A very good CI/CD tool for most company sizes
January 18, 2020

A very good CI/CD tool for most company sizes

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Overall Satisfaction with Bitbucket

In most of my experiences, both with personal projects working from home and working with clients remotely, doing freelance or working directly with a company, all of them had some sort of repository service available online to securely store their code and to allow teams of software developers of different sizes to collaborate in projects of all sizes. For some specific cases, I found companies using Bitbucket heavily, in some cases. combined with other options mostly to have a "plan b" in case Bitbucket would change their privacy settings. I have seen Bitbucket not only being used as a repository but also being used to fully run all the continuous integration and continuous deployment strategy, using most of its capabilities to have tickets, integrations with hooks and even pipelines to different VPS providers. One of the good things about Bitbucket for small companies is the fact that they offer you at no cost unlimited private repositories, unlike other providers where you need to pay a fee. It also has a great Jira integration which comes in handy when your company uses other Atlassian products. It also has integration with other tools but other repository providers also count on these integrations so if you choose to use BitBucket it will be more personal preference and choosing the right tool for your necessities.
  • Unlimited private repositories.
  • Pull requests and code reviews.
  • The configuration can be tricky sometimes unlike with other tools.
  • For some private sensitive projects, we were able to have a fully automated CD strategy to add features on a daily basis to production with almost zero faults.
Bitbucket is good for private repositories and reliable CI/CD integration but it's getting behind GitHub which every day has more and more integrations and which in my opinion has a larger customer group. Gitlab also offers some good support for private repositories but the CI/CD integrations are significantly inferior to those offered by Bitbucket in my opinion. Springloops is also a good option for private repositories, but in my opinion, not a lot of companies use it. Actually I struggle when I mentioned it to people in the past trying to explain it to them.

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Small companies with limited budgets can immediately have a tool that will allow them to have continuous integration and delivery built-in by default along with unlimited private repositories. Companies that want to show their public repositories to the world in order to attract new developers to contribute or even work for them might have issues achieving this by using Bitbucket. This is not a problem for platforms such as GitHub.

Bitbucket Support

Some of the documentation is really outdated and you just gotta try until you either figure it out by yourself or until you find what you need without their outdated documentation from a couple of years ago but with alternate websites such as stack overflow in one of the server documentation sites or somewhere else. Still, most of the processes are documented out there, you just gotta be patient and find the right one.