Apttus could be great ......... someday
August 22, 2014

Apttus could be great ......... someday

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  • Contract Management

Overall Satisfaction with Apttus

Apttus was implemented because my former employer ( as SAS provider) was seeking a tool that would create customized reporting capabilities for our contract clauses, based on subject and risk factor. We also wanted a tool that was integrated into Salesforce, so that, at a later date, we could enable our sales team to initiate MSAs , based on the customized templates created by Legal.

Unfortunately, I did not find Apttus to be a useful reporting tool. I found that the built-in filters did not offer a significant amount of data that we would have preferred, causing us to build additional filters into the Excel documents the reports generated. Our implementation team, was very hands off and did not provide guidance on a lot of the customizations we were promised in the beginning only to find that the features we needed were not included in the current version of the software.

If you're looking for a template repository that will enable your sales team to initiate agreements or to be able to track the status of contracts in process, then I believe Apttus is a useful tool. Anything more in depth than that would be pointless.

Currently, the tool is limited to Legal and 3 sales directors because licensing in so costly.
  • Tracks contract status. It's basically a time stamping function and hard to mess up.
  • I think Apttus is to heavily reliant on Salesforce and that you should have the option to create an account without a SF number
  • Considering that it's a CRM, I think the interface could stand to be a bit more reader friendly and geared towards legal users as opposed to Sales
  • Configurations and data loads are very cumbersome and I wish that you didn't need a Salesforce administrator to create customizations.
  • When creating new contract clauses for an account, many were duplicative because that function is very sensitive and would duplicate at the slightest unintentional flinch of the mouse.
  • I cannot speak to lead conversion because we used it solely for the CRM component. I did like the reporting functionality, which was very customizable, so if I wanted to know how many customers agreements were terminating 3 months out, I could run a report for that. This made our lives much better.
  • UpsideContract,Selectica Contract Lifecycle Management
I cannot recall the names of one other CRM that we reviewed. Apttus won because Upside went to an enterprise model and we no longer met their standards. Selectica was priced high if I can recall correctly and I think they did not have the Salesforce component at the time.
Implementation is hard no matter what software you use, so depending on the employee bandwidth at the time of renewal, I would consider transitioning if another software that was drastically better came along.
I think Apttus is a great versioning tracking tool. If you want to sub-set its function i.e., not use all the functions simultaneously, then I don't think this is the best product.

Make sure to ask about creating record types and loading legacy data. The file sizes of your data needs to be compressed and that is not something that we were told prior to signing an agreement with Apttus. You'll then need to provide active hyperlinks for each mater to be loaded and list the applicable Salesforce account number next to the hyperlink in order for the data load to work. If you do not have this data in a system like SharePoint, which can create an Excel doc that all you'll need to add is the SF account info to, then this can be a very long and manual process.

Have a clear idea of your exact use for the RM, there are a lot of functions it cannot do and you shouldn't assume that it will suit your needs down the road.

Ask about user licenses. They were very high in my case and we had to limit use to 10 people.

Understand what will be included in your implementation process. It requires quite a bit of involvement from the client and you may or may not have the man power to support this.