Get Quick Wins and Find those Golden Nuggets with Alteryx
July 27, 2022

Get Quick Wins and Find those Golden Nuggets with Alteryx

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Modules Used

  • Alteryx Analytics Gallery
  • Intelligence Suite
  • Auto Insights

Overall Satisfaction with Alteryx

We use Alteryx to solve analytic problems across the organization in all departments. Alteryx is more than a data manipulation tool. Although the bread and butter functionality is the ability to pull data from multiple sources, the platform allows users to create analytical apps, output to visualization tools such as Power BI/Tableau, databases like Redshift/Snowflake, and control user access centrally from the Analytics Hub (Server). Our specific pain point was speed to delivery of analytic results. Alteryx is easy to use, even for a non-analyst. With a small team, we were quickly able to produce analytics that fed into our visualization tools and data warehouse. We have three departments that rely on timely analytics: operations, finance, and clinical teams. The platform can handle complex clinical analyses, which can sometimes be difficult on other platforms. The ability for Alteryx to connect to API endpoints, S3 buckets, and sFTP sites allows us to pull in data from non-traditional data sources.
  • Bringing multiple data sources together
  • Apply complex rules to data to create analytic insights
  • Exporting to to numerous endpoints
  • Providing a central access and control point for analytic workflows (Gallery/Server)
  • AutoML
  • Prescriptive analytics (simulation/optimization)
  • Reporting tools
  • Reduced the amount of staff needed for the analytics department to create insights
  • Allow staff in each department to participate as 'citizen analysts'
  • Allow the company to uncover hidden meaning from data to drive growth and explore new markets
Alteryx worked 'out-of-the-box' without needing our IT team to provide setup or engineering. The data connections are included and functional with ease. No other drivers are needed. The support team at Alteryx is second-to-none, including the fabulous Alteryx Community. The Gallery/Server is a must-have for scheduling and makes it a breeze to control data access. Alteryx provides a great deal of analytics breadth to solve almost all of our use cases. Many of the platforms we reviewed only solved a small portion of our use cases.

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The UI and tool palette make the platform easy to use and understand the various settings for each tool. The built-in help guide and Community pages provide great resources for understanding how to use the platform. The actual execution of a workflow job is easy to follow. The resulting output from a workflow can be analyzed in-line or at the end of the process and adjusted then re-run quickly. This speeds up the work the user performs.
Stellar, bar-none. Some of the best support folks of any vendor. The Alteryx Community is the most responsive and supportive. On the rare occasion of a release issue or bug, we've been able to get quick help to solve the core problem. Alteryx does not play the blame game. They genuinely help the users solve their issues or respond to questions.
Alteryx is well suited for scenarios that involve bringing together disparate datasets and combining them into one cohesive set. It is great at storing the end process as a repeatable workflow that can be engineered to deal with a moderate level of data variabilities such as outliers or new/missing columns. The platform provides solid governance and control over access to data. It is less well-suited to machine learning problems. Although it does have machine learning capabilities, that is not a strength of the platform. This lack of ML functionality is made up for by the sheer strength of its ability to manipulate data.

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