Cisco ios is the best
December 21, 2015

Cisco ios is the best

Steve Davis | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco IOS Security

We utilize Cisco IOS in all aspects of our environment. From our local onsite network, to our remote datacenter and cloud deployments, to our customer networks we provide consulting services for. Cisco IOS provides an established solid foundation for the network and allows us to implement new technologies without a fear that the network will be able to support it. We know that with a Cisco network, it can handle anything we can throw at it.
  • QoS. Cisco Quality of Service is top notch and handles prioritization of voice and video without issue.
  • Ease of implementation and configuration. Once you have a device configured, it is easy to use that configuration as a template for the rest. Export your config, update, the IP Address and Name at a minimum, then deploy to the next device.
  • Longevity! Sometimes it can be difficult to upsell a current Cisco client due to aging hardware. I have gone into a network that has 12 year old switches still running strong. I have only seen this with the Cisco brand. At that point, the upsell is the newer features and not the age of the device.
  • CLI is great for those that know how to use it. It is my preference. Cisco is also excellent at providing training and documentation. They have excellent GUI tools for switches and wireless. The only thing lacking is a solid GUI for routers. CCP is Java based and can be a little buggy at times.
  • Pricing. Cisco is a rock solid device but they charge accordingly. Sometimes it can be hard to be competitive. You have to work with your account manager and obtain deviations to be competitive with other products.
  • There are no negative impacts. ROI Is great as hardware lasts for ever.
  • Never needs a reboot for standard maintenance. Less downtime
  • Less downtime means better customer service. Our customers reach us without difficulty
I also like HP Procurve. It is my choice when the customer cannot afford Cisco. Cisco is better all round but HP is the only other [product] I will use if I have a choice.
If I have my choice, I will always use a Cisco device. It is appropriate and excellent for all networks. However it might not be appropriate for all budgets. They do have a SMB series that is appropriately priced and compared to other SMB products, it is a fairly decent product.