Network Security24Network Security Software is dedicated to prevention / pre-empting and locating / containing an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) through the study of recent behaviors and behavioral change of malicious entities and locating or anticipating, and reacting to, a similar pattern in an enterprise's own networks. The goal is to minimize exposure to APTs while also minimizing, to the extent desired, false positives (i.e. erroneously flagging benign behaviors as malicious).Cisco Routers1 Dyn Managed DNS4 Advanced Threat Protection5 Sourcefire SNORT7 Security Suite8 IOS Security11 Coat Encrypted Traffic Management12 Networks15 1 Security17 Networks DBN-630018 Networks19 vSecurity20 Vigil21 Bot Mitigation22 LANGuardian23 Saner24 Analyzer25

Network Security Software

Network Security Software Overview

What is Network Security Software?

It is imperative for enterprises to protect themselves from potentially harmful traffic. Network security software helps network administrators keep track and neutralize unauthorized access or denial of network resources through phishing, Trojan horses, spyware, worms and other vendor-specific vulnerabilities.

Evolution of Network Security Software

Network security software suites usually contain a number of different technologies. Traditionally, the two major components were firewalls, which were designed to only permit specific protocols and ports, but were essentially ignorant as to whether websites being accessed were malicious.

Secure web gateways were designed to perform web filtering and to block websites that were on a blacklist. The tools tend to be used independently of each other and are used to secure the periphery of a company’s infrastructure.

Recent developments augment these strategies by sharing data across multiple systems and correlating information to better understand potential threats. Next-generation firewalls are able to sniff out malicious packets through “deep packet inspection” techniques. Secure gateways have also become more sophisticated with a focus on web-based virus signatures, not just forbidden URLs.

Another recent development is the emergence of malware sandboxes creating a safe environment where tests can be run on suspicious data.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The advent of the BYOD era has also brought more reliance on network access control software to protect the network internally by making sure that devices identify themselves on the network which can regulate access rights.

Pricing Information

Network security management covers a variety of different technologies making it difficult to make general statements about pricing. Firewall devices have a broad range of costs depending on the complexity of the environment. Firewall appliances start at around $100 or less, while enterprise firewalls can cost over $25,000. Pricing structures vary, but a common approach is tiered pricing by the number of users. Secure web gateway pricing takes a similar approach.

Network Security Products

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Cisco Routers

122 Ratings

Cisco routers support secure, reliable enterprise connections. These enterprise routers help users implement an intent-based, future-ready WAN that is constantly learning, adapting, and protecting. Deploy routers for the branch, cloud, co-location, or the data center with any type of connectivity,...


32 Ratings

FireMon's Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) platform gives security and operations teams automated visibility and analysis for network security devices. FireMon's web-based UI allows users to dissect their network security policies, locate compliance failures, and assess security...


13 Ratings

Metasploit is open source network security software supported by Boston-based Rapid7.

Oracle Dyn Managed DNS

7 Ratings

Oracle Dyn DNS (domain name system) is an infrastructure-as-a-service that is touted by Oracle Dyne as one of the highest performance global networks existent. It is available as a managed DNS with secondary DNS available for more reliable business continuity on higher service tiers.

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection

15 Ratings

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection is a single unified solution that uncovers, prioritizes, and remediates advanced attacks. The product fuses intelligence from endpoint, network, and email control points, as well as Symantec’s massive global sensor network, to stop threats that evade individual...


13 Ratings

Qualysguard, from San Francisco-based Qualys, is network security and vulnerability management software.

Cisco Sourcefire SNORT

9 Ratings

Sourcefire SNORT is network security software, acquired (and now supported) by Cisco, since 2013.

FireEye Security Suite

18 Ratings

FireEye, from the company of the same name in Milpitas, California, offers the FireEye Security Suite, a threat detection and antivirus application encompassing FireEye Email Security, FireEye Network security, and FireEye Endpoint Security. Finally, the Suite includes FireEye Helix as a security...


4 Ratings

Darktrace, from the global UK-headquartered company of the same name, is network security technology.


1 Ratings

ProtectWise, from the Denver-based company of the same name, is network security software.

Cisco IOS Security

10 Ratings

IOS Security from Cisco is network security technology.

Blue Coat Encrypted Traffic Management

2 Ratings

Blue Coat Security Platform delivers encrypted traffic management solutions providing comprehensive, policy-based visibility and control over encrypted traffic, maximizing its benefits and minimizing its risks. According to the vendor, Blue Coat, can establish a holistic encrypted traffic...


1 Ratings

Indeni aims to make it easy to manage the infrastructure of digital businesses. With Indeni Knowledge and Indeni Crowd companies can create an infrastructure that is adaptable to change. The product offers a deep set of integrations to critical devices, built-in automation, and remediation...


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Netrounds, from the Swedish company of the same name, is network diagnostic, security, and performance monitoring software.

Vectra Networks

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

San Jose-based Vectra Networks offers network security software.


We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Guardicore from the company of the same name is network security software.

Area 1 Security

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Area 1 Security is network security software, from the company of the same name.

DB Networks DBN-6300

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

DB Networks DBN 6300 is network security technology, from DB Networks in Carlsbad, California.

Tempered Networks

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Tempered Networks is network security technology from the company of the same name in Seattle, Washington.

Catbird vSecurity

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

vSecurity from software company Catbird in Scotts Valley, California, is a virtualization and network security option.

Savvius Vigil

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Savvius Vigil, from Savvius in Walnut Creek, California, is network security software.

DataDome Bot Mitigation

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

DataDome is designed to automatically detect bad bots from human/good bot traffic. Dashboards & real-time alerting allow users to keep an eye on traffic quality, precisely analyse bot activity and define/adjust blocking or filtering actions against bots, so as to regain control over their...

NetFort LANGuardian

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LANGuardian from Irish company NetFort Technologies is network security and performance monitoring technology.

SecPod Saner

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SecPod Saner endpoint security solution provides continuous visibility and control for all endpoints. It proactively remediates risks and detects and responds to threats. Saner combines endpoint vulnerability, patch and compliance management with endpoint threat detection and response into one easy...

EventLog Analyzer

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EventLog Analyzer is a practical solution that is designed to collect and archive huge amounts of Syslogs and SNMP traps. This helps security admins in identifying security incidents, policy violations, and operational issues. Virtually every device in an organization’s network can generate logs...