.
  • The meeting rooms we create are persistent, so we can use the same virtual meeting space over and over. We can customize the URL's so that the people we invite come to the same place every time we meet. And the room is always how we last left it which is nice when you have a weekly recurring meeting.
  • Security is important to our company, so having SSL encryption and the ability to turn on/off certain features is essential. We can also set permissions as to who and how users can access our meeting rooms.
  • The campaign tracking and lead qualification features of the webinar module allow us to see how well we are driving leads from different sources. We can analyze how user view our events and where they exit the registration process to help us improve our marketing content and verbiage.
  • The training module is great and provides a lot of analytics, but the reporting could be updated to a fresher look, especially when exporting data into a spreadsheet.
  • The webinar module can do a lot of great things, but it does have a learning curve. Streamlining the process to make it more intuitive would be a nice change.
  • There is a ton of cutomization that can be done from a branding perspective, but there are a few places where you are locked into Adobe's verbiage and it would be nice if everything could be branded the way we want it.
  • Our company saves thousands of dollars every year by conducting webinars and virtual conferences online instead of live events.
  • The leads we get from marketing events are better qualified when we use the webinar module because we can customize the registration forms and see from where the leads were generated.
  • I work a lot with the Department of Defense and they have saved hundreds of thousands in training costs, since much of their budgets have been tightened or eliminated.
I've worked for several conferencing companies and have supported a lot of online products. I've talked a lot about what Adobe Connect does well and not so well in this review, but the customization and flexibility you get with Adobe Connect is the main reason I find it to be the best collaboration technology out there. I can completely brand and customize my meeting room to use only the features that I need. I can turn on/off any feature with a simple mouse click. I can prepapre several different layouts to quickly change the look and function of my virtual meeting room. Adobe Connect also allows developers to create functionality that doesn't come out of the box. You can create custom .swf files that are like apps for your meeting room and they add both functionality and fun into the Adobe Connect experience. Third party developers have created custom .swf files for closed captioning, rock paper scissors, Jeopardy style trivia games, countdown timers, clocks, mp3 players and much more. Adobe Connect goes way beyond just screen sharing.
We have seen several use cases for Adobe Connect from our customers including; telework, emergency preparedness, help desk support, interviewing, court hearings and edugaming. There are still situations, especially in the government, where meeting face to face is a must, but Adobe Connect has become a mission critical piece of software taht we use everyday. Adobe Connect has a large network of reseller, distributors and partners that are all capable of providing an excellent experience when acquiring Adobe Connect for your organization.

Using Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect provides everything I need from a collaboration tool. Once you've had high speed internet or HD television or driven a luxury car, it's very difficult to go back to what you were using before. That's how I feel about Adobe Connect, it's the luxury car with all of the bells and whistles and moving to another product that doesn't have all of the features I've become accustomed to would be extremely frustrating.

Adobe Connect Training

The ability to have most of the functionality of a full LMS at a fraction of the cost is huge. I can create manage and deploy both synchronous and asynchronous training based on the situation and all of my training is tracked through a series of easily created reports.

Adobe Connect Reliability