Amazon CloudFront: Best, reliable, fast and a cost effective CDN
December 27, 2017

Amazon CloudFront: Best, reliable, fast and a cost effective CDN

Ashish Agarwal | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront boosted the loading speed of landing page of our application by 10 times. I use Amazon cloud front to load static css, javascript and images on landing page of our application. It is being used across the whole organization to solve the problem of assets caching. Amazon CloudFront primarily speeds up distribution of your static and dynamic web content by delivering the the content to through worldwide edge locations. Amazon CloudFront delivers data from the nearest edge location that provides the lowest latency and thus provide high speed data transfer for best permanence. Amazon CloudFront is my best choice among other CDN as it provides increased reliability and availability of files because copies of files are held in multiple edge locations around the world.
  • if a website’s static data are based in New York City, people in Boston will get the content faster than people in San Francisco or Tokyo. The farther away customers are from a company’s data center, the slower the website or application loads. This problem can be fixed with a content delivery network like Amazon CloudFront
  • When a visitor requests a file from your website, Amazon CloudFront automatically sends the request to a copy of the file at the nearest edge location. This results in faster download times.
  • You may have great hosting but it doesn’t have the capacity or scalability offered by Google, Microsoft or Yahoo. The better CDNs like Amazon CloudFront offer higher availability, lower network latency and lower packet loss.
  • Amazon CloudFront provides 24/7 email and phone support
  • Amazon CloudFront Free Tier allows you to free up to 50 GB of data transfer and 2,000,000 HTTP and HTTPS requests / month for one year.
  • Amazon CloudFront can improve the security of the files that are being delivered from edge locations.
  • Amazon CloudFront should increase the number of edge location around the world for high data availability
  • you will probably get better performance and price of Amazon CloudFront when you are hosting your web servers in EC2
  • Amazon CloudFront improves sales of business by providing high speed data transfer from nearest edge locations
  • Amazon CloudFront Supports dynamic content, not just static media.
  • Amazon CloudFront provides cache statistics reports, popular objects report, monitoring and alarming, usage charts, and more.
Amazon CloudFront free Tier allows up to 50 GB of data transfer per month which is not there in any of the above. Amazon CloudFront provides detailed reporting around the most frequently used objects, monitoring and usage charts. Amazon CloudFront is suitable to help you deliver both static and dynamic content, including streaming. CloudFlare is not an actual CDN, but more of a reverse proxy that takes over all of your traffic and then serves cached versions of your content whenever possible and from a nearby location.Amazon CloudFront provides advanced security features and geo restriction. CloudFront is using Super PoP approach, which means much fewer (edge) locations, compared to the thousands that Akamai has around the world. This is why CloudFront costs less than Akamai.
Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), Redis Cloud, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Heroku, Apache Solr, Logentries, New Relic APM, DigitalOcean
Amazon CloudFront is best suited when there is a need of speed in serving static and dynanic web contents of a web application. If the content is already in that edge location, CloudFront delivers it immediately. If the content is not currently in that edge location, CloudFront retrieves it from an Amazon S3 bucket or an HTTP server. Amazon CloudFront is not appropriate in case users can tolerate some delays or servers are present near to the location of user. It also Integrates through the W3 Total Cache plugin. Amazon CloudFront Pricing based on bandwidth usage that's the best part of it.