IBM Cloudant Experience
Updated February 22, 2019

IBM Cloudant Experience

Shiv Shivakumar | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with IBM Cloudant

It is being used as a noSQL database across the organization for big data analytics and is used amongst other things for text analytics as it permits unlimited index fields.
  • Coudant allows unlimited secondary index fields when compared to others that have certain limitations.
  • Cloudant also has the ability to do bi-directional sync for replication and synchronization.
  • Cloudant can run on bare metal and virtual machines.
  • Cloudant can also be deployed in multi-user or private cloud environments.
  • very easy to program and build apps
  • Sometimes, there are no slower response times [than] when trying to pull records - I mean that slowness is in terms of milli-seconds :-)
  • I wish it has in memory computing capability
  • XML is still not supported by this product
We wanted a highly scalable and flexbile (loosely structured) data base that was fast in response and one that could run on bare metal and/or virtual machines. The fact that it is schema-less makes it easy to get staged and started. In addition analytics for the development environment and prouction environment is augmented with the help of couchDB server analytics.
Yes, we have achieved time/agility to deploy and scale up with fast query response times. Also, in order to process multiple concurrent requests, we have done an integration between the master data management solution (MDM) and Cloudant so that Cloudant also acts as a cache for faster response. The biggest benefit was the saving in hardware investment + cost of server build to get this data base up and running.
We have used Cloudant to develop a cross-platform mobile app with html5 that can work both online and offline - it is a very responsive enterprise productivity app used internally. We have integrated Cloudant with master data management solution for concurrent service queries by users including mobile users where by Requests made to MDM and sent to Cloudant Cache for faster processing/updation.
  • savings in initial hardware cost as well cost of server build to be ready to load data base
  • Cloudant was the first truly cloud based database solution implemented by in our organization and hence lots of effort went in to make it a success so that it can be a role model for cloud adoption in the organization
Cloudant stacks up very well especially since it can perform multiple functions - primarily a noSQL schema-less data base but when integrated with an MDM solution (master data management) it can also do caching services efficiently and can also be used as a graph data base. Initially, when we tested against Cassandra, we found Cloudant faster when compared apples to apples for concurrent requests to the data base.
Cloudant is best suited for highly scalable environments as it comes with data base as a service. It has more flexibility than some of the other noSQL databases and the response time to pull data is much faster than others. It is easy to stage and get started for both test and production environment. It also has graph data base capability.

Using IBM Cloudant

500 - represent marketing, customer service, information technology, human resources, finance, legal
3 - no SQL data base skills, also an understanding of graph data bases, couchDB analytics server will be really helpful
  • as a noSQL data base for big data analytics
  • As a caching solution
  • as a graph data base
  • integration with master data management solution (MDM) so that Cloudant can act as a cache for a faster response to multiple requests made to the data base at the same time
  • fully leverage the graph database capability of Cloudant

IBM Cloudant Implementation

Get every stakeholder to buy in and then have a detailed implementation plan that is realistic and has a built in contingency.
Change management was minimal - when all stakeholders are bought into an implementation, it is much easier/faster to implement.
  • Ability to load data quickly

IBM Cloudant Reliability

it is a highly available solution in the IBM cloud portfolio and hence we have never had any issues with the data base being available - we also do continuous replication to be on the safer side just in case some thing goes awry. We also perform twice a year disaster recovery tests.
very easy to get started and is very developer friendly given that it uses couchDB analytics. It is a cloud based solution and hence there is no hardware investment in a server and staging the server to get started and the associated delays/bureaucracy involved to get started. Good documentation is also available.
THis data base is meant for those that require a highly scalable data base without losing speed.